The Calling – Chapter Twelve

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Chapter Twelve

Elladan did not resist as Tae began her drunken assault on his lips; he kissed her back just as deeply and sensuously until the thought struck his mind that she may just be kissing him because she was drunk. And not, as he hoped, because she felt something for him that went beyond the lines of friendship.

Regretfully he pulled away from her, watching her confusion as she opened her eyes and shut her mouth, wanting nothing more than to take her in his arms, to kiss her and more.

Tae’s head was spinning, equally from the heady wine and the elfs’ strange actions, she thought he had wanted this, and here she was giving it to him. Why was he now refusing her advances when most of the time they spent together consisted of him making them towards her? Did he not like her? Did he not want her?

Why did alcohol always get her into these sticky situations? She had always been the one to make a fool of herself with men when she drunk, and here she was doing he same with an elf. The sobering thoughts brought an amused smile to her face until she noticed the apprehensive stare of her friend.

Maybe Elladan’s usual flirty behaviour was just an act he put on with every maiden, and it didn’t necessarily mean he was interested in them. That would certainly explain the elfs noble reaction to her offering herself to him, a clear difference between him and the men of her native realm, she thought wryly.

Either that or he definitely didn’t want anything to do with her in that respect, and this conclusion was far more acceptable. She was yet to figure out why she had kissed him in the first place, why had it felt so special to her, and why she was so bothered that he held back.

“I am so sorry Elladan, what with the wine—-”

“Please—don’t Tae” whispered Elladan, he really didn’t want to hear her excuses tonight, or ever. He wanted to think that there was a chance that it wasn’t the copious amount of wine she had imbibed entreating her to kiss him. He wanted to think that maybe his feelings towards her were returned.

Tae smiled and squeezed Elladans hand that was still on her thigh; he sheepishly removed it and smiled back at her, later she would remember his expression, the reluctance and the pain shallowly masked with a fake smile.

“Last time I drink anything Cormyr offers me, I think I’ll wait till I’m over twenty-one; there’s gotta be a public health warning on it somewhere”

“How old are you?”

“Nineteen, why?”

“At that age I had never even tasted wine, let alone ‘special brew’—” he laughed musically, the cloud suddenly lifted.

“Oh, yeah? Then how old are you now?”

“Just short of three thousand”

“You’re an old fart!” she laughed, then clutched her head in pain. A dull ache began to throb and reverberate throughout her skull. She grimaced in pain then felt a cooling touch on her brow as Elladans hands strived to massage the pain away.

“I’m gonna be sooo hung-over in the morning, I feel sorry for whoever’s taking that trip down to Lorien cos things will definitely be grim”

Elladan smiled genuinely at her discomfort, easing her down on the bed so that she lay with her head in his lap so he could better soothe her hurt. As she drifted off into a dream-filled sleep he watched her twitch and smile, stroking her cheek affectionately when she snuggled closer to his warm body.

He couldn’t blame her for obviously not feeling the same way about him, Elladan knew that, though he felt frustrated beyond belief that once again he hadn’t managed to tell her of his love for her. His thoughts strayed to how her sweet lips had felt.

He wondered if he would ever feel such pleasure as he had partly felt as she had kissed him, and how far they would have gone if he hadn’t stopped them– -no, that was not worth thinking about. Elladan had no intention of taking Tae without her consent; he would never take advantage of an inebriated maiden—not matter how much he wanted to share her bed.

He closed his eyes and floated off, thinking about the time he and his twin had gotten lost in the woods and Ammë had found them clinging to a tree in the darkness. A veil of pain washed over his mind, thoughts of the good times were always followed by thoughts of his mother, and evidently- her leaving.

The hurt of her loss was ever-sharp for Elladan, he felt he couldn’t even open up Ro’ about his silent anguish; guilty that he never found her quicker, that he never personally accompanied her on her annual journey to the Golden Wood and shouldering the responsibility for everything that had gone wrong in those fateful few days.


“Hey, lazy. I’ve got places to be; people to see. Are you gonna stay in ‘my’ bed all morning?”

