The Battle of Helm’s Deep Revised – Part 1

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The Battle of Helm’s Deep Revised (From the Two Towers film)

King Théoden watched in awe as two hundred Lorien Elves marched into the Hornburg.
The old King exclaimed, “How comes this?”
The captain stood forth and answered, “I bear a
message from Elrond of Rivendell: `Once there stood an Alliance between Elves and Men. We fought together and died together.’ We have come to honor that allegiance.”
Aragorn and Legolas came up just then, and the
Dunadan exclaimed, “Haldir! You are most welcome.”
The man saluted the elf, then embraced him. Haldir returned the embrace.
Suddenly, the Elves snapped to attention, and their captain declared, “We are proud to fight alongside Men
once more.”

Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli stood upon the Deeping
Wall, gazing out into the Coomb.
Suddenly, a bright light appeared in the Deep behind them, and all upon the walls turned and watched in amazement, as a giant creature stepped out from the glow. It was a great, beast-like being, with four limbs, yet it
stood upon the hind ones, and leaned upon a magnificent shining mace. It was covered in long, grayish-red hair, yet its body was protected by a suit of amethyst armor and steel pauldrons. It gazed up at the defenders upon the wall,
and there was an intelligence within those eyes, which
glowed with reddish fire.
The Rohirrim exclaimed, “Demon!” and groped for weapons, but Aragorn commanded them to stop, for he sensed a mysterious goodness about this creature.
But then the beast spoke in a great voice, and
strangely, all could understand its words, “I am Firestone,
the giant sloth warrior. The Powers of our world have told
us of your trouble upon this world, and I have come to aid you, bringing with me several of the greatest of our
peoples. We are allowed to stay here only until the battle
is ended, whether in victory or defeat.”
Aragorn called out to the great beast, “All help is
needed, for ten thousand of the enemy shall arrive here shortly. Please bring your friends here.”
Firestone nodded his great head, and turned back
toward the door-light. He said, “Our help has been accepted. Come through.”
At that moment, several strange creatures issued
from the light-gate; some of the creatures were
recognizable, others were strange: another giant sloth,
a female with blue fur, came forth and stood beside Firestone; two tall humans, a male and female, he
with red hair and blue eyes, she with black hair and
green eyes, he with a great axe and she with a bow;
a blue-bearded dwarf with red eyes, wielding a dragon-headed hammer, astride an animated metal gryphon;
a badger with night-black fur, a patch of white on his forehead, who stood upright on his hind legs, was robed in black, and wore a saber at his side; an elf with dark hair
and eyes, robed in green and carrying a staff. When the
elf had passed through, the light extinguished, dissolving
the gate between worlds.
Firestone gestured to his companions, and announced them, “Lady Cobalt, my wife. The bëogar Redwolf and Nightwind. Dwarf-lord Vindal of the Crystal City. Tëyokrath,
the Badger of Night. Findûr the Magician, Elf of the Third House.”
King Théoden came onto the wall just then, and his
eyes grew wide.
The old King exclaimed, “How many more unexpected allies shall we find? Aragorn, I see now that we are lucky in our friends, no matter what world they may be from.”
At that instant, there was a flash, and suddenly five
more humanoid creatures stood in the deep beside the friends of Firestone: an ebon-skinned, white-haired,
violet-eyed elf bearing two wondrous scimitars; a red-
earded dwarf with a one-horned helm, and carrying a
notched axe; a giant of a man with blond hair and blue
eyes, with a mighty war-hammer on his shoulder; a red-haired blue-eyed human woman, bearing a wondrous bow; and a portly halfling with a small mace.
The dark elf bowed in Théoden’s direction, and said, “Drizzt Do’urden, at your service. I have brought friends.”
The dwarf growled, “Yes, we heard there was a fight
here tonight. We’ve come to join in.”
Drizzt smiled, and motioned to his companions, saying, “Bruenor Battlehammer, Wulfgar, son of Beornegar, Cattie-brie, and Regis.”
Firestone could peer over the wall, and he said, “It
looks like we are just in time.”
All upon the wall turned to see the torches that entered the Coomb, and the steady thump of marching feet.
The great sloth warrior bellowed, “The enemy comes. I shall station myself in the Hornburg. You others should stand where you wish.”
Suddenly, Firestone vanished, and reappeared on the outer wall of the Hornburg. His companions, and the five others, all ran quickly up the stairs to the top of the
Deeping Wall. Vindal and Bruenor stood to either side of Gimli. Wulfgar and Cattie-Brie and the bëogar mingled
with the other humans. The Badger of Night stood among the elves. The Rohirrim looked with wonder at these strangers who had come to aid them.
Findûr came and stood beside Théoden, and said,
“King, I see that your wall has a weakness. There is a little culvert that runs through it. Would you like me to fix it?”
The King answered, “You noticed that? Please, do what you can to plug it up, for we are still greatly outnumbered, and I would have there be no weak points.”
The elf nodded, and went down to stand by the drain culvert. He picked up a stone that lay nearby, and began
to run his hands over it. Soon, the elf tossed the stone
into the culvert, and shouted, “The stone will grow to fill the culvert within ten minutes.”
Suddenly, there came a great shout from the horde of Uruk-hai, and they halted but a hundred paces from the wall. As they stood there, some of the enemy let out
hoarse growls at those who stood upon the walls. Then,
the general roared out in the Orkish language, and every member of the horde began to smite their pike-butts upon the earth, and they let out a great shout. Aragorn drew his sword, and the Rohirrim archers loaded their bows, as well
as Cattie-brie and Nightwind, aiming toward the Orcs but holding their fire until they received a command.
Suddenly, an old man called Aldon lost his hold upon
his bowstring, and his arrow zipped down to strike one of
the Uruks in the throat.
Aragorn shouted, “Hold.” The stricken Orc moaned and toppled over, dead. The horde let out angry roars, and the general shouted for a charge.
Théoden said, “So it begins.”
To Be Continued . . .


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