The Bounty hunter of Mirkwood – The Bounty hunter of Mirkwood Chapter 1

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Lauretaur the first daughter of Elrond stood on the lowest branch of a tree that she claimed her own. It was once
spider infested but she had managed to clear out the foul creatures and thier deadly webs. She was young about 1,900 years old wich meant she was only 19 in the years of men.

Lauretaur was not like other elves she had auburn hair
with blonde highlights. She was skilled like her father in the
arts of healing. She left the safty of Rivendell after her mother Celabrain sailed west toward the valinor. She had thought much about sailing on her own to the valinor but something in the back of her mind told her to stay that she was still needed in Middle Earth. Her eyes could change into many different colors depicting her emotions.


She looked toward the ground with piercing green eyes.

“Something is near”

She whispered as she felt the pang of her enimies lust and hunger.Your pointed eyes pricked up as you picked up a faint voice not very far away.

“Help please someone”

A faint voice said as she quickly lept out of the tree and landed soundlessly on the forest floor. Lauretaur unscheathed her mighty sword Seregruin (blood red flame).

“I’m coming”

She whispered before she charged in the voices direction.
She stopped at the sight before her a large black spider
was hovering over a small elfling.

“Pick on some one who can defend themselves”

She said lowdly. The spider made a small clicking noise and lunged at her. She quickly left out of the way as the
spider viciously dug its stinger into the ground.

“Your pathetic”

She said as the spider quickly ripped it’s stinger out of
the ground a few yellow-green droplets of venom dripping
out of the tip. The spider lunged at her again and she
quickly jumped up in the air waiting for the spider to be directly under her before she pointed Seregruin downwards
and plunjed Seregruin into the hard shell of its back. The
spider let out a loud squeal as she ripped the blade out
and sliced four of its eight legs off.

“Say goodbye”

Lauretaur said as the spider fell to its side dead. She
cleaned the green blood off of Seregruin using the bottom
of her tunic. She turned her attention toward the small scared elfling.

“Are you alright”

Lauretaur asked as the elfing recoiled.

“Please d- don’t k-k-kill m-me”

He stuttered in a frightened voice.

“Relax I’m not going to kill you”

She said as she held out her hand.

“Can you stand”

She asked as she helped the elfling up. In a moment her
question was answered the elfing swayed a bit before falling
down on the ground with a soft thud.

“I’m sorry”

He said quietly.

“It’s alright”

She said giving him a small smile.


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