The Calling – Chapter Nine

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Chapter Nine

After Tae and Elrond had visited the winemaker and sampled some of her ‘home brew’ they headed back to the house laughing and joking together; Tae declined an invitation to sit in Elrond’s study and help him go over some figures on the grounds of ‘not being good with numbers’.

Instead Tae went to the stables to visit Onyx; the black horse seemed a bit lonely as most of his neighbours were off on patrol. The elven horse’s ears perked up and he whinnied a greeting as he recognised his new friend, Tae opened the door of his stall and stepped inside. She sat down on a bale of hay in the corner of the spacious box but Onyx wasn’t about to let her rest and promptly picked up his body brush and deposited it in her lap.

“Oh, want something do you?” She said as she picked up the slobbery brush and began going over the horses’ sleek ebony coat, next she found a comb and went through his black tail and mane.

Once she had finished brushing the vain horse she led him out of his stall and into the sunlit courtyard for some fresh air; the stable workers would’ve probably already ridden him out this morning, besides, Tae didn’t fancy going off for a ride alone.


At lunch Tae sat, for the first time, in the communal dining room with all the other inhabitants of Rivendell; she sat on the right of Elrond who sat at the head of the table as he discussed matters that didn’t seem to interest her.

Absently she twirled a lock of hair that had fallen from her bun, by the time lunch was over and people came to clear away the dishes, the lock resembled a tightly coiled spring.

After every one had gone their separate ways Tae was left sitting at the table wondering what to do.

“How long have you been here and you are already bored” she thought aloud

“Obviously haven’t found the right company then”

Tae started when she heard Celwen’s voice answer her, she thought she was alone. She turned to face the blond haired elf that stood behind her smiling, Celwen held various dishes balancing atop one another.

“Any suggestions?” asked Tae hopefully

Celwen thought for a moment “A couple of friends and I are going to watch the training down on the fields, you are more than welcome to accompany us if you wish, I just have to finish up here first”

“Sure, I’ll help you” Tae took some of the plates from Celwen and the two made their way to the kitchens next door. They chattered about what they’d each been up to today so far, and what was on the dinner menu as well as the possibility that Glorfindels patrol group could run into trouble out in the wilds whilst they washed up.

“Do they often come into contact with orcs or whatever the native beastie is round here?”

“About one in four patrols see action, it can be anything from orcs to trolls, wolves or crazy wild boar. They are well trained though and usually only come away with a few cuts and bruises, anyway enough talk of such violence, I hear that our kin are arriving tomorrow, early for the gathering.”

They kept talking as they dried and put away the dishes and cutlery and as the made their way down to the training fields, Tae soon realised why Celwen and her female friends often came here just to watch; the place was full of young fit elves sweating furiously with their chosen weapons, and often turning to wave at particular crowds of giggling elf maidens.

“Urghh, I do not believe this” whispered Tae as they sat down in the grass she lowered her head into her hands with a wry smile on her face, it was a glorified cattle market. She turned to Celwen and her friends.

“So this is where you all come to watch the males, which one have you your eye on Celwen?” she said with a smirk

The look of utter surprise and shock coming from the elf was weak, and the uncompromising smug glare from Tae made her confess. She pointed to the elf that Tae had ran into earlier.

“His name’s Corduin, he works in the library”

They sat there for a few hours joking with each other and calling to the training males, eventually a few came over and sat with them. Celwen was in her element as Corduin had decided to come over. Sitting there in a social group Tae remarked to herself that there were still things that elves and humans held in common, she harkened back to her childhood when she and her friends had watched the boys play football in the schoolyard- both sexes trying to impress the other.

Soon enough the elves started traipsing back to the refuge as the sounds of the dinner chimes echoed through the trees. Tae stood up and brushed herself off, following her new found friends in for dinner.

Elrond was pleased to see that Tae walked in giggling with friends, he didn’t have to worry about her being lonely, even though his son had taken to following her round like a lovesick puppy. The Lord of Imladris beckoned her over to sit next to him and he pulled out a chair.