Elladan opened his eyes slowly, silently wishing that the dream that she had interrupted was real. Damn, she wasn’t naked and she wasn’t entwined in his arms.

“Morning beautiful. How you feeling?”

“Jib the beautiful but I’m fine for now—no hangover—yet, though the real test will be halfway to Lorien when the horse’s butt in front of me starts swaying and Onyx starts telling me to clean my bedroom”

Tae was standing on the balcony with her back to the rail; her vest top had hiked itself up to expose her bejewelled navel and stray curls swept around her head, dancing in the wind. The sun had not long risen and it seemed to Elladan that it was concentrating on bathing Tae in its morning rays instead of lighting up the world for a brand new day.

She walked back to the bed and sat down, scraping her hair from her face and scratching her nose thoughtfully. She was mightily glad that she hadn’t lost Elladans friendship and there was no uneasy tension between them she thought, maybe they could just both forget about last night.

“So I take it that piercing the flesh of your navel and stringing it with gems is the fashion on your world?” asked the elf with a mock sneer, secretly he thought Tae’s little adornment was quite the turn on, the way it sparkled; seemingly to him only, from the centre of her deliciously curved body.

“Yeah, do you like it?” answered Tae, flicking the bar deftly.

“Aye” he laughed—–“what other secret places have you pierced?”

Tae responded with a ‘thwack’ to his head and the two fell about in a cat fight, Tae gaining the upper hand with a ‘Vulcan death grip’ to his collarbone until Elladan flipped her over and had her pinned on her back, his knees on her arms and his weight resting on her stomach.

“How do you like it now?” he asked-toying with her he sought to break her blank expression by savagely tickling her ribs with his free hand. He soon had her bucking and struggling underneath him, howling with laughter and shouting death threats. That was how Elrond found them.

He hadn’t heard the commotion from Tae’s room until he actually opened the door; so full was his head with sums and other such dangerous thoughts he hadn’t even bothered to knock. Now he just stood there impassively, waiting for the two to notice them. He coughed and noted the shock-horror with which his son looked up, and the unhidden glee that exuded from the half elf that had in a short time become like a second daughter to him.

His features remained calm but inside he was furiously demanding to know why his son was in Taes room at this early hour, his brain came up with all the wrong excuses and Elrond dismissed the ever suggestive demons.

“Tae? I trust you are ready for the off? Haldir and the elves of Lorien will meet you in the courtyard in one hour, Legolas has offered to tack Onyx for you to save you a bit of time since he and the others have been up and about for quite a while”


“Yes son, Legolas will be passing through Lothlórien on his way to Mirkwood, he will accompany the party to Lorien, no doubt Tae will be pleased to have not only Haldir but another close friend with her, at least on the journey” finished Elrond deviously, noting the flicker of jealousy ignite in his sons grey eyes. He turned back to Tae and bid her make haste; he would see her off in the courtyard.

“Cool, now if I see any wasps I can run to Legolas” Tae smirked as the Lord of Imladris closed the door behind him and once again left Elladan alone with her. The cold glare Elladan shot her made her mentally gasp, what was this new emotion splayed across his face—jealousy?

“There’s no need for that honey, I already told you that nobody could replace you in my heart, you’re the best elf money can buy, besides, Legolas is a good friend but he has nothing on you. Your much more fun—” Tae reached out to his hand, thinking to reassure the green eyed elf but before she managed to touch him he grabbed her proffered hand and pulled her roughly to him until their faces were inches apart.

“You just don’t get it do you?”

“Get what?”

“By Eru Tae, have you not figured it out yet? Has Glor or my brother not blabbed to you yet?”

“What are you talking about Elladan, I don’t understand. Figured what out? Can you let go of me now?” she asked trying to pull free of the crazy elfs tight hold.

“Tae, I don’t want to be your friend—”

“Well why didn’t you just say so, instead of pretending half the time then launching into moods the other?” she cried, wrenching her arm unsuccessfully from Elladans vice like grip, he pulled her even closer than before, until their bodies were pressed up against each other and the tip of Tae’s nose was just touching Elladans nose.

