The Blade of Chaos Chapter 1 – This is the first chapter (but there WAS a prologue)

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Morarmir stood on top of a rocky hill, surveying his work: six well-trained fighters. For the past two years, he had been training them for one purpose. That purpose was the ultimate destruction of Gondor, and all of its territories. `And now, my purpose shall be fulfilled,’ he swore silently to himself. `They will not rob me of my chance for victory. I will have vengeance!’
Morarmir was the leader of a semi-secret organization called the Balmet, whose ultimate purpose was to bring the kingdom of Gondor down into anarchy. Many years ago, in the reign of the previous king of Gondor, at the height of their power, they had led an open military assault, but it had been held back at the gates of Minas Tirith, and with a push out from the city, had managed to drive them back. And, as they thought, eradicate the evil group forever. But they were wrong. A few stragglers had made their way back to the hidden stronghold deep in a nearby forest. And there, in a well-hidden stronghold, the Balmet had slowly, gradually built their strength back up. Morarmir realized that another frontal assault would be futile. And that led him to the present. He had trained his six warriors to quietly remove all of the structured leadership of Gondor, by removing all of the leaders.
They had completed their training, and were now being tested. Their skills would be assessed in a fight. However, this would be no ordinary fight. Their task would be to fight not normal warriors, but elves. And to add yet another degree of difficulty to the fight, the trained fighters were not allowed to kill their opponents. Overall, it was an extremely difficult test of their fighting abilities. The ones who accomplished their task would be given the most honorable assignment: the royal family itself, including the king, queen, and young prince Eldarion. The rest (such as Drakwar) would be given lesser tasks, such as scouting. So far, the first three of the six had failed at their task, and the fourth was preparing to begin. Morarmir smiled in anticipation, as the fight began.

Several elves stood in a dark room; each huddled in separate areas, blindfolded and bound, unaware of the presence of others. All of their thoughts dwelt on their immediate future. After being individually captured by brutal men, but not subjected to any form of mistreatment other than their bindings, none of the elves could guess what path their lives would take next. Then a door opened, and their blindfolds were removed. The elves became aware of their surroundings instantly. A few glances around revealed that they were in a bare and bleak tent-like structure, with a hard-packed dirt floor, and heavy cloth walls. All of the elven occupants were bent over, and rapidly glancing around. A man in a uniform strode through the now opened flap that served as a door
“You there,” he barked, pointing to a female elf on the opposite side of the tent. “You’re comin’ with me!” He walked over to the elf, cut the ropes that bound her, and beckoned for her to follow him.
Dazedly, she complied with his orders. She staggered upright and followed him outside, squinting into the bright sun. As soon as her vision cleared, the elf saw that she was in a woodland clearing. The uniformed guard turned to her, and said, “Megiliel, that’s your name, right?” Dumbly, she nodded. “Very well then. You are free to go.”
And the guard turned on his heel, and simply walked away.
`Curious,’ Megiliel thought, ` I wonder what they could be planning now. These don’t seem like people who would just set me free. But, maybe they have a reason for it.’ With that in mind, she resolutely started to jog away.
She hadn’t gone three steps when a cold, callous voice that sent shivers down here back arrested her.
“Going somewhere? I think not.”


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