The Book to m y World-Ch 3 – Mithryn’s Past

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Aragorn sighed, “Well, you are the daughter of the great elven warrior Gil-galad.” Mithryn nearly died, “Me!?” That was all she could say. Aragorn nodded, “He sent you and your mother away to live in the mortal world, or your world, so you would be safe from the upcoming war. The first war of the ring. You were 60 years old then.” Mithryn was confused, “I am not 80 years old I am only 20, I don’t understand.” Aragorn only smiled, ” When you got to the mortal world, your mother erased all your memories from this world. She didn’t want you to remember all the things you witnessed here.” Mithryn nodded but she was still confused, she figured that she would always be confused. Aragorn went on, ” After your mother heard of your father’s death in the Last Alliance she died of grief. Your foster parents made you think you were their child and you were convinced you were 20 years old. I am sorry if this is confusing you. Its very hard to explain.” Mithryn smiled. “That’s why my “parents” didn’t want me to get rid of my pointed ears. Right?” The king nodded, ” The spell your mother put on you to erase your memory wouldn’t last very long and your foster parents knew that. You have a part in the history of Middle Earth, I just don’t know what part you will play yet. You may go now, your friend will meet you soon. I suggest that you have a look around Gondor, It’s really nice.”
At that Mithryn smiled. Maybe having a look around wouldn’t be so bad, seeing that she was going to be here a while. When she walked around the first corner, she was greeted by a very relived Ireth. “Mith!! It’s so cool here!!” Mithryn smiled at her cousin. She was still stunned by the sudden reviling of her past. “What’s wrong?” Ireth asked. “Nothing, I will explain to you later.” Mithryn replied quietly.
Together, she and Ireth went to have a look around Gondor. As they came out of a small shop, they were greeted by Gimli and Legolas. The male elf walked up to Mithryn, “So King Aragorn told you your real past.” Mithryn nodded. “You probably don’t remember me, but we were childhood friends.” Mithryn looked up at him, “What do you mean?” Legolas looked down at the ground, “Well your parents knew my dad, and plus your mom was a elf of Mirkwood. So naturally, when your parents took you to meet my dad they introduced you to me.” This all started to make sense to Mithryn now. She stared to remember some of her dreams. There was one in which she was standing in the middle of a dining hall filled with people, er well elves. Then in comes a male elf with blond hair and the most beautiful blue eyes. As he nears her, the dream fades into one were she is on a white horse looking at that same elf. Then the dream fades away.
She looked up at Legolas again. He was the elf in her dreams!!
She felt a little better. She smiled up at him. She glanced over at Ireth, she was staring at her with a weird expression on her face. Suddenly Ireth took her aside, “OOOHHHH!!!!!” She said as she smiled real big. “Oh shut up!” Ireth put her hands up in defense, “I won’t tell anybody.” Mithryn smiled at her cousin and rolled her eyes, “That’s what you said about that football player and me. By the next week, the entire freshmen student body at college knew. Not to mention the teachers and cheerleaders and other football players.” Ireth shrugged, “Hey, juicy drama like that needs to be told, it was calling to me to be told, `Ireth, Ireth, tell me to the entire student body.’ It was tempting.” Mithryn laughed. She looked behind her and Legolas was talking to Gimli about something. She walked back over to him and smiled. Gimli elbowed Legolas in the side and gave him a look. The male elf just ignored the dwarf. “Allow me to show you to your quarters Ladies.” The two girls nodded.
Legolas showed the way back up the road and to the castle again. A couple children squealed as they walked by. Two little boys started to chase Mithryn around the courtyard. Mithryn, not knowing what was going on, quickly jumped onto the male elf’s back. To keep her from falling, Legolas grabbed her ankles. “Don’t worry their just Aragorn and Arwen’s children.” “Oh, ummm, go play with your friends.” “They are all their children.” The male elf corrected. Mithryn was stunned, “but there are about 13 no 14 of them!!” “Yeah, that’s about right.” Mithryn sighed, completely overwhelmed. She climbed off the male elf’s back, slowly. The children looked at her strangely. One of the boys snickered, “Legolas, do you have a girlfriend?” The male elf turned a bright red along with Mithryn. Mithryn was the first to recover, “NO! No we aren’t in fact I just met him not to long ago.” Ireth, Mithryn, and Legolas walked to the chamber hall in silence. When they got there, Legolas opened the door for them to reveal a beautiful chamber complete with 2 extremely large beds, soft woven rugs, new clothes (compliments of Queen Arwen herself), and 2 beautiful robes for their new night- clothes.
The sight of the nightgowns told Mithryn that they were going to be there for a while. She walked in and was going to claim the bed by the window, but Ireth beat her to it. She sighed and took the bed by the wall. After she put her things on her bed she turned to thank Legolas, who was standing by the door waiting patiently. “Thanks for showing us to our rooms.” He smiled, “I am so glade I found you again.” Confused by his words, she smiled and walked out of the room after him. “It’s going to be difficult accepting my real past. I really want to learn more about my family than anything else.” Mithryn sighed as she leaned against the stone banister of the stair well that overlooked a courtyard that was in the middle of the castle. As Legolas leaned against it next to her he said, “I think the main person who can tell you about your father would be Elrond. But he has long since sailed to the Grey Havens. The next person who would be able to tell you is Gandalf, but his visits are a bit unexpected.” “Do you think Queen Arwen or King Aragorn might be able to tell me?” Mithryn asked looking at him. The male elf shrugged, “They might.”


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