“I want more–” he said huskily, lifting her chin with his thumb and pressing his soft lips to hers. His grey eyes watched Tae’s; waiting for her inevitable pull back, but none came. Her dark eyes were closed and her face held a shocked but otherwise peaceful expression as she ceased to struggle in his arms.

Tae was flabbergasted; here she was, standing in her room, kissing her ‘friend’ Elladan AGAIN. She couldn’t blame it on the drink this time, so there was no feasible excuse as to why she stood enjoying the moment instead of pulling back right away and asking him what the hell did he think he was playing at. It was only when the male began to push past her yielding lips that realisation dawned on her.

Glorfindel was right! Elladan wanted her after all and here he was declaring his feelings, well, in his own special way at least. When the elf’s lips began caressing her own and her knees began to turn to jelly she remembered that she was still letting him kiss her. She wasn’t at all sure that she was the person to give Elladan more, so she did the only thing she could think of.

Why couldn’t life be easy and let them stay friends; no complicated relationships. Tae opened her eyes and pulled back, genuine hurt and confusion intermingled with shock displayed openly on her fair face.

“No, Dan’, please?” she pleaded, and inwardly grimaced when she saw the pain and love in her rebuffed friends eyes.

“Is it that hard for you to think of me more than just a friend? Could you not feel the same way I feel about you? I would give you time, I promise. Please Tae; just give me some indication that you could someday return my love”


“Tae, I have never felt this way about any maiden before, I have known you less that a week but I am certain that I am falling for you. You make me jealous of any male that shares the briefest of moment with you, for I want you all to myself. Jealousy and selfishness are two emotions that at this age I am unused to, the last time I felt this way was nearly a thousand years ago when my grandfather made Ro’ his own toy soldiers. I can’t bear to be ‘just friends’ for eternity——I want to know if we could be more” he answered softly, bringing his hands up to cradle her face to him desperately.

“Just g-go–” she stammered. Turning away from his soulful eyes as he released her and left the room as he was bid, she blanked out the emotions whirling through her and set to packing her bags for the trip, her face an expressionless mask.


‘Well he can’t sleep at night
And he can’t do what’s right
It was all because she came into his life
It’s a deep obsession, taking up his time

She’s all that he wants, she’s all that he needs
She’s everything he just won’t believe
Take away his doubt, turn him inside out
Then she can see what he’s been dying to say
Ah but things don’t always turn out that way

And he must confess
All the impure thoughts of his beautiful temptress
Although he keeps it all bottled up inside
Although he keeps it all safe within his mind, oh yeah

She’s all that he wants, she’s all that he needs
She’s everything he just won’t believe
Take away his doubt, turn him inside out
Then she can see what he’s been dying to say
Ah but things don’t always turn out that way

So wipe that smile off your face
Before it gets too late
There’s only so much time
For you to make up your mind

She’s all that he wants, she’s all that he needs
She’s everything he just won’t believe
Take away his doubt, turn him inside out
Then she can see what he’s been dying to say
Ah but things don’t always turn out that way’


“Ready as I’ll ever be” Tae answered the Lord of Imladris, hugging him affectionately and in turn Arwen, Celwen, Gilwen and Glor. She was clad elven style in knee high boots, dark breeches and a light coloured tunic which was half hidden by her sage green cloak; a gift from Elrond.

“I could get used to this” remarked the dirty minded balrog slayer winking at Elrond as the half elf smothered him in an embrace.

Tae just smiled meekly and turned to Elrohir, Elladan had unsurprisingly not shown up. As she hugged the younger twin he whispered something in her ear that no other heard. Tae simply nodded impassively and walked over to where Legolas and Haldir sat on their elvish steeds, Onyx between them. Taking the reins from Haldir she swung herself up onto the horses back and checked her girth and stirrups.

“We’ll teach you to ride without them when you get back” shouted Glorfindel

“You must be having a giraffe” answered Tae quietly with a strained grin; she had no doubt that he heard her when his face took on an unseemly quizzical appearance.

