The Book to my world-Ch4 – Adjusting to the White City

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Later that night when Legolas and Mithryn finished talking, Mithryn went back to her chamber door. When she opened it, she accidentally smacked Ireth in the face. Ireth had been trying to listen through the door. “So did you two, ya know?” Mithryn shook her head, “Nope.” She decided to change the subject, “So how was the guard house?” Ireth sighed, “It was so cool, there were all sorts of guards there, both men and elves.” Mithryn perked up, “So you like any particular guard?” Ireth sighed, “I don’t know. There are so many of them. Do I have to pick one.” Mithryn shrugged as she turned her back to her cousin and took off her shirt. She quickly slipped on her nightdress and took off her pants afterwards. After she finished changing, she climbed into her bed and tried to sleep. What will my college professors think tomorrow when she doesn’t come to class, what will my roommate think when I am not in my room, she thought. She was thinking about her past when sleep over came her.
The next morning, Mithryn awoke to the sound of children talking in the hall. She sat up to find that Ireth had already left, her bed naturally unmade. The stone floor was cold as she put her feet on it. She pulled on a robe and walked out the door. Whoever was talking out side her door was not a child, but a hobbit. The hobbit had reddish brown hair. “Good morning my Lady.” He said bowing low. All Mithryn could do was smile, ” Thank you good sir. Umm, can you help me, I am looking for, I think his name was Legolas.” The hobbit smiled, “oh yes, he is in the dining hall, It breakfast time. Come you must be hungry I will escort you. By the way, I am Pippin.” Mithryn smiled, “I’m Mithryn.” Pippin took her down a long flight of stairs and the rounded a couple of corners but they finally made it to the dining hall. It was a very large very beautiful room with a high ceiling. It had some tables that closely resembled picnic tables. At the front of the table was a long table where Arwen and Aragorn were sitting. Pippin led the amazed Mithryn over to a table where Gimli and Legolas were sitting. She looked for Ireth but didn’t see her.
As soon as Gimli saw her coming towards them he stood up. “Good morning my Lady, I trust you slept well.” “Very well indeed good sir.” The dwarf blushed, “Oh did you hear that Legolas, she called me a good sir.” The male elf smiled at his friend, then turned back to Mithryn, “would you like something to eat?” Mithryn nodded. As Legolas went to get her some food Ireth came through the door. “Mith!! You’re awake! Good I would like you to meet some one.” Mithryn went over to her cousin, “who?” Ireth replied, “This is Gelmir, he is a guard that I met yesterday.” Gelmir was an elven guard with long dark hair. Fingol smiled at Mithryn and bowed low, “It’s a pleasure to meet the only daughter of Gil-galad. My father fought along side your father, and he was a wonderful warrior.” Mithryn smiled, “Its wonderful to meet you as well.” Ireth cleared her throat. “Mithryn can I talk to you for a moment.”
She led Mithryn over to a corner, “I think he is so cute! I really like him.” Mithryn’s eyes widened, “I thought you had given up on guys after that Jerry person.” Ireth shook her head, “Nope, well I did for a while, but I have moved on!!” Gelmir called over to Ireth, “You need to hurry if we are going to make it to Rohan.” “You are going where?” Ireth smiled slyly, “He is going to take me to Rohan to meet his parents.” Mithryn held back a laugh, “have fun.”
After Ireth and Fingol left, Mithryn walked back over to where Gimli and Legolas were. ” So Ireth has met a guard.” Mithryn nodded at the dwarf. Legolas presented Mithryn with some food. Mithryn had no idea what it was but she was hungry. She picked up what looked like a slice of dried bread, “What’s this?” She asked the male elf, ” It’s a Lamba.” Mithryn took a bite from the strange food. I was pretty good. And amazingly, she was no longer hungry. ” Umm, Legolas, now that I am no longer hungry, what do I do with the remaining food?” Legolas gave her a slight shrug. Suddenly Pippin popped up from over her shoulder, “I’ll take that.” He said taking her plate.
Later that day, Gimli, Pippin, Mithryn and Legolas went outside to the courtyard. “Today my Lady, you will meet Gandalf.” Mithryn’s heart almost stopped, “I will meet Gandalf?” The dwarf nodded, ” As I understand it, he will be able to tell you about your father.” Mithryn was excited. She could finally ask all the questions she needs to know. The four of them sat down on the grass surrounding the courtyard. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a white gleam. She quickly turned her head and saw an old man riding on a large white horse. “Ahh, Gandalf is here. He’s early, or what he would call `on time’. You shall meet him soon.” Mithryn looked at him, “I thought he sailed into the West with Elrond and the others.” The male elf smiled, “Ahh well you see, you can go to the Grey Havens, but you can come back when ever you feel your needed. At least in a wizards case.”


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