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The birth of Pippinlee and Levana happened soon after the marriage of Legolas and Melia, of which happened after Legolas’ adventures with Gimli, of which happened after the destroying of the one ring and the marriage of Aragorn and Arwen. Now Melia as you probably have not heard of her before, was last of the light elves, a scarce race of elves which only existed for two ages. Melia was the twin of a little boy, of whom never had a name for he was killed.

Melia’s mother was a very powerful and beautiful light elf, you could say that she was the most powerful of the light elves. Here is a quick story of her.

Soon after Legolas was born, he became VERY ill, and his father did not know how to cure it, well actually, no one did. King Thranduil searched all of Middle Earth for somebody who could cure his tiny son’s illness, but he could find no one. Then one night, as he was at stay in a inn, he over heard some strange talk by he owner and one of the locals.
“Yes, I heard of that too,”said the owner.
“I think it’s all rumors though,”said the local.
“Yes Bill, but how then could that one little old lady walk up the mountain illas anything,ookin’ like she’s bout to keel o’er and die, and then come back the nect day skipping like a little girl? Excplain that to me,”said the owner.
“Well,” said Bill, who was the local,”tis strange, I must say about that, I think there’s a witch up there, or, remember al those tales about the light elves, and their powers to heal anthing? Well, there could be one of those up there.”
“Well, whatever tis’, tis’ no matter to lose sleep o’er.”
“Excuse me,”said Thranduil who had now had enough,”I really hate to eaves drop, but did you say light elf?”
“Eh. yes,”said the owner.”Who may you be?”
“I am Thranduil, king of Mirkwood, and I have come journeyed from Mirkwoo, on a quest to find some one who could heal my poor little son, Legolas.”
“Sure you are, Thranduil,”said Bill with a smirk.
“Hush!”said the owner.”Well Thranduil, Jake, at your service. What would you like me to do?”
“Thank you Jake, of which mountain were you talking about?”
“Oh, I forget, but ’tis only a fifty mile walk east. I don’t know which part of the mountain she would be on though, maybe Selma could help you, Selma is the little old lady I was talking about.”
“Thankyou very much my dear sir,”said Thranduil in a kinder tone.”Where may I find Selma?”
“She is the one right o’er there as a matter o’ fact,”said Jake, pointing at a rather peculiar lookin little old lady, of whom was watching them at that very moment.
“I heard your whole conversation, Thranduil and Jake,”said Selma, who had a rather raspy tone.”I could lead you to Her house, if you wish, Thranduil.”
“But on one condition,”interrupted Selma as Thranduil was about to say a thank you.”Nobody else may come.”

It was a cold winter day as they hiked up the rocky moutnain terrain, and Thranduil dared not speak, for there seemed to be a strange peace about the place. They soon came into a forest where they thought that they could smell the smell of supper. They were right, for there they saw a little one roomed house. It wasn’t a shack, but a sort of cottage. Thranduil walked up to the door and hesitated as he knocked. There didn’t seem to be anybody home, but just as his hopes were leaving, the most beautiful sight appeared from around he side of the house. The most beautiful woman they had ever seen, garbed all in white, and with long hair of gold, carrying a little baby of whom was wrapped in a beautiful cloth, of which only elves can make.
“Come,”said the woman, with a voice of falling silver.”I was expecting you.”Thranduil darest not say anything, for he felt that he was in dream.
They entered into the small cottage and the woman took little Legolas out of Thranduil’s arms, and as soon as she touched Legolas, he stopped his crying.
“Now, come back tomorrow, and you will find your son well.”Thranduil and Selma left and the woman went to work.
She wrapped Legolas in the same kind of cloth of which her own little one was wrapped in. She placed her right hand firmly on his fore head and her left on his stomach. There was a sort of flash and she suddenly felt extremely weak.
She gave Legolas some food and then left the room.
The next day, Thranduil and Selma found as what they guessed to be the woman’s husband,who seemed to be in great terror.”Here,”he said shoving Legolas and the little baby into Thranduil’s arms.”They are coming for me.”
“What, what do you mean?”asked Thranduil, who was very puzzled.
“My wife is dead, the wolves are revolting, there is no time,”the man said as he ran from them.”Run, now!”They didn’t even say anything but ran as fast as they could down the mountain side.

