The Book to my World – Ch 2-The King

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Gondor, that word echoed in her head. She remembered from the Return of the King that this is were a huge battle took place. She desperately wanted to know what time frame she was in. Was she after the battle or before the battle? She knew that anytime after the battle would be just fine. She had heard the dwarf say something about the battle of Pellenor so she might be after the battle. At least she hoped, she really regretted not reading the Lord of the Rings books again.
“So, what day is it?” she asked the elf. She wasn’t real sure how to start off a conversation with an elf. ” Beg your pardon?” the elf said. “Well I mean, is this after the battle of Pellenor or before?” “How do you know about Pellenor?” the elf said stopping. Mithryn’s heartbeat sped up. ” Oh well I heard the dwarf say something about you being better at the fields of Pellenor, I just figured that it was a battle of some sort.” “It was a battle, that’s for sure, and you are after the battle.” Mithryn sighed, she was partly relived that she was after the battle and also relived that her lie had worked.
Suddenly, Mithryn realized that the dwarf was leading Ireth over to a guardhouse. “Hey where are you going?” She called after the dwarf. ” Calm down. Gimli is just taking her to rest and get cleaned up.” The elf said calmly. “Well, I want to rest and get cleaned up too.” ” You will soon, don’t worry.” Mithryn sighed again. “So what’s your name?” she asked trying to pass some time, “And who is that Gimli person?” The elf, not stopping, replied. “My name is Legolas, and that `Gimli person’ is my traveling companion.” Mithryn nearly fell off the elf’s shoulder. Legolas!!! O my, he’s the price of Mirkwood!! She thought. “Oh well my name is…promise you won’t laugh?” The elf nodded. ” My name is Mithryn Polaris, or NorthernStar.” Legolas stopped dead in his tracks. ” Mithryn Polaris?” Mithryn nodded, “Yeah” “Interesting” Legolas said. That word scared her a bit. ” Well Legolas, umm…I appreciate that fact that I am walking all the way, but your shoulder is stabbing my stomach. So I would really like it if you would put me down.” At that the young prince put her down. She was surprised to find that she could keep up with his long strides.
It wasn’t long before Mithryn realized that they were going in circles. She cautiously walked to the edge of the walkway. They WERE going in circles. “Hey did you know they we’re always going around corners?” The elf nodded, “Gondor is made in a winding pattern. I am guessing for sturdy reasons.” Mithryn nodded. Lined along the inside of the street were houses, shops, and even some restaurants. She really wanted to check out the shops, but at the speed the elf was traveling she figured that she could shop later.
They finally made it to the top of the castle. The first thing she saw was a white tree next to a small pool. “Why is that tree white? Is it dead?” Legolas laughed lightly. “No it’s not dead. It’s the White Tree of Gondor. It was planted by Isildor long ago.” The next thing that Mithryn saw was little children and women tending them. A couple of the kids stared at her while others ran up to Legolas and asked him to play with them. “Not now, maybe later. I have to discuss something with your father.”
After they walked through the doors, they were in a long hall with a chair at the end. The main hall was lined with statues, which Mithryn assumed they were long dead kings or nobles. Sitting in the chair was a man with shoulder length, dark hair. As they approached, he stood up. He was clothed in dark pants and a dark shirt. He had a long cloak too. Possibly made out of satin. “My Lord,” Legolas said, “May I present, Mithryn Polaris.” At that the man stood up. “My Lady.” “Whoa, what? I totally don’t understand what you’re talking about.” Mithryn said interrupting the King whom she didn’t know was the king. The king simply smiled, “Do you not know your own past?” “Well,” Mithryn began, “I was born in London, England. I completed 12 years of school, and I am now in college majoring in acting and foreign languages.” “That’s not what I meant, who were your parents?” At that question, Mithryn was stumped. She didn’t know who her parents were. “I don’t know.” The man smiled, “Well before I tell you, let me introduce myself, I am King Aragorn.” Mithryn felt her jaw drop open. “I know I get that a lot.” He smiled. “Legolas, will you please excuse us.” Legolas nodded, ” See you later, I guess My Lady.”
After the elf left a woman came into the Hall. ” Mithryn, may I introduce you to my wife, Arwen EvenStar.” The woman smiled. ” Ahh, you are of elf kind, yes?” Arwen said, obviously noticing her ears. Mithryn had been born with pointed ears. Her “parents” had told her it was just a birth defect. When she had asked them if she could get the surgically unaltered, they replied by saying that they believe they were made that way for a reason. Mithryn had been teased in school because of her ears and others, like anime freaks (NO OFFENCE TO ANYONE) thought they were cool. Mithryn nodded to the Elvin Queen.
” Let’s go outside to talk about your past.” Arwen said, “It’s a beautiful day, isn’t Mithryn.” Mithryn nodded in agreement. All three of them went outside and sat by the pool near the strange white tree. “Now what do you want to know first?” Aragorn said. Mithryn thought, “Well I would like to know my parents first.” The King nodded, “Very well, let’s start at the beginning then.”


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