The Calling – Chapter Two

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Chapter Two

Tae slept late as usual and awoke feeling refreshed and invigorated. She sat up from her single bed and something fluttered to the ground from her garish pink bedcovers. Tae leaned out over the edge of her bed to ensnare the escaping artefact and her fingers closed around a roll of paper tied up with a coloured ribbon. Suddenly the events of her dream came back to her, confused to say the least the girl pinched herself to see if she was still in the land of nod. Evidently, from the large pinkish welt and squeal -Tae was not dreaming.

‘This cannot be real!’ she thought to herself as she held the rolled up scroll in her hand. Tae got out of bed and lurched towards the bathroom across the landing, she ran the cold water and splashed the icy liquid into her face. Looking up into a strategically positioned mirror Tae saw a curly haired monster leering back at her.

“Urghh! I need some maintenance!”

Sometime later Tae had showered and tamed her wild locks; her dark skin was even looking healthy (which even she would admit as an achievement!). Tae had inherited her height from her mother; she was just off six feet, and the skin colour and curly/wavy semi-afro hair from her father.

“What about this quest thing then.hmm” she thought aloud, Tae wasn’t completely convinced that she wasn’t just imagining things. She had no idea how that scroll got in her bed though. So, quite bored, and always one for adventure Tae chucked a few belongings into a rucksack and headed for her mother’s deserted room.

What she took:

1) CD Player, headphones and collection of CD’s (naturally)

2) Pen and notepad

3) A few changes of clothes (inc. of course underwear)

4) Cupasoups x20 plus a mug (Tae loved cupasoups, especially chicken and mushroom)

plus other things that will be mentioned in later chapters—

What she was wearing:


Tracksuit pants

Black vest

Black jacket

Black baseball cap


Silver cross on Figaro necklace ——————————

Though quite sceptical as to whether this would work, or just at 19 she was going prematurely senile Tae opened the jewellery box on her mothers bedroom cabinet. Untouched for four long years; a thick layer of dust had settled over Tae’s mothers belongings yet Tae could still make out her mother’s favourite item. The bracelet was a simple silver chain, no jewels or fluff it was plain and simple but unique in its simple style, her mum had treasured the piece.

‘Find an item that belonged to your mother and say these words’

Elrond’s words echoed in her mind as she shouldered her rucksack and unfurled the parchment. Upon the paper were thin delicate pen strokes; a flowing script that Tae immediately recognized.

“Elvish?! Do they not know I can’t read bloody Elvish? Sheesh!!”

Instantly, as if hearing her words, the writing on the page began swirl and then it reformed.

~ Nae saian luume ~

“Nu uh, still cant”

Again the script reformed.into something more suitable this time.

~ It has been too long ~

Tae read the new phrase “Oh ha ha” she laughed sarcastically, looked around the room as a final check and said the five words out loud.


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