The Awakening – Prologue

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Ok. I’m going to start out with a little bit out the characters I made up. They don’t all appear at once, since, hey, it’s only the prologue!

Title: The Awakening (Special Thanks to my mother for helping me with that.)
Rating: Ehh… PG, maybe bordering PG-13 later on, but we’ll see. Nothing bad, only kisses. And blood.
Summary of the story: During a storm outside of Eryn Lasgallen, Prince Legolas finds a girl. No one knows who or what she is. Legolas watches her grow up and eventually comes to love her, but there is an impending and threatening doom upon all of them. There is a traitor within their groups who is controlling the spiders that are attacking Mirkwood and the Elves inside. In a moment’s last hope, one person will change the future of everyone.

A quick note again – this is pure FICTION. I’m not basing it off of Tolkien’s history, or anyone elses. I am just having a spin with people, and their attitudes and dispositions, so don’t freak out when you notice a few things in this that are strange. But please, don’t let that ruin your story-reading experience. Now, to begin our story.

Neenuvar -Neenuvar means `water lily,’ but it isn’t her real name But, seeing as I intend to portray her as the older form (in due time) of a character from an anime I watch, I figured I’d fix up the Elvish form of the Japanese name. Anyhow, Neenuvar is a human from…you’ll find out later, but she is very neat. She arrives in Mirkwood, or Greenwood as it will be referred to for the most part (unless it’s called Mirkwood Forest), our beloved Prince Legolas’s home, in the prologue. NO Legolas is not going to fall for her at first sight because…well, you’ll see that too. But, no one knows a thing about her. You’ll see why soon.

Ainer – Ainer means “Holy one,” though she is far from it. A very, very far cry from holy, though she proclaims to be, as you will find out soon. Ainer is from Greenwood, and is Legolas’s advisor. She is almost old enough to be his mother, but not by much. If we say that Legolas is about twenty-five in human years, that would make Ainer about thirty-one. So, while she is being quite unholy, she pretends to be holy. Haha, right.

Nandin – Nandin is a name I saw just by browsing, and it means “dryad.” He is pretty apparent, then, though he is not an Ent. He’s sort of close. He’s just an Elf that can shapeshift into a tree if he’s around a forest, or a grove. Not much is known about Nandin before he shows up in the Greenwood. You find out a little about him at first, then you might learn more if you pay attention and don’t swoon at Legolas.

Kaanel – Ok. Going a little wacky here with characters and their names, but it’s fun. Kaanel means “Valorous Star” or pretty darn close to it. J In truth, Kaanel is quite valorous, but it’s had to see that past his…skills. You shall find out soon. Not much can be revealed about Kaanel before the story.

Melaero – I cannot reveal much about Melaero, either. I can’t tell what her name means yet, so just be patient. Just so I won’t build up suspicions about Melaero, I’ll make up another character and not give out the meaning of their name. J

Anthaer – Ok. This is probably building suspicions anyway since Anthaer is male. He’s about old enough to be Lego-man’s grandpa. Honestly. But, he rarely acts it. He’s just a very solemn character. Suspicious as well. Find out more later!

Ok. Since I have created about…six people, let’s see how many I actually use! If anyone would like to help delving more into either Ainer’s, Nandin’s, or Kaanel’s backgrounds, email, or IM me, and I’ll either send an approval, or a disapproval note. Don’t be offended if I disapprove. I may have already thought of something, approved of someone else’s, or might not like the idea. But, anyway. Now that I have writing a little over half a page, and listened to most of my CD, let’s begin our story…


Lightning flashed outside, and thunder promptly followed it, indicating the closeness of the bolts. The soft splash of water falling onto the ground in the corners of the damp, earthy room accompanied the sounds of the storm outside. The fire crackled in the hearth, and a log broke. Sparks floated a small distance from the base of the fireside and burned out a second later. These were the sounds that first awoke our Elven prince from his light sleep.

As Legolas’s eyes opened to small slits, he saw the dull glow from the fire. It was almost burned out, and there was no more wood left. That was his only source of warmth, besides the blanket he was laying on, and his cloak he was using as a blanket. As a chill washed over him, he scooted closer to the small flame.