“There was me worrying that you would be tearing your hair out with boredom” he said with a smile

“I went and watched the training, I didn’t realise that females brought out the best swordsmanship in a male” she sniggered

Elrond laughed heartily, he had spent hours on the training grounds in his youth trying to impress Celebrian, for once he thought of his departed wife without pain.

Tae noticed his thoughtful look and perceived correctly who he was thinking of, she knew the story as her mother had dictated it to Tolkein, how Elrond’s wife had been captured by orcs, tortured and eventually rescued by her own sons. Tae could well imagine the pain that the family still felt, even Arwen, who was probably on her way here now from Lorien couldn’t have escaped the aching pain that comes with losing a loved one.

“I can’t wait to meet your daughter, is she as mischievous as her brothers” she asked trying to change the subject to that of his daughters’ return from Lorien.

“Aye, she’s the chief instigator most of the time—” Elrond continued to outline one of the many wild pranks his offspring had sprung, Tae listened in delight as he told the hilarious tale involving hair dye, honey, a bees nest and a large amount of feathers.

They ate a fabulous meal of various cooked meats and crisp salad with boiled herbed potatoes, while she ate Tae simply listened to the many voices that caused a happy hum around the room, laughing outrageously when an elf further down the table leant too far back on his chair and fell off with a muffled thud.

All eyes turned to Tae as she seemed to be the only one in the room laughing out loud, she couldn’t help it though and put her head in her hands to try and hide her obvious amusement. What she didn’t see however, was the other elves hiding their laughter behind pursed lips, until the fallen elf got back to his seat and scowled Tae’s way. The whole room erupted as the saw the male’s look, Tae took her head out of her hands and started giggling even harder when she saw the deep crimson blush on the gravity defying elf’s features. Even the Lord of Imladris couldn’t hide his mirth.


After dinner most of the elves went to the Hall of fire, Tae sat down on the cool floor at Elronds’ feet as he sat on a wooden bench. She lay back snuggling comfortably into his robes as the minstrels began.

Tae was no Simon Cowell, but she recognised talent when she heard it, sitting up a little straighter she absorbed the harmonious ,tranquil singing, saddening at times, that the elven musicians sang, complimented by light harps which sang in their masters’ hands.

Her first experience of the hall of fire was one Tae would remember for the rest of her life, the music from the Peter Jackson films that emulated the elves singing paled in comparison.

Tae didn’t know how long she sat there, nestled in between the elf lords legs as he played with her curls paternally, but when the music stopped and the musicians began packing up their instruments Tae realised that her body below her waist had fallen asleep on her. Painfully shaking out the pins and needles and pinching her legs to make them wake up, eventually she was confident enough to stand up and turned to see Elrond smiling at her.

“You haven’t moved for the last three hours, now I know how to shut you up when you start laughing, I’m sure that Kellindel has a very sore behind right now too, not to mention pride as you got the whole hall laughing at him” he admonished jokingly.

Tae half yawned, half laughed as she thought of the elf falling off his chair earlier.

“I think I’m ready to hit the sack, I didn’t realise how late it was” she said looking out of a window to see the sky had lightened, she guessed it to be about 3 o’clock. She turned back to the elf lord and wished him goodnight before leaving the hall to find her room.

Not long after Elrond knocked on her door, Tae didn’t answer so he opened it a crack to see her tucked up in bed with her head cradled in her arms. Elrond smiled and closed the door, walking a short way along the corridor to the bed that was calling his name.


The next morning saw Tae down at the waterfall furiously scrubbing her clothes clean, her damp hair was wrapped up in a towel atop her head and she was dressed in a white gown which Celwen had brought to her. She was totally refreshed from her ‘shower’ and she didn’t feel at all tired after her late night.

She gathered some fruit, nuts and sweet bread from the kitchens after she had hung out her clothes in her room and headed off to the garden. She sat in the exact same spot as she did yesterday and before long her squirrel companions came to visit her.

“I brought you some nuts especially guys, eat them now or bury them, whatever you want” as she conversed with the squirrels a small group of elflings crept curiously towards her, even at such an age the young elf children could walk silently so Tae never heard them coming. They sat and watched her feeding the squirrels.

