The Chaos Blade – Chapter 2

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Chapter One: The Plan

Morarmir stood on a rocky outcrop on top of a hill, surveying his work – six trained fighters. For over two years now he had been training them for one purpose, the kidnapping of Prince Eldarion II. He was the leader of a secret organization called the Balmet whose ultimate purpose was to bring the kingdom of Gondor down in anarchy. His black, glinting, eyes darted around, examining the result of his hard work. This was their final test. They were each required to fight an armed elf (kidnapped), and defeat it but not kill it. The two most successful would be the ones to capture Eldarion, while the rest of them would be given other, lesser assignments. His mouth stretched in a smile as the first fight began.

Six elves stood in a dark room, blindfolded and tied, each unaware of the other. All of their thoughts dwelled on their immediate future. They each wondered what would happen next. Then a door opened and their blindfolds were removed. They became aware of their surroundings, and the other occupants of the chamber. The room was bare and bleak, with wooden walls and a packed dirt floor. All of the elven occupants were middle-aged, for an elf, in their 400’s. An armed guard walked in, and untied the one closest to the door. He then led the elf out, and closed the door behind him, putting the room once more into darkness.

When the first elf to be taken came into the sunlight, her eyes teared, and she blinked furiously. However, when she became accustomed to the light, she noticed she was in a woodland clearing, and in front of her was a wooden building.

“Curious”, she thought, “I wonder what that could be for. My execution, probably.” She said nothing, however, and watched as the guard addressed her.

“Your freedom,” he said, and walked away.

The elf (named Megiliel) looked around supiciously, suspecting a trap. ‘These aren’t the sort of people who would just, set me free’ she thought. ‘But, maybe, they have already finished with me, or maybe I am not useful for their purposes.’ With that in mind, she set out. She had not gone three steps, when a voice arrested her.


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