The Book of the Jewels and the rings – Chapter 1 REVISED

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In the ages after the Ring there were many happenings of worth to tell in a book of ages but here is told but one tale of amazing tales and no other story surpasses it in glory or in wonder. For this tale is of the Trial of Morgoth and the Returning of the Eldar to middle-earth.In this tale the chief elves are of the Eldalie and the Silvan elves. The tale is long and of it many songs sprouted. Now let the tale begin.
The tale begins with Legolas Greenleaf and Gimli son of Gloin. As the Red Book tells, he built himself a ship of grey to travel across the Encircling Sea. And Gimli used his craft to enrich the ship and wrought its bow of mallorn and Legolas made the ship beautiful with the craft of the elves in their Autumn. And they took it down the Anduin and to Ethir Anduin and sailed to the sea.
“The sea is calm and all is peaceful.” Legolas said gently. “Then the seas will be perilous tonight. Prepare yourself for hardship, elf of the wood.” Gimli replied to him. And he was right, for the sea that night was restless in its torment. The rage of the waves was great and they tossed the ship hither and thither. But the craft of the elves and dwarves together had wrought a ship of beauty and of strength, and they resisted the waves, and soon the shores of the Undying Lands were in sight. The sea then calmed itself. And looking back from the seas near Eressea, the Lonley Isle they saw a torrent of wind and waves but were they were the sea was calm and the shores were near.
“Lo! To Eressea we go! Alas! let us rejoice and sing!” Legolas said as he looked on those white shores. But Gimli stared in fear of what he may not see. “Legolas, this brings to me great joy and yet woe, for I am a mortal and I cannot come to these lands where none die. I must go back.” Gimli said in a voice of fear and weariness. “No, you shall come and we shall obtain grace for you from all and you shall be great in all the lands. And on this isle dwells Galadriel, which in the tounge of Valinor is Alatariel, and she wishes to see you, by my guess.
And so came the first dwarf to the Undying Lands to the West of the sea and they docked in Avalone, and the elves sang of their coming and they took the dwarf and carried him so his feet did not tred the ground unless by the bidding of the Valar.
And so they came to Eressea and then they saw Galadriel and she summoned Manwe and they spoke of the dwarf Gimli, son of Gloin.


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