“See you in a few weeks guys, I promise to be good” she called, turning Onyx and heading out the courtyard gates to catch up with the already departed Lorien elves.

Legolas and Haldir were left behind her, their questioning glances only met shrugs from Ro and the others.


“What was up with Tae? She seemed—distant”

“My guess is that our brother decided to declare his undying love for her a little late in the morning and she’s still in a state of shock” smirked Elrohir

“That would explain why Dan’ decided against saying goodbye, lets just hope that she sorts out her feelings for him by her return, or at least they return to just friends. Can you imagine the atmosphere if they never spoke again”

Elrohir shivered at his sisters’ words, he was well aware of his brothers’ stubbornness, he jut hoped Tae hadn’t hurt him too bad.


Elladan watched her turn her back on him and ride out of Rivendell, his sour expression told all as he turned from the window and picked up his sword, longbow and a quiver-full of arrows. He had been meaning to get a little exercise anyway.


“So how long are we gonna be on the road?” asked Tae, the cloudy mood had lifted with the good company yet she was anxious to get to Lorien for some reason.

“Two, maybe three days”# answered Loriens’ marchwarden, happy that Tae was beginning to cheer up, four hours of silence from someone you usually never shut up had been a bit unnerving.

“We shall stop for lunch soon, there is a river not far ahead and we will stop on the other side of it”

When the party of thirty or so elves (plus one half elf) forded the small but deceptively deep water they dismounted and set about seeing to their mounts, doling out a simple meal of cheese and bread.

Legolas sat on the grass next to Tae, seeking to garner some information as to the cause of her change in personality. He cared fro her as a friend, and he was eager to help her through her troubles that so obviously were involved with the elf who chose to stay away from their leave taking of Rivendell.

“So, what’s he done?” he asked, lifting her chin to look into her downcast eyes.

“What’s who done?” she murmured.

“Tae, what species am I? Am I not naturally perceptive? What has Elladan done?”

Tae gave up the defensive act and answered him straight.

“He hasn’t ‘done’ anything to me, just confessed to a few home truths is all”

“You mean he told you how he felt about you?”

Tae looked at the elf in total shock, had Elladan already told people? Taes expression alone admitted to the question.

“And you had no idea he felt this way about you?”

“Well, Glorfindel told me the day they got back from their patrol, but I thought he was just reading to deep into things”

“It is obvious to everyone who has seen Elladan around you that he feels strongly about you; he wouldn’t tell you so if he didn’t. He’s not the kind of person to confuse his emotions; though he’s been a lot more guarded since Celebrian left” assured Legolas, he had known Elronds sons and been friends for many centuries, helping them in a small part deal with their grief by being there for them. Though it was always Ro’ that would open up to him, never his brother.

“So I found out this morning—–I told him—well, I think he knows that I don’t feel the same way. I tried to ignore the little signs that maybe Glor was right, instead I just tried to continue on as friends”

“You don’t feel the same way?” asked the blond, masking his surprise that Tae was denying the slightest attraction to the Noldor when it was so obvious to him and apparently half of Rivendell that Tae at least felt something for him.

Tae noticed the surprised lilt to her friend’s voice and decided to halt their little ‘Spanish inquisition’ right there. She was in no mood to examine her feelings right now, and certainly not with Legolas, nor anyone. She shook her head mutely to his unanswered question and stood up.

“I’m going to check on Onyx, he seemed a little tired before” she lied.

Legolas nodded, letting her little white lie go; elvish steeds did not tire easily. He watched her walk over to the stallion with a look of sympathy upon his face. He looked up from his seat on the grass when a shadow fell across him.


“Aye, she hasn’t even realised that she feels for him yet. You just have to look into her eyes, the confusion will soon be replaced with realisation”

“He could have chosen an easier path” said Haldir, sitting down on the grass next to his friend, he too was aware of the ‘thing’ the two half elves had going on.

“Typical Elladan”

# Yes, I know that this is a vast understatement but for the purpose of this tale my horses are on steroids=) Please forgive me for getting them hooked.


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