The Adventures of Pippinlee and Levana – Part 8

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At that moment they saw a brown head run by and held their breath as they knew it was Jack.”Pippinlee!” he screamed,”We found Glorfindel, I know you’re here!”

“Pippinlee tried not to laugh out loud as she whispered excitedly to Wellhelm,”It’s Jack!”

“I know,”Wellhelm said trying not to laugh himself.

“Come on!” Pippinlee said as she pulled Wellhelm up the stairs of the tower.”We’re not losing to MY brother that easily.”

As they started ascending the stairs of the tower, the rotten wood stairs started squeaking and you could hear rats squeaking if you were there.”Shh!” Pippinlee shushed signaling Wellhelm to stop incase somebody might notice the noises of the rats being disturbed.

“Hey guys I think I heard something!” Levana said as they were walking through the alleys and lanes of Old Osgiliath searching for Wellhelm and her younger sister.

“Me too!” Eleana agreed.”It’s over this way!” she said leading her brother, Glorfindel, and Jack straight towards the tower. Merry and Pippin were off lost somewhere looking for the hiders AND their fellow searchers.

“Be quiet incase they hear us,”Eldarion spoke softly. They were only about thirty yards from the tower.
“They’re gone now,”Pippinlee whispered letting out a suppressed breath.

Wellhelm stepped onto the next step. It was rotten all the way through and groaned and creaked as Wellhelm put his full body weight on it.

Pippinlee knew what was happening as it happened. It was as if time froze when the stair snapped and she tried to pull Wellhelm from falling. But he was already slowly falling and she got pulled down by the weight of a fully grown man.

Wellhelm felt like his world was all going up in flames as they slowly fell about thirty-five feet and he tried to save Pippinlee who was about three feet above him. He reached his arms out slowly as he hit the ground and only millaseconds later Pippinlee fell sideways right on top of him, her head cracking on the cobblestone flooring of the stair-base. His ribs hurt and he knew that the impact of Pippinlee’s body had snapped them…and then, darnkess.
Levana, Jack, Eleana, Eldarion and Glorfindel started running when they heard the snap of a piece of wood, a stifled scream and the blunt noise of something heavy hitting stone. Glorfindel, Jack, and Eldarion choked as they entered the tower, Levana and Eleana right in tow behind them.

“Oh…my!” Glorfindel said as he stood, paralyzed and looking at the limp form of Pippinlee and Wellhelm who was just rousing.

“What happened?!” Jack screamed, almost womanly, as he grabbed his younger sister up in his arms and was trying to process in his mind why his sister had left a pool of blood where her head was and why she wasn’t waking up whilst he was shaking her.”WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY SISTER?!?!” he asked, practically demandingly of Wellhelm.

“Oh my ribs…”he groaned as his vision blackened and then came back as he tried to stand up too quickly. He slumped back on the floor almost doubled up in pain. Glorfindel nearly ripped Wellhelm’s arm off of him as he tried to pull him up, nearly as furious and confused as Jack.

“The stairs…”Wellhelm said,”…they snapped,” he said pointing to the splintered fragments of wood on the ground.

Eleana gasped as she looked up at the spot where a stair was missing, about thirty-five feet above of them.”We need to get them to a doctor,” she said out loud, though she only thought she was thinking it.

“Yes!” everyone agreed with her snapping into action. Eldarion and Glorfindel helped Wellhelm to get out of there as Jack was already carrying Pippinlee, and he wouldn’t let anybody touch her anyways, not evern Levana or Glorfindel, and especially not Wellhelm because he was shocked into furiosity about his sister.

**********Two hours later**********

A winded messenger found Gandalf in the gardens and gasped out his orders,”Gandalf…Pippinlee….Houses of Healing…hurt..badly….”He had been running all over the city just to tell Gandalf that.She’d BETTER be pretty important he thought.

Gandalf practically gave himself brain freeze as he spun in circles as he was trying to remember which direction the Houses of Healing were. He finally set himself in the right direction as he ran off to find out about whatever that messenger was talking about.

When he finally got to the Houses of Healing, it was pretty easy to find where Pippinlee was because of the direction of traffic going to and from in the halls. He quickly sped to the room as fast as he could and when he walked in the doorway he didn’t quite understand what was going on. He could feel Pippinlee’s presence but it was as if her soul wasn’t there and only her body was living. There was some sort of presence blocking him from her.

A dark presence.


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