“That’s the lot squigs, I’ll bring some more tomorrow but for now it’s my turn for breakfast” as if they understood the half elf the two red squirrels ran off with their nuts clutched tightly in their little paws while Tae began to eat her food.

A little later Tae distinctly heard the sound of light breathing, she whipped around to see three young elflings in the process of sneaking up on her. They seemed rather downcast that she had caught them. Shuffling their little elf shoes in the grass shamefully.

Tae wasn’t sure what to do- as a self-imposed rule she had never had much contact with children, whatever the species and as a child she had preferred stuffed toy animals rather than ‘burping-farting Annie’ dolls. In truth she just didn’t like youngsters much, even when she was one herself she couldn’t stand the whinging and spoilt tantrums that usually followed encounters with them; Tae had been quite mature in her childhood years- and she wasn’t bitter about growing up fast at all. Tae put on her best ‘I don’t like children so don’t come near me-I’m no fun now go away’ look, but it failed.

“Lady Tae—will—may we hear a story from you” asked a particularly brave dark haired girl

Tae was astonished by their strange request but she wasn’t cold-hearted enough to refuse the three hopeful that peered intently at her from under thick lashes. As much as she wanted to run away and hide up a tree from all the kids of the world she searched through her memory for a suitable ‘short’ story.

“Hmmm, what about Bambi? He’s a beautiful stag that lives in my worl— near where I live” she corrected after guessing that the children didn’t know where she originated from, and Tae couldn’t be bothered giving them a simplified version of her own personal tale.

So Tae told the story of Bambi, even making the elflings upset when they heard of his mothers death when she was shot with an ‘arrow’, seeing the tears well up in their eyes Tae felt guiltily obligated to get to the happy ending and prevent any tear stained young children going away from her in a cheerless mood.

After Bambi Tae told them 101 Dalmatians, explaining about the spotty breed of dog and replacing the story’s city setting with one more appropriate to Middle Earth, thus the ‘Twilight bark’ echoed around Minas Tirith in her version. The elflings tried to get more stories out of her but Tae kindly refused, promising that she would keep them entertained after their evening meal.


Tae walked into the dining room at the lunchtime bells, head down humming ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’ and thinking about how Glorfindels patrol was getting on, they weren’t due back till tomorrow but she still worried about her new friends (and though she wouldn’t admit it, especially Elladan). Still not looking up at the elves in the room she went to her usual chair and sat down near to Elrond, who she offered a quick ‘Hiya’ before bending down under the table to fiddle with her shoe.

“Are you not going to introduce us to your beautiful new resident Lord Elrond?” asked a strangely accented voice.

Tae jumped up at the strange voice, seconds too late realising there was a table in the way and head butted the table from beneath it. Extracting herself from the furniture she sheepishly looked towards the speaker and recognized instantly who it was—and blushed tremendously. Unconsciously she glanced down the length of the dining table to see if Kellindel (the elf who fell off his chair yesterday) was looking; luckily most of the elves in the room hadn’t seen her little accident, including him. Returning to her normal colour Tae looked back to Elrond whom she was certain was about to explode with laughter.

“Prince Legolas, Haldir, Undomiel my dear, I would like you to meet Tae Epsom”

Tae greeted each of the elves in turn, apologising for her clumsiness and blaming the mountain air with a chuckle. Haldir seemed the most amused, Tae thought it must be because he lived in a wood, not a mountain, whilst Legolas asked Tae how she was liking it in Middle Earth.

“You know, that’s the first time anyone’s asked me that” she answered shooting a mock glare Elronds way “It’s a lot more peaceful than where I’ve lived for the last nineteen years, though for some strange reason it’s not been that hard to settle in” at this last remark Tae shot the Lord of Imladris a sickly sweet smile which roused a chuckle from his only daughter.