Chapter 2
“Pippinlee!!!!!!Get up now!We must leave as soon as sunrise!”said a screaming voice, as Pippinlee shielded her eyes from the lamp which was suddenly lit.
“Go away and never come back!!!!!!!!!!!”yelled Pippinlee as she threw a pillow at her sister.
“They were so right in naming you after Pippin, lazybones,”said her sister coming up close to Pippinlee’s face.”Your also very short like him too!”
“No I’m not!”yelled Pippinlee as she hopped out of her bed.”I’m average!”
“Say as you like, now get dressed!”Levana left the room and Pippinlee got up and yelled out something which translated, ‘you couldn’t get a man if you wanted!'(you see, Pippi9lee loves to flirt, and she usually wins at it). At saying that, she slammed the door shut, which was so loud, that it woke up everybody else that was still sleeping or not going to Gondor. She quickly got dressed into one of her horseback riding, but nice dresses. She ran in to the dining room where her moher, father, and Levana, with all the other people that were coming too, were waiting for her.
“I love you daddy, I love you mommy, I love you…”she said in the sweetest tone she could as she quickly hugged her mother and father, and then when she came to Levana, she said,”I’ll have to think about whether I’ll love you today Levana(pronounced lay-on-a).”
“Mmhhmm,”said Legolas.”Just scoot your little behind onto Ariago and we can go.”
“I can’t wait to see Aragorn and Arwen again!It’s been so long…hey!Why do I always have to ride Ariago?”
“Because your other horse is too fat because your always too busy training Romp, Stomp, Splish, and Splash!”said Legolas.
“But, you also forgot how she’s always trying to get Levana in trouble, and going on all her crazy crusades to find leftover orks from Mordor, which I’m sorry to say Pippinlee, is really dumb since it’s been practically twenty years since the ring was destroyed,”said Melia
“Hey!It’s fun to look for orks, because when you don’t find orks, you find spiders!”said Pippinlee sarcastically.
“Hey!”said Levana,”I do that too!”
“Oh, I’m sorry sweety!I didn’t mean it!”said Melia
“Sure you didn’t…”said Pippinlee looking really hurt.
“And what may I ask did you mean by that?”inquired Legolas.
“Oh, nothing.”
“Sure,”said Melia,”you always mean something, otherwise you wouldn’t say it. So, spill!”
“Well, howcome you never feel bad when you say something hurtful to me, but you do when you say something to Levana?Can you answer that?Because your always like that.”
“That’s not true!”said Legolas.
“Oh, yes it is!Your, mom in particular, always like’oh im sorry sweety!’ to Levana, and then your acting like’get used to life’ to me!But, I might as well not of said anything because I know you won’t admit it!”said Pippinlee, as she stomped out of the room and tacked up Romp, fastest of the four horses that she was training, and rode off on her way to no where.
“Oh great,”said Melia,”we’ve created a crisis. I’ll go get her and you all can just start without us.”
“No, I’ll get her,”said Legolas,”your the one she’s mad at mostly.”With that he left the room and hopped onto his horse, racing after Pippinlee, who was heading to her secret spot.”Where could whe be,”thought Legolas.”Ha!”he saw the black tail of Romp poking out of some trees.He walked up beside Romp, and lookd around to see where Pippinlee was. She was nowhere in sight when he heard a sneeze. He looked up the tree he was standing by and there was Pippinlee.
“Pippinlee, come down before you catch a cold!”
“Too late,”she answered as she hopped down next to him.”What do you want?”she asked as she made it look like she was busy adjusting a strap on Romp’s saddle.
“Why are you so mad in the first place?”asked Legolas.
“I dont’ know, it just makes me so mad when you and mom always treat Levana like that.”
“Well, she has alot of stress going on in her life too, you know.”
“Like what?”
“Well, haven’t you noticed how most boys are afraid of her, other than Lewis and Glorfindel?”
“Yes, but that’s because she never wants anything to do with them. She’s the one that tries to scare them anyway.”
“That’s off the point, though it is pretty funny. But, haven’t you noticed how she’s always drawing or just messing with her things?”
“That’s because she’s a boring person, well, no she’s not, she just needs to lighten up a bit, and be more optomistic.”
“I guess you’re right…hey!you’re good.”
“At what?”
“Making people say what you want, or maybe it’s because I’m tired.”
“Probably the second one.”
“Hehe, well let’s scoot.”Pippinlee hopped onto her horse and galloped off.
“Race you there!”
Chapter 3
I’ll have to send in the remainder of this story, but I hope you like it so far!


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