The Calling – Chapter One

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Disclaimer :: I don’t own anything or anyone Tolkein wrote about and you would be silly to think that. Same goes for all the other brand names or whatever.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~:Chapter One:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The sky reminded Tae of a pink Turkish delight as she sat writing…well, attempting to write; her Biology assignment. `God I hate those mingin’ sweets’ she thought to herself. `They’re all tempting on the outside, showcasing their chocolaty goodness, then you bite and it feels like your sinking your teeth into raw flesh…eww’. As you can quite imagine, her essay was progressing rather slowly, if at all.
“Jib this for a game of soldiers, I’m going to bed” she said aloud- to no one in particular (due to the fact that the house was empty). The girl logged off from the word processing program and disconnected AOL, her homework session, as usual, had turned into a `ficfest’ and now her mind was brimming with tales of Middle Earth and it’s notorious characters.

A few minutes later Tae was ready for bo bo’s so she picked up her personal CD player, checked the right disc was in, and settled down to the rhythms of Lord of the Rings- Howard Shore style. Although her homemade compilation CD wasn’t exactly lullaby like (think `A Knife In The Dark’), Tae swiftly drifted off to sleep.

—–`What the…’—–

Tae knew beyond a doubt that she was dreaming, yet it was all so real. She was sitting cross-legged in the middle of someone’s sitting room. The area was like an old fashioned library: big roaring fire, lots of dark wood and that rich warm leathery smell. Looking up off her rug Tae noticed a cloaked figure staring back at her from behind a tall desk stacked with many sheaves of paper. Typically for Tae she immediately scanned what little of the figures face she could see. Triumphantly she relaxed, the girl knew this stranger would cause her no harm.

“Why do you so visibly relax child, any normal being faced with this situation would be more than a little perturbed” the stranger asked.

Tae thought twice about answering…´To hell with it’. “I do not sense evil in you, I am calm because I perceive you to be no threat”

“And why is that” he asked mysteriously

`Bugger, shall I fess up or keep up the airs and graces?’ Tae silently asked herself. She didn’t know the nature of this man so she didn’t know whether to be polite and ladylike or to let the guy in on her secret technique.
“You lack facial hair my friend”

But instead of the offended look that she’d expected the figure threw off his hooded cloak amidst peels of laughter. “I’m no threat to you because I haven’t got a beard! By Eru” he continued “What is this world coming to where people are judged on their grooming habits…the strength of men is in his beard….?”

The stranger continued chuckling but Tae wasn’t listening, her mind was currently working overdrive. Since throwing off his hood the girl noticed the features of the male sat before her; long black hair; grey twinkling eyes; opulent clothes; fair skin unmarred by age, or facial fuzz for that matter and…pointy bloody ears! Tae sat there, hand over her mouth and eyes wide.

“You must be friggin’ joking” was all she managed to say before more even more gales of laughter erupted from the merry `stranger’.

Finally he stopped laughing though a smirk was still blatant upon his fair face. “Welcome to Imladris Tae Epson. I’ve summoned you here in a dream because we here in Middle Earth think its high time for you too come home…”

“Wait a minute, so you’re Elrond Halfelven?” with a nod from him Tae continued “And you’re an ELF?” wordlessly Mr Halfelven lifted back his raven coloured hair to more fully expose his leaf shaped ears (his eyebrows raising mirthfully).

“Well technically I’m half an elf as you pointed out before, it’s not my second name for naught you know” smiled Elrond half an elf.

“Ok enough of this, it aint funny anymore, so Elrond, how are you? No wait, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN MY DREAM?” Tae frustratedly replied. “What are you talking about `me coming back to Middle Earth’ and who’s `we’. I think you’ve consumed dangerous quantities of Miruvor and are talking broken biscuits!”

“Alright you win Tae, I’ll be good.(At this Elrond became rather stern and serious) You know who I am Tae, and I you. You’re mother was well known and loved by all of the Elves, she dwelt in Lorien and she was a spellcaster of significant power. One day she left the Golden Wood to wander the world. What happened later we know little of, what we do know is that she gave birth to a child on your planet; you. You are a very special person Tae, within you are secrets that will help save our world. Will you come to Middle Earth?”

“If all you say is true how do I know of you and your world. Who was Tolkein?”

“Ah, I thought you might ask this. When first you mother arrived in your world your father wasn’t even born. You see time flows differently on your world compared to here so she was Tolkiens muse, instilling within him a knowledge of our world and its peoples. As for everything that happened after the book, well, that was nothing to do with us!” he finished that last sentence in a haughty tone.

“I know this should be hard for me to digest, but y’know? I’m not that surprised that something like this is happening to me. What happens if I can’t help you Elrond?” Tae asked thoughtfully.

“If you decline or fail than there is no hope for Middle Earth; all will come to ruin. Even Valinor will not be exempt from that fate. I ask a lot I know- but you are one of our only hopes. My people- the Elves- are leaving these shores, the race of men are weak (plus they haven’t discovered razors) and the dwarves care nothing for thee troubles. They think that by holing themselves up in rank caves they will escape harm” Elrond paused and sighed. “From my earlier behaviour you might perceive me to be nonchalant about the whole situation. Forgive me. I was simply joyous to see you, for through you I catch a glimpse of your mother’s mischievous spirit, she and I grew up together. I miss her a great deal”

“You know that I will accept, but how am I going to get to Middle Earth, never mind Rivendell?” Tae asked.

“Aye, it was written in the stars that you would accept, all you have to do is find an item belonging to your mother, hold it and say these words” this said the half elf passed Tae a rolled up piece of parchment bound with a silver ribbon.
“You will arrive at Rivendell approximately one year before the troubles start. This will give us time to prepare and get you settled in. I suggest you gather some belongings before you take the trip on the morrow. As I said before, time passes differently on these two worlds so when you return it will be as if you were on Middle Earth only a few seconds”

A few moments passed whilst all the new information sank in for Tae, finally in a small voice she asked; “What happened to her Elrond? Why did she leave me and my dad?”

“Ahh child” he sad rising from his high-backed chair to sit upon the floor next to Tae. “I do not expect four short years to dull the pain of such a parting”

Elrond wrapped his arms around Tae paternally and though she felt small and insignificant next to the great Elf Lord, she also felt warm, safe and protected. For the next few heartbeats Tae felt oddly sleepy as she snuggled into the soft robes of her protector, in no time at all her eyelids were drooping and her vision became blurry.

“Your mother heard the gulls cry and sailed across the sea”

There you go, first chapter done. What did you think? Please don’t hesitate to tell me.
A.N> I have no idea why Elrond was on a sugar rush at the start of this chapter(it made me laugh when I wrote it so I stuck with it) and Tae will remember to call him `Lord’ Elrond in later chapters—maybe.


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