“I think my father must really like you to tell you who the winemaker is, only close family members ever get to taste Cormyr’s special brew!” laughed Arwen

“I can’t wait to see if he keeps that straight face after a gallon of her recipe on Saturday” sniggered Tae

Lunch was a light-hearted affair, Taes misadventure with the table seemed to break the ice and she soon found herself chatting away to Lothlórien’s marchwarden about her up and coming visit to the Golden Wood.

“The Lady of Light has expressed her great wish to meet you—”

Tae listened intently to Haldir as he reverently spoke of Galadriel, after the gathering was over she would be travelling down with the Lorien elves to begin her ‘magic’ training, Tae didn’t know what to expect from her time there, so she just thought of it as another adventure; least there she would be doing things with her time instead of lazing around the gardens of Rivendell. Though she would miss the friends she had already made here, it was only a month and Tae hoped the time would pass quickly.

“Have you experience with the sword, or bow perhaps”

What kind of magic was there to learn on Middle Earth anyway?


“Huh?—-What? Sorry, spaced out there for a mo, what did you say?”

“I asked if you had any experience with the sword or bow” repeated the heir to the throne of Mirkwood, stifling a smile at Tae’s un-elven response.

“Err, I cant do anything fancy, I’ve played with a sword, you know- pretended to kill people and stuff, and I’ve used a bow a good few times” Tae didn’t mention that it was a plastic sword and the arrows all had sucker pads on the ends in place of metal points. She smiled to herself at her little white lie, then disguised it with a fake cough.

Arwen didn’t miss a trick but to decided to store that point for future reference. She was just glad that the sparkle had returned to her father’s eyes which had been missing if late, the Evenstar didn’t get much time to spend with him like she did when she was a child, but she could still tell when her beloved father was feeling under the weather. He’d start getting out old toys that her and her brothers had played with as young elflings and reminiscing about sunny afternoons spent teaching them to swim. Tae seemed like a nice enough person as well, Arwen thought she would make a welcome addition to Rivendell and was sure to cause quite a stir; not just with her elder brother as Celwen had told her.

Tae spent her time after lunch up until dinner, sitting in a sunny spot in the garden with Arwen, Legolas and Haldir. She found the Lorien elf to be much more easy going than the ‘fics’ back home made out, the only times he got serious was when someone mentioned his beloved Galadriel. Legolas on the other hand was exactly how she thought he’d be, infinitely handsome with a winning smile which lit up his oceanic blue eyes. Arwen was a different matter, Liv Tyler could not hold a candle to her, Tae could think of no human on Earth with whom she could compare beauty to the elf. The Evenstar was beautiful in every aspect, personality and physically, she had a conflicting aura of youthfulness but at the same time maturity, tranquillity and mischief—Tae knew they’d get along just fine.

Tae was sitting on the grass between Arwen and Haldir, Legolas opposite her when a light breeze sent a small leaf gliding down from its tree to brush against Taes cheek.

“Arghhh, there’s something on me!! It’s a wasp I know it! ARGHHH!!” she screeched, jumping up and running into Legolas, they’d all stood up in confusion as their companion reacted so.

“There is nothing on you Tae, twas a leaf” explained Legolas, his voice coming muffled out of Tae’s lemon scented hair which was all about him.

“You sure?” came an equally muffled reply

“Absolutely” smiled the Elf, his eyes danced with mirth as he silently laughed with Haldir and Arwen at Tae’s strange actions.

Tae detangled herself from the Elven prince, glaring at the leaf that Arwen held in her open hand.

“Sorry Legolas” she blushed

Legolas bent down to her ear and whispered ‘Just make sure you let me dance with you on Saturday and all will be forgotten’.

Still glaring in Arwen’s direction at the ‘wasp’ Tae just blushed more and nodded uncommittedly. Inside she was screaming ‘Who said anything about dancing’.

“Why are you so scared of mere insects Tae?” Arwen asked, shaking with laughter still

“I’m not scared, I’m just not ready to die” she stated matter-of-factly

“Die? What is the threat from them?” enquired Haldir

“I’m allergic”

“Have you been bitten before then?”


