The Adventures of Pippinlee and Levana part 7 – uh ohhhh they’re BAAAACK!!!

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“What time is it?!” Eleana yawned as she was forced to sit up on her bed and some old hunting clothes were thrown at her.

“Hm, about 1:30,” a cold voice replied.

“What?! Why’d you let me sleep so late?! AND WHO ARE YOU?!?!”

A short dark figure strode across the bedroom, and drawing back the curtains over a large window, replied,”So early, and nobody to be trifled with.”

“Huh?!” Eleana’s voice said,”PIPPINLEE!!!” she screamed as her friend withdrew her hood.

“HAHAHA!!!” Pippinlee rolled with laughter as she fell on her friend’s bed holding her stomach.”You should of seen the look on your face!!!!”

“Yeah yeah, and you’ll really be seeing it if you don’t tell me what’s going on!!” Eleana said with a hint of myrh in her coie but a steal gaze.

“Haha! oh well! We’re going camping! You, me, Glorfindel, Leavana, Merry, Pippin, Jack, Eldarion,and Wellhelm! That is if you get dressed before my hairs fall out.” Eleana ushered Pippinlee out of her room into the hall and speedily got dressed. Then they finally met the boys,(or men) back outside the palace.


“What did ya’ll do to him?!” Eleana and Pippinlee screamed in unison when they walked in upon their brothers holding a roped and blindfolded Wellhelm between them.

“Shh!” JAck whispered,”Don’t be too loud. Pop your face infront of his and I’ll pull the mask so he’ll have a start at his first sunbeam!” Jack spoke in elvish to his sister. Pippinlee followed suit and nodded at her brother as he pulled the blinfold and Welhelm’s eyes shot open. Pippinlee then covered them again with her palm and gave him a speedy kiss as Eldarion uttered tauntingly,”Good morning sunshine!” and Eleana cut his bonds. Wellhelm stood up traight to find himself looking at four evil princes and princesses smilying angelically at him.

“You all are the epitomy of a bad wake-up call!!”

:Come on!” cried Pippinlee as she handed him the reins to his horse and huped on her own.

And so it passed the beginnings of some very funny fun.


“Honey! Remind me to ground Pippinlee from plotting evil whenever she gets back!” Melia shouted at her husband as she left their bedroom to go gossip with Arwen and Eowyn as usual.

“HA! You know she’ll only pick up something worse!” Legolas replied.

“I know, but then wecan ground her from that too! And whatever follows!”

“THen she’ll be a old maid telling all the young girls stories starting with,”Back in my day…””

“Hehehe, your right, well just have to settle with a young ruffian that’s adorable even when she is muddy!”

“Yeah, I guess so! Oh well, at least we have one sensible child.”

“Yeah, without LEvana we’d be the most talked of parents in Middle Earth. Which wouldn’t be too peachy!”

“Hey! If we’re not, who else could be?!”

“Dude, you’re right!”

“Dude, your talking like our daughter’s courtiers!” LEgolas said with a funny look on his face.

“Sorry I’ve been reading her fashion magazines lately, I’ve been thinking of getting some of that nice fabric she wears and making some sort of cute…”

“Fun,” Legolas said sarcastically.

“Yeah…shutup!” Melia said snortingly as she blew a kiss and slammed the door.


“So,”Pippinlee yawned,”Anybody wanna do anything today?!”



“Hey could you pass the salt?!

“Shutup ya’owld pig!” Pippin said with grits foaming out of his mouth as he threw the salt chest to his compainon.

“Let’s take a vote!” Jack suggested.

“Here, here!” others assented with a raising of their beer jugs full of stolen milk.

“It’s a good thing Merry stole all the milk and stuff for us…” Levana said ponderingly.

“I did nothing of the sort!” Merry replied wiht a dignified air.”I just borrowed without asking.”

“Yeah, just like the Old TOby weed at Sam’s,”accused Pippin.

“OLD TOBY?!” Pippinlee screamed and then putting on a more casual air,”Got any left?”

“PIPPINLEE!” Levana and Eleana scolded at the same time.

“HA! That’s my sister!” Jack said proudly.

“Oh well that’s lady-like,” Wellhelm said jokingly as he winked at Pippinlee. Pippinlee visibly blushed as she aslmost could never keep composed when Wellhelm flirted with her. PIppinlee tousled her hair so as to gain composure again and furiously put it in a messy ponytail.”But seriously ya’ll,” she said comically,”we’re not just going to sit here all day are we?!”

“I don’t wanna!” Pippin screamed.

“ME either!” everybody else screamed in unison.

“Well, I think manhunt would be fun!” Pippinlee suggested,”but only with buddies.” At that second Levana and Eleana grabbed each other, then Merry and Pippin, then Jack and Eldarion, and it just so happened that both Wellhelm and Glorfindel wanted Pippinlee as a partner, so they were the three hiding ones. “Okay,” Glorfindel said, taking hold of the situation.”You all give me Pip, Wellhelm, and I five minutes to go hiding somehwheres, and then come looking- ready, set, GO!” And with that the trio scuttled off quickly while the others peeked to where they were going.

“Pippinlee!” Wellhelm whispered barely audibly as the little brown head passed by.

“Huh? Oh! Good job!” she replied as her friend pulled her into the tight corner.” I hate doing that, but we finally lost him!” she giggled looking up at Wellhelm’s beaming face.

“Yeah, and this time make sure he doesn’t fid us unless it’s with thte others!” Wellhelm said smilingly.

“Yeah, hehehe. PIppinlee groped for Wellhelm’s hand in the darkness as the silence became awkward, and the darkness suppressing(they were in a dark