The Chaos Blade – Prologue

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Prince Eldarion II, named for his great grandfather, gazed out from the palace balcony, feeling the breeze blow across his face. He knew, however, that his peaceful freedom would be short lived, to be replaced by his dull, boring, studies. He sighed. From noon to 5:00 PM, he would study Elvish, the History of Middle Earth, Arithmetic, Geography, and the Lore of Nature. At 5:15, he would have supper. After that, came his favorite part of the day. He would be instructed in the art of fighting, mainly the bow, sword, dagger, and hand to hand. After that, the rest of the evening would be spent playing games, and listening to tales of forgotten heroes, and ancient battles, triumphant victories, and glorious defeats. He especially liked to hear of the heroics of the elves of Gondolin, and of the great battle between the elves, and the demons of Morgoth.
“Eldarion,” a clear, loud, voice came, “time for your studies!” ‘Oh, well, he thought, I had better get it over with.’ And with a sigh, he walked away from his balcony, and out of his room.

A hooded figure stood on the path, under the cover of the trees, preparing to ride his horse out into the rain. Before he could, however, a dark figure dropped down from the trees above him. His drawn dagger jabbed at the man’s face. With lightning rapidity, he dodged and then struck at his assailant. With amazing speed one hand struck the man’s dagger, causing him to drop it, while the other hand contacted the attacker’s forehead, causing unconsciousness immediately. The hooded man (who was named Lintemir) muttered something under his breath, lifted the man onto his horse, and rode into the rain as if the Nazgul themselves were behind him.


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