How long had he been out in the woods? How long had this storm lasted? Why had that one tree decided to fall and block the mouth of the cave at the exact moment he needed to vacate the premises? It was funny, Legolas decided, how things worked out. A shiver worked its way through him again as he heard the wind howl outside. It sounded deathly like a woman’s scream, or a banshee’s shriek. Either way, it was disconcertingly eerie.

Legolas turned on his back and stared up at the top of the cave. It wasn’t too terribly high of a ceiling. If he stood up, his head would either brush the top, or he wouldn’t be able to stand up at all without stooping a tiny bit. But even if he stood up, his hair would be caught in the extensive amount of roots sticking through the ground. So, he had resorted to crawling about the room for the past three days.

As his stomach rumbled, thoughts of his last moments in Eryn Lasgallen played back in his mind. Hadn’t his advisor, Ainer, warned him not to ride out? She had told him of the approaching storm, but he had ignored her warnings and gone out to the far edge of the wood to find herbs. All in all, his quest had been fruitless. He had been gathering the plants for an elixir. The healers would have tried to concoct a type of medicine for a patient’s illness. He believed they had described it as a rotting of the skin over a broken appendage.*

Legolas shook his head, refusing to think his excursion useless. He still had the herbs, and they could be used in case of another emergency such as this one. He remembered the healers saying that they would have to amputate the limb should Legolas not return in time, or the medicine not work.

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning struck the ground just above him, and a loud rip of thunder played a severe number on his eardrums. The little cave shook, and a slight shock went through his body. That was enough to make him wake up the rest of the way.

“I have to go back home,” he murmured to himself. “I have to make it back, even it if kills me.”

Whereas some people aren’t always willing to hold up the last part of that cliched phrase, Legolas was. It was better than starving to dying in a cave. So, with the intent of reaching his home that night, he stood, gathered his weapons, slipped his cloak over his shoulders, and stared at the door. He had tried many times to make it past that large branch, and failed terribly each attempt. Now he was determined to make it through.

Legolas strode to the mouth of the cave and ruthlessly kicked at the tree limb. In response, it shook and some smaller branches broke under the force. He let out a pained and angered cry as he grabbed the biggest part of the limb and shook. “Let me out!” With some unknown source of strength, Legolas pushed at the branch and it flew a few feet away from him For that moment, he thought nothing of it as he ran against the harsh and biting wind. Leaves and small sticks scraped against his face, leaving small scratches and cuts. But he didn’t care, even when blood ran into his eyes and blurred his vision. The only thing on his mind right then was reaching his home. That is, until he heard it.

Just meters behind Legolas heard a bloodcurdling scream sound out. Instantly, he whipped around, an arrow already notched in his bow. He ran towards the source of the scream, or where he guessed it to be. When he had been blown about nine feet away from his starting point, he fell into a clearing. There was a sudden sharp pain on his forehead as he fell. He caught a glimpse of a black heap in the center of the clearing, just before consciousness slipped from his grasp…

When the prince came to again, what met him first was one of the strangest things he had ever seen. The storm was still around him, yes, but only around him, and the clearing. As he looked around, he saw that the area he was in was very calm and still, while the surrounding part of the forest was in turmoil. This intrigued him greatly, but what he saw only puzzled him more.

There, laying motionless on a bed of leaves and, what was more, flowers, was the black form he had seen earlier. Flowers of this particular kind had never grown in Mirkwood forest. Legolas had never seen them there. Much less, he’d never seen them in any other part of Middle Earth, either. So, as he stepped closer to have a better look at the blossoms, the figure shifted. A small portion of a face was revealed, causing Legolas to jump back in surprise.

A moment later, after registering no danger, he leaned closer and saw that it was the face of a woman! She wasn’t much to look at in that specific moment. Mud and leaves were all about her face, caught in her hair, and plastered elsewhere over her unusually tiny body. As Legolas looked closer, he saw that she was no woman. She was not even old enough to be considered a teenaged girl!

Legolas couldn’t leave such a small and young being out in the storm, no matter how suspicious the clothing. So, he swept the nearly weightless child up in his arms and ran in the direction he hoped to be home.

Silently, he prayed that he would be able to reach his domain alive, even. The storm’s severity had increased by much as he jumped back into it, dulling any hope he had.



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