The Battle in the Night – The Death of Theodred

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The two Uruk-Hai soliders snarled as they passed the warg pit, before laughing hoarsly as a small goblin was shot over the pit and devoured by the ravenous wargs. “What’s Sharku want?” asked one of them, making his talk as disguisting as possible. The other one paused, before remove his cross-bow and firing a shot at a stray orc. “Want’s summat about sendin’ out an elite team to dispatch a horsebreeders company”, the other replied. Before the other could say further more he swiftly unshealthed his dagger and stabbed it into the other uruk’s neck. “Take it to the wargs, Snaga” he snarled at a working orc. The orc, afraid of being reported immediatly left his task to run the errand which the huge uruk had commanded. Huklag, the uruk, had finally reached the gates to Sauruman’s tower, Orthanc.

The two sentries sprang to the gates and barred it with their black spear. Huklag spoke the passwords, and was admitted to Isengard. Inside the tower stood a pale faced man, bent and black hair, dangaling at his shoulders. “Wormtounge” Huklag whispered, before reaching for his cross-bow and carefully aiming. Wormtonuge didn’t move, waiting for the arrow to fly. It did.

A shaft of purple light flew across the room, hitting the arrow in mid-air. The crossbow jerked from Huklag’s hand, before disappearing, then reappearing in front of Saruman. He had crept slowly down the stairs, being alerted about Huklag’s arrival. The crossbow exploded. “Temper, my dear Huklag” Saruman said, his voice sounding as sweet as running water. “Come”. The purple light had formed a ball of venomous green light, which divided into three seprate orbs. The orbs hovered over the three of them, only to swirl round them and transport them thirty floors up.

Huklag nodded lazily as Saruman ran through instructions about ambushing and destroying a group of horsebreeders. “You know what to do?” asked Saruman, staring sternly at Huklag’s scarred and bloody face. “Yes” replied Huklag shortly. “Fine, round up a team and leave tonight” Saruman said. Huklag left.


Dwarfhelm lept up onto his horse and fell into line behind Theodred and Eomer. The party was silent. Dwarfhelm knew why. King Theoden’s couseller had been seen riding towards Isengard and many wanted to know why.

Eomer deeply distrusted Wormtounge and many others followed him. But Theoden had lost his will to Saruman, once friend of Rohan. Now Rohan’s worst enemy was Saruman. Saruman had ravaged the lands of Rohan, and destroyed most of the west-fold. This party he was in was to intercept a company of orcs, planning to attack the villages outside Medusled. The orcs were being naughty, and they had to be punished.

After two hours of riding the company came to a halt. “These are orcs footprints” called Dwarfhelm, surveying the footprints in the mud. “Yes, they are” replied Theodred, “Come up front young one”. As Dwarfhelm rode to the front Eomer smiled at him, seeing a young boy growimg to a strong warrior. “What is your name?” asked Eomer. “Dwarfhelm, son of Dewhelm” replied Dwarfhelm. “Here is a jewl among the riders!” shouted Theodred. They rode on.


“I smell man-flesh!” screeched a goblin, at the back of the company. The orcs came to a halt. “What!” Huklag said, running to the back of the company and sniffing. “Yes!” he shouted, “Leg it double quick, now!!!” The orcs ran on, there senses alerted for any sign of pursuit. They stopped at the the river Isen and made camp. No fire was lit. It was a cold rest. Suddenly a scout came racing back on warg back. “They’re coming!” the rider screamed, before an arrow thudded into his back. A high shriek, went up chilling all but the uruks to the bone.

The fighting had started. Dwarfhelm was fighting on foot, due to a goblin shooting his horse. Uruk-Hai were piled round him, bloood still running from their bodies. Dwarfhelm caught sight of Eomer and Theodred, side by side, working in pattern. Dwarfhelm picked up on the battle stratagy which Eomer and Theodred where using. As soon as he had it , Theodred leapt in and fought side by side with two of the royal line. Dwarfhelm parried a stroke aimed at Theodred. “Thankyou, young Dwarfhelm” Theodred said in suprize of Dwarfhelm appearing. But the moment of distraction proved fatal. Dwarfhelm fell to the ground. Theodred followed, but this time with blood. He died at Meduseld a day after he was wounded.


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