“—-?” There was a kind of confused silence

“I just know if I ever do get bitten I will die a horrible stinging bumpy death” she explained “So I stay well away from the evil things”

There was a silence that seemed to stretch then, as each present native of Middle Earth tried to figure out the logic in this—they failed.


They chatted on about their different customs and habits until a couple of male elves clad similarly to Haldir came upon them and spoke quietly with the Lorien elf lord.

“I’m afraid I must leave your company my ladies, there are matters I must attend to—come Legolas”

The two elf lords made their goodbyes, promising to talk more at dinner. Tae and Arwen were left alone in the gardens to chat amongst themselves until they were summoned themselves by the dinner bell.

After a conversation filled dinner Tae went alone into the gardens wrapped in a thick scarf for some fresh air, Arwen was spending ‘quality time’ with her Ada and Haldir and Legolas had headed for the hall of fire- unsuccessfully dragging Tae along.

She made her way to a glade near an ornamental pond, sitting down on an elaborately carved wooden bench that stood before the small pool, Tae sat gazing thoughtfully at the still water and the water lilies that had furled their ivory petals for the night.

After a time she heard voices coming in her direction and recognized them to belong to the young elflings that she had told stories to earlier. Tae had promised that she would ‘keep them entertained’ but she didn’t really feel like company at the moment.

“Lady Tae, Lady Tae” came her enthusiastic greeting as the youngsters sped towards her and deposited themselves on the bench around her.

“What will you tell us?” asked a young boy in a small voice who Tae had had trouble engaging in their last meeting. Tae was so surprised that the shy elfling had spoken and thought that she couldn’t very well fob them off with excuses now that he had piped up.

She told them the tale of Goldilocks and the three bears, Tom Thumb and Peter Rabbit, before the young elves began to yawn and their eyelids droop.

“I think we shall finish there my young friends, the hour is late, and you lot are cream crackered” at her last remark she was met by puzzled glances.

“Cream crackered, knackered- tired? Oh it doesn’t matter, what I was trying to say is that I think it is high time for you lot to go to bed; your parents are probably already on their way to come and get you”

“One more” chorused the desperate elflings

Tae thought for a moment, she had the perfect idea. She took her scarf from around her shoulders and motioned the elflings into an impromptu huddle.

“Here’s the deal, I’ll wrap my scarf around my head so I cant see anything, then I have to tag you three, whoever gets tagged first is blindfolded in the next game and whoever is last wins. Do you want to play Blind Mans Bluff?”

Tae didn’t need an answer, she could tell their answers by the pearly- whiteness of their teeth shining in the darkening night. She wound the blindfold about her and took up a wide footed stance.

“When I reach a count of five, you have to be standing still as statues so run around, this glade only mind, and find a place to stand. Once I find you I have to guess who you are to tag you, if I guess wrong the game starts again and you have a chance to get away from me”

The elflings nodded their heads furiously to say they understood and as Tae reached her count of five they stood around her as still and as silent as the Argonath. Her first catch was easy; the brave dark haired girl who had first approached her this morning was trying to quell her giggles, but Tae could hear her from a mile off. Next was the shy elf boy who was trying to hide next to a tree, she wasn’t fooled when her searching fingers met soft fabric instead of tree bark so she tickled mercilessly, the laughter of the young elf caused the last ‘statue’ to start sniggering at his friends expense.

“Ha hah, I think I’ve found myself another elfling” she called, releasing the tickled pink elfling and capturing the sniggerer nearby. Tae caught him up and dealt him the same tickling punishment that he had been laughing at previously.

A few games later Tae was blinded again, though by now the elflings had realised the key to the game and were becoming quite hard for Tae to catch, they all kept completely quiet now and Tae had to rely on touch to seek them out.


The elflings were conversing in hand signals with a shadow in the bushes, they left the glade with the promise of whatever the young elf lord could bribe them with.

“Guys, I give up, I’m no good if you aren’t laughing at each other, where have you all gone” Tae was calling out whilst she searched the perimeter of the glade. She reached the bench that she had sat on earlier but unwittingly carried on dangerously close the pond.

