The Calling – Chapter Three

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A/N: Ok, the issue of elven sleeping habits. For the sake of this story they can sleep with their eyes open or closed and they are light or heavy sleepers depending on the individual and his/her condition.

Chapter Three

“What’s going on Ada? Why all the secrecy- why are our Mirkwood and Lorien kin arriving here? Is there to be a celebration that no one has told me about?” asked a curious dark haired elf of his hurrying father.

“Yes Ada, Elladan wants to know if there are any eligible elf maidens coming to visit” remarked an identical reflection of the elf previously nagging his father.

Shut it Ro’- go play with some books ” answered Elladan good naturedly as he hastened along thee corridor to catch up with his rapidly retreating father. The twin elves were met with a locked door when they attempted to follow their fugitive Ada into his private study.

“He’s hiding something” agreed Ro’, or Elrohir as he was properly named.


“Ahh, peace at last” Elrond sighed as he sank into his high backed leather chair. He did not know how long he had before his visitor arrived, or indeed how long he had before his sons found a way to pick the lock into his study and pester him some more. Thinking exactly this the Elf Lord stood up and went over to the only exit and placed the key in the lock so that another key or implement couldn’t unlock the door from the other side. “That should give me at least 10 minutes respite from my bored sons” he said to himself. Elrond Halfelven, Lord of Imladris sat back down in his chair and proceeded to drop off.


It felt like going over a hump backed bridge the way Tae’s stomach lurched. She shut her eyes and thought of England. A moment later she was sitting on the floor of Elrond’s study again, only this time he was starring oddly at a bookshelf on the far wall.

“Elrond?” she called to get his attention. Tae waved her hand in front of Elrond’s face but to no avail.

“Oh my god, what’s up with him!” cried Tae, panic-stricken she looked around the room, her eyes rested on her rucksack but apart from a cupasoup she knew there was bugger all in there that would help him.

Stepping quickly towards the door she twisted the handle to find it locked.

“That’s odd, He locked himself in?” puzzled Tae, luckily she found the key still in the lock and opened the door out onto a long wooden clad passageway. The corridor was empty and Tae could hear no voices so she stepped across to the room opposite. In her alarm and haste she didn’t even knock; throwing open the door to see a golden haired elf sitting behind a desk similar to Elrond’s.

“Help me, there’s something wrong with Lord Elrond”


Glorfindel had absolutely no idea who this strangely clad woman was, yet she had stormed into his office demanding something of him (Glor’ thought it was his lucky day! Alas). She was shouting something foreign and dragging him by the arm out into the study and into his sleeping friends room. She was now pointing at Elrond with a strange look in her eye.

“Errrm, calm down my lady. The Lord is only napping” Glorfindel started slowly waving his arms up and down in front of him so she’d know to relax.Didn’t work.

Tae was in a mess, she’d arrived at Rivendell to find Elrond comatose or even dead right in front of her and now this elf she’d found to help her was just flapping his arms like a bird in front of her. Not to mention the fact that he couldn’t understand a word she was saying and was even now blabbering even more at her. Defeated, Tae sat down on her rug and put her head in her hands.

The flaxen haired elf was getting nowhere. Not only did this strange creature not understand a word of Elvish, Orcish, Entish or Westron; she was getting even more visibly upset at the thought of Elrond asleep.Then it clicked. Glorfindel walked around behind his friend’s desk so he was standing right next to him and took a deep breath. Lately it had been hard for anyone to rouse the exhausted Elf Lord.


“ARCHERS! DEFENSIVE POSITIONS!” screamed the Lord of Rivendell, jumping up and grabbing the nearest violent looking instrument that he could lay his hands on.

“Are you going to slay a host of Orc with a ruler my friend?” asked Glorfindel cheekily right before he dissolved into a fit of laughter.

“cough” Elrond straightened his dishevelled robes and swept his hair back out of his eyes.

“Welcome again Tae. Nice to see you could join us so soon, excuse my sleeping habits but I’ve been burdened with the organisation of a party next week as well as all my usual duties. You know the phrase ‘If you want something doing.?” Tae nodded and Elrond continued “Well I’d asked my dear friend Glorfindel here to do it but.well, as you can see.” He gestured to the other elf still rolling around on the floor.

Tae was amused to say the least to find that this elf with a weird sense of humour was the infamous balrog-slayer Glorfindel.

“Why can we converse together easily but I can’t understand him or anyone else I presume” asked Tae.

“Oh this was just temporary until you got here, now you are before me I can give you this” Elrond turned back to his desk and opened one of it’s drawers. He pulled out a small leather bag with a drawstring and drew out a small nondescript silver ring and passed it over to Tae. It was way to small to fit on her fingers so Tae threaded it onto her necklace where it rested next to her silver cross.

“Galadriel made it especially for you and sent it over. Now you should be able to understand any of the races of Middle Earth”

“I must thank her somehow” said Tae then turning to the elf on the floor she said: “Glorfindel honey, it wasn’t that funny. My name’s Tae, nice to meet you.”

Glorfindel took Tae’s outstretched hand and pulled himself up. “Well met Tae. I’ve woken Elrond in the same manner for the last six days and I’m afraid it just gets funnier and funnier” he said with a smile “Nice that we can finally understand each other. What I was trying to say was that he’s only asleep”

“Yeah hanks, I realised” said Tae with a deep red colour rising in her cheeks.

Suddenly two identical elves jostled through the doorframe to join the three already inside. Elrond simply sighed.

‘Ten minutes at least’

Tae turned around and recognized the pair immediately. She just didn’t have a clue who was who, she didn’t wait very long.

“Greetings my lady, my name is Elladan and this is my brother Elrohir. Might I ask your name fair lady?” said one of the twins.

Tae wanted to laugh out loud at his chivalrous pleasantries but she played along for fun.

“Tae Epsom my lord. It is a pleasure meeting you and your brother” Tae extended her hand meaning to shake his hand but he caught it and brought it to his lips.

“A pleasure indeed” whispered Elladan quietly, reluctant to release her from his piercing gaze yet an imperceptible sign from father to son soon saw him letting go of Tae’s hand.


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