The Blade of Chaos – The Prologue

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Prince Eldarion II gazed out from the palace balcony, feeling the cool breeze blow across his face, ruffling his hair. He knew, however, that his peaceful freedom would be short lived, to be replaced by his usual studies. From noon to sunset, he would sit in boredom with his tutor, learning Elvish, the History of Middle Earth, Mathematics, the geography of Gondor and the surrounding lands, and the lore of nature. After a short break, he would go down to supper. After that came his favorite part of the day. Since he was almost of the age when he began fulfilling his duties as the Prince of Gondor, to lead the Knights of the Citadel, he needed to train for these responsibilities. And for this reason, the leader of the Armegil, the Royal Guards, would train him, every night, in the art of fighting; mainly in the bow and swords, but also to fight with his fists, and other weapons. Finally, for the rest of evening, he would spend the time playing games, and listening to tales of forgotten heroes, and ancient battles; triumphant victories and glorious defeats. He especially liked to hear of the heroics of the elves of Gondolin, against the demons of Morgoth.
“Eldarion!” A sharp, clear voice cut through his reverie. “Time for your studies!”
`Oh well’, he thought. `I might as well get it over with.’ And, with a sigh, he turned, walked away from the serenity of his balcony, and out of the room.

A hooded elven figure stood on a path under the dense cover of trees, watching the harsh downpour of rain with distaste. He pulled up his hood, however, and prepared to ride out into the rain. But before he could, a voice from about him called, “Hey Lintemir, up hear,” and hurled a dagger. Lintemir looked up, and deftly twisted away from the dagger. He saw a dark, cloaked figure, crouching stiffly, balanced precariously on a thin branch. To his surprise, he recognized his assailant.
Drawing a sword, he cautiously called, “Well, Drakwar, I never expected to see you again. Especially not here. Now, by the law of the King, come down and submit yourself justice, or it shall be brought upon you forcefully!” His eyes and voice now held a powerful flame barely held in check. “You will answer for what you have done!”
Drakwar glanced around, as if considering his options. Then, with a snarl, he tore his cloak off. He dropped it from the trees, and it floated down, obscuring Lintemir’s view; when the elven fighter managed to tear it away from him, Drakwar was gone. All that was left was a rustle of leaves in the wind. Lintemir gazed at where his assailant had been for another moment, and then turned, with the air of someone putting duty above all else, and rode his horse out into the rain.


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