She would have fell straight in if it wasn’t for the strong arm that shot out to grab her back. Tae turned towards the newcomer and lifted her hands meaning to take away the scarf, she was prevented from doing this as the stranger took hold of her hands. Tae was standing quite close to whoever it was being ‘Mr Funny’ and she could almost feel their body standing before her.

“Oh I get it, I’ve got to guess who you are too?” Taes question hung in the air unanswered so initiative in hand she lifted her hands to rest on the persons shoulders.

“You’re taller than me—”

Next she ran her hands innocently over the strangers clothing, the fabric wasn’t as soft as say, Elronds robes, but it definitely wasn’t coarse either, Tae could also feel a hard under- layer as well, and as her hands reached the chest she ruled out female.

“You are a he”

Tae’s hands felt the soft silk of the males’ hair, even though she doubted it would tell her anything about the individual, it still felt rather nice to pretend. With her eyes thus blinded all her other senses where working overdrive, with every breath she inhaled a heady scent of the outdoors mixed with a faint hint of blueberries.

“Well everybody’s got hair like that round here so that don’t help” she remarked

Tae was swiftly running out of ‘appropriate’ places to touch and she still had no idea who this mystery male was. So she pulled a sneaky trick to end the game. She walked her fingers in feather-light touches along the edges of the males’ ears, she was soon satisfied when she felt the delicate ears coming to a definite point.

“I win, you’re an elf!” she cried triumphantly, swiftly drawing the blindfold from her eyes.

“Elladan, when did you get back?” she cried joyously at the early return of her friend and wrapped him in a hug.

“Just now, I take it someone missed me?” he said sarcastically with a mouth full of curls.

Tae stepped back but her smile suddenly faded as she noticed for the first time Elladans blood-smeared clothing and a moderate sized gash on the side of his cheek. His overall appearance gave Tae cause for concern. “God are you OK? You look as if you’ve been dragged though a hedge— backwards”

“Twas only a orc scuffle this afternoon, we came back early because Glorfindel forgot to organise any food provisions and the only meat we had the opportunity to hunt was a doe, but she had young with her”

“Bambi!” she cried absently, at Elladan’s questioning gaze she waved him off the subject.

“Doesn’t matter honey, what does is getting you cleaned up. It may be late but my street cred will go downhill if I’m seen out with you in this state– -again”

Elladan was to weary to enquire her meaning, he gathered it had something to do with the mess they both came home in after their ride a few days ago, he filed the thought away for later perusal as Tae took him by the hand and dragged him away to her quarters. He could not contain his happiness at the thought that his dear half elf friend had missed him and was equally happy that he’d decided yesterday that he would go to see Tae as soon as he got through the gates of Rivendell, which was even before the battle with the orcs.


In Taes bathroom Elladan was made to sit on a stool and strip to the waist while Tae attended to him.

“Could you be any more bruised?” she asked herself as she perused his naked torso, attempting, badly, to concentrate on the bruises and NOT the manly curves and way his muscles rippled under his pale skin as he talked to her in low tones. Tae turned her gaze to his face, bending low towards him she wiped away the dried blood and dust that marred his beautiful face.

“Stop it!”

“Stop what?”

‘err I wasn’t meant to say that out loud!’ she thougt

“Err, Stop wincing in pain every time I touch you”

“I’m not!” said Elladan, confused at her accusation

“Oh” she said absently, trying to throw him off the subject, she had been trying to get herself to stop perving at the half naked elf sat inches away from her, being able to touch him didn’t help.

Tae soaked some strips of fabric she had found in a bathroom cupboard and bathed the cut on the elf’s cheek, this time he did wince.


Elladan yawned and she noticed his strangely discoloured tongue.

“Either all elves tongues are blue or with the evidence of my nose; you’ve been eating blueberries” she accused.

“You’ve caught me, I’m the chief blueberry thief, and the gardeners go mad when they catch me in the berry patch” he laughed

Tae set her hands on each of his shoulders, bringing herself to Elladan’s level to better inspect his cheek.

