The Blade from Mordor – Frodo’s Account of When he was Impaled

by Jul 11, 2002Stories

‘It all started the night we came to weathertop, Aragorn told us it used to be a watch tower,and that we would be safe there for the night. I laid out my blankets and settled down for the night, I slept for a while but awoke to the sound of a roaring fire, Pippin, Merry and Sam had made a fire and were using it to heat food.

“What do you think your doing?! Put it out you fools! Put it out!” I shouted stamping out the flames.

“Thanks Frodo! Now how are we supposed to eat?” Pippin asked rudely, at that moment i felt a strange and eerie presence, and heard the shrill cry of a wraith.

“Hush!” I whispered to the others, “Quick! Grab your swords and stay alert!”

We all stood back to back, each one of us scared to breathe, we stood there for a short while, but it didn’t seemed much longer,like when you have a bad dream and you just want to wake up before it gets to horrifying, except there was no waking up from this experience.

I watched the archway in front of me hoping that no one would pass through it, suddenly the archway became cold,and black as the ravens wings, two red eyes glared at me, yet i could not yet make out a figure, i trembled as the cold footsteps of fear dragged slowly down my spine, the figure instantly drew a blade from his black cloak and rose his hand to me, “the ring…the ring,” it whispered, his voice will forever be scratched into my memorie for there is nothing that sounds more evil.

I fell back and dropped my sword as i lay defenseless on the ground i grabbed the ring from my neck in desperation, yet again i heard his voice “the ring the ring.” I looked up and i was cornered, four wraiths stood over me all bearing blades and holding out their hands, in the heat of the moment i slipped the ring on, yet now i could see them as the kings they once were, they were old and evil to look upon, i knew that they would now kill me and take the ring, “I’ve failed you Gandalf,” i thought to myself, then to my surprise a different figure appeared carrying a torch of flame. It was Aragorn. He swung the torch into one of the kings. As he did so, another king stabbed me with his blade! Ice bolted through my veins, a great pain rippled through my body, and the blade snapped in my shoulder, Aragorn must have scared the wraith away, yet i had not noticed for i had fallen into a world of darkness but from time to time i would drift back into reality, i don’t remember much from then. I remember Glorfindel well, at the time i did not know who he was but i knew he was an elf because they can be seen in the world of the wraiths. He was sat upon a white horse. He was suruonded in a radiant and pure light. He spoke to me, yet i did not take in his words he got off of his horse and placed me upon it, I can remember no more of my journey to Rivendell.

I awoke in a room filled with sunlight and Gandalf was there. He told me of what had happened but i still cannot remember it all.’


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