“The Book to my World”-CH 1: An Amazing find

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Ring ring!! The phone had been ringing for a few minutes already. Annoyed, Mithryn rolled over in bed and picked up the phone, ” Hello? Chris, what do you want? You found WHAT?! Oh Chris it can be anything. I DON’T KNOW!!!! Your father had written lots of books, for all we know it could be just some…some Tax Accounts.” Mithryn sighed at her distant cousins pleading. ” All RIGHT!! I will come over…..and I will bring Ireth.
After she hung up the phone, she pulled the covers up over her head. Its my only day off and I don’t even get to sleep in. she thought. She slowly got up and took a shower, got dressed, grabbed a bagel, and walked out the door. After a few minutes she came back in and grabbed her car keys off the hook next to the door.
Ding dong, she rang the doorbell of her distant cousin’s house. “So, what did he find again?” Ireth said as she yawned and scratched her head. Mithryn replied to her cousin while keeping her attention on the door, “He said he found one of his father’s old books and-” she was cut off by Chris ushering them inside. He led them to the old chest he found in the attic. ” That’s the trunk, but here’s the main attraction.” He took an old book off the dining table and handed it to Ireth. Ireth still half-asleep held the book up to the light and shrugged as she handed it to Mithryn. Mithryn opened the book only to see nothing on the first few pages. ” That’s odd.” ” What’s odd?” Chris said looking over her shoulder. ” Normally your father would have written something on the second page. He’s done that in almost all of his books.” She said handing the book to him. Chris narrowed his eyebrows and flipped threw the pages. He came across some more elvish writing. He stared at it for a moment, then handed it to Mithryn. ” Read this, you can speak the language right?” Mithryn had been born with a very strange talent. She could read and speak foreign languages with the greatest of ease, including the Elvish languages: Sindarin and Quenya. Mithryn took the book and studied the writing. ” Teleport me to the world of wonder.” She read in Quenya. Suddenly both she and Ireth (who had been reading over her shoulder) were surrounded by a bright blue light. After the light faded away, they were standing in the middle of a forest. The sun was shinning, a cool breeze was blowing, and the birds were singing.
Mithryn and Ireth looked at each other then at the book. ” Umm… Mith…were are we?” Ireth asked slowly looking around. Before Mithryn could say anything, a small child came skipping into the forest. The child was humming a tune that seemed familiar to Mithryn. Suddenly the kid stopped and stared at them. ” Umm…can you help us-” Before she could finish, the child let out a loud, echoing scream. Ireth suddenly tried to shush the child, but he only screamed louder. Out of no where, a stout looking man came rushing out of the trees, a large ax in hand. Both Mithryn and Ireth, stared wide eyed at the ax. The two women noticed that the child had stopped screaming, much to their relief. The small man gave them one look and said, ” Who are you two and where do you come from?” Mithryn was too overwhelmed to say anything but Ireth spoke up, ” Whoa buster I think we should be asking you that question.” At that Mithryn slapped her forehead with the palm of her hand. The little man raised his ax menacingly. ” Well, I am Ireth and this is my cousin Mithryn.” Ireth said looking at the ax. Mithryn nodded quickly. ” you spies?” the little man asked. ” NO OF COURSE NOT!!!!” Ireth said sounding very hurt. ” I say your spies…spies for Melkor.” The child said. ” Spies for who?” Mithryn said flatly. ” Young prince, go tell your father I am bringing prisoners, and if you happen to see Legolas, tell him I need his help.” The child nodded and ran off into the woods. ” PRISNORS!” Mithryn said crossly, placing her hands on her slender hips. But before she could protest any more a very tall man came out of the trees. The man carried two wicked looking knives. ” and you thought that you were good at the fields of Pellenor. Well I caught some spies of Melkor.” Said the man, now standing behind the two women. He poked Mithryn’s back with the tip of his ax. ” Hey hey we are not spies of this Melkor person. And watch were you point that thing.” She turned around and grabbed the ax’s handle and tried to wench it away. Meanwhile the man had walked up behind Mithryn and took her roughly by the shoulders. ” This one Gimli?” she heard him say. The dwarf nodded. The man turned Mithryn around and hoisted her up across his shoulder. At that Ireth was going to throw a punch at the man with her friend but she found that the dwarf was tying her hands. ” Hey!” She began but the dwarf cut her off by saying ” Not now!” Mithryn was trying to struggle out of the man’s grip. ” You know that’s not going to work.” He said calmly. At that Mithryn sighed and put her elbow on the man’s back and propped up her head with her hand.
In about five minutes they came out of the forest to see a large castle made of white stone. Mithryn recognized the castle from the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King book. They were in Gondor!!!


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