“You’re so tense! Here, I may not be able to do anything more for that cut apart from kissing it better but I can loosen you up a little” Tae walked around him and set to massaging the battle-weary elf’s shoulders.

Elladan wondered for the first time in his long life whether elves could die from intense pleasure as well as grief. Taes fingers found, probed and unwound every knot in his posture, the male was on cloud nine.

“Done” she said after about twenty minutes


“Elladan, I’ve finished” she said giving him a playful jab in the ribs. He jumped up in surprise and his mind finally registered what Tae had said to him.

“Are you sure, I still feel a little tense” he lied. He just wanted her hands back on his body, roaming and massaging every inch of him.

“Give over Elf, who are you trying to kid, I invented that trick” at her refusal Elladan tried the ‘puppy dog’ eyes trick. “That too” she said, smiling warmly at his desperation.

“Fine, I want to be kissed better like you said before then” said the bold elf in a mock sulk

Tae smiled sweetly and bent down over his face once again, kissing the cut on his cheek better. She turned away to tidy up the dirty strips of fabric but was soon interrupted by another request.

“It still hurts, Tae kiss me again” complained the playful elf, Tae dutifully indulged him, bending down once more to kiss his cut.

“Now come on superman, I’m tired and I wanna go to sleep” Tae turned and walked into the bedroom, kicking off her elf shoes and turning back her quilt ready to get in once he left her quarters.

Elladan thanked Tae for looking after him and left her to go to sleep rather quickly. Tae thought that his speed was rather odd as only a few minutes before he’d been trying to prolong his back rub, she forgot about it though and undressed, throwing her dress over a chair and depositing her underwear in a laundry basket that Celwen had provided. Tae slipped into bed quickly, enjoying the feel of the cool soft sheets on her bare skin.


A couple of hours later she awoke unexpectantly and turned over to find the dream that had been interrupted.

“ELLADAN!” she screeched, grasping the bedcovers to her in case any part of her was showing.

“What are you doing in my bed, grinning like the Cheshire cat?”

“I was waiting for you to finish the dream you were having—”

“Well I haven’t so bog off!”

“Tae” he said pleadingly

“What” she growled

“Please get up”

“I’ve got no clothes on Elladan”



“My cheek’s stinging, I cant get to sleep” he whispered in a needy child- like voice

The trainee lord of Rivendell was beginning to remind Tae more and more like a young needy elfling

“What do you want me to do Dan’, I’m not kissing you again cos I know my lips don’t have healing properties and you’re just pushing your luck. What do you want to do, spend the night with me so you’ll feel better or someth—” she began to ask in a voice dripping with sarcasm

“Yes Tae, thanks for offering, I promise I wont hog the covers”

“Elladan, I was being sarcastic, besides, I’m naked remember”

‘I’m not about to forget’ he thought with a wry smile, luckily Tae couldn’t see his smile in the dark room, his face was hidden in the shadows cast by a candle on her side of the bed.

“Well, I’ll just face the wall and you can slip into something darling” he said turning on his side

Tae realised that the elf was determined to get his way so made sure he couldn’t see her and slipped from the bed (anything to get some sleep). Frantically she searched for something in the cabinet and picked out a pair of shorts and a vest. She got into the clothes and got back into bed.

“If anyone finds out you spent the night in my bed I will personally kill you” she promised dangerously

Tae snuggled into her pillows, a few inches away from the elf shaped lump which lay next to her and closed her eyes.

Suddenly her eyes popped out of her head

“What have you got on?” she squeaked

“Don’t worry my lady, I have short breeches on—-I’m not naked just yet— though if you wish—–” from the leering tone of his voice Tae could tell the naughty side of Elladan had surfaced again so she just ignored him and fell asleep on the other side of the bed.



Chapter sort of ran away with me, had to cut it somewhere…..


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The Missing Link Chapter 2: Ivy

We leave the fields and forsets and earth whatsoever to the sea, where a broken abused halfling sails. We hear a little about her past from her recalled memories that she remembers during her turn at lookout. Please comment again, and if you find ANY FAULT AT ALL please tell me. Thank you! 🙂

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