The Aftermath of the Dream

by Jul 1, 2003Stories

Tari woke up from her strange, but lovely dream of entering into the movie, Fellowship of the Ring. She slowly opened her eyes with a smile, but the smile quickly disappeared.

“What on earth are you all doing here?!?” She cried at the sight of the Fellowship standing in her living room. “Oh no! This is not happening! You need to be there not here!” She looked over at the TV screen and saw moving scenes but no one on it.

“Excuse me miss,” said Aragorn. “If you may be able to tell us where we are?” He looked just as confused as everyone else.

“We are no longer in Middle Earth,” said Gandalf quietly.

“No longer in Middle Earth?” Frodo asked. “How is that possible? The last I remember, is setting out for Caradhras…”

Legolas looked horrified. “How could she have taken us away? What magic is this?”

Tari’s eyes widened at the possiblitiy of what she had done. The whole group in front of her, besides Merry and Pippin who would occaisonally stare in awe at the TV, was looking at her.

I know what to do, she thought, I will ask Kiki, she will know what to do. “Hold on,” she said and ran from the room to her parents’ room and logged on to the internet.

She ran back into the living room and paused the movie. “Do you want something to drink?” she asked.

“Do you have any ale?” asked Merry.

“Uhh… no. But I have something better.” She ran over to the fridge and pulled out some pepsi and orange soda. “Here,” she said and placed them on the table. “Make yourself at home,” she said nervously and quickly left the room again.

Luckily, Kiki was online. “Kiki,” she typed; “what would you do if you had the entire fellowship at your house?”

“Do a happy dance and make Legolas teach me how to use his bow and arrows,” she typed back.

“Ok, how would you send them back into the movie?”

“Why?” Kiki asked.

“Because your parents would kill you if you don’t when they come home and find them!” Tari replied.

“Oh, umm… why are you asking me in the first place?” Her friend demanded.

“Go turn on the movie to about the part when they go on the snowy mountain and see for yourself!”

“Alright…. brb then…” The second Kiki wrote that, Tari hurried out to see what her guests were up to.

Gandalf was out on the back porch smoking his pipe and appearing to be in deep thought, the hobbits were getting drunk on Pepsi and orange soda, and were now singing on top of the kitchen table, and the rest were nowhere to be seen.

“Where did they go?” Tari asked the Hobbits.

“Who? Strider and them? Outside I thought…” Sam said before taking another big slurp of Pepsi.

Tari hurried outside and found Aragorn, Legolas, Boromir and Gimli standing on her driveway in 110 degree weather.

“This is no place of Gondor,” she heard Boromir say. “The houses have a little resemblance to my people’s, and there are men in this place, but there are odd plantlife and this heat…”

“Yes this heat! Why, the temperature surely reaches the fires of Mordor!” exclaimed Gimli.

“What do you suppose this is, Aragorn?” Legolas asked as he pointed at a Saguaro cactus. “I have never seen such a thing in all my travels.”

“Neither have I,” Aragorn agreed. “But by the looks of it, it must be dangerous and perhaps evil…”

Tari shook her head. If they wanted to stay out here and insult her home, so be it. She knew they wouldn’t leave without the rest, her only fear was of what the neighbors must be thinking.

She went back into her parents room and saw Kiki’s answer:
“OMG! You were serious! I am so coming over!”

“No Kiki!” she typed quickly, “don’t come over!” But it was too late, a random away sign showed up on the screen.

Tari began to stress out. What am I going to do, what am I going to do? She wondered as she stared hopelessly at the computer screen.

She got up and went back into the living room. Dozens of cans of soda littered the floor and the Hobbits lay randomly around the room asleep with half empty cans of Orange Soda in their hands. The few that were outside had come back in and were sitting on the couch waiting for her. Gandalf came back in.

“Do you know how to get back Gandalf?” Legolas asked.

“No,” he answered, “but she knows how to get us back.”

“I do?!?” She cried.

“She also knows what will happen to us throughout our quest,” Frodo said sleepily.

Tari didn’t deny it.

“Well,” asked Boromir, “are you going to tell us? Will we succeed?”

“I, uh, I…” Tari began to feel panicked. She knew in her heart that for some reason she was not supposed to tell them. They inched closer to her, waiting for her answer. Maybe, she thought wildly, if I lay down and fall asleep, they will all return! She quickly laid down on the ground and dozed for about thirty seconds before she heard Pippin whisper “What do you think she is doing?” She quickly sat up. It didn’t work. Now what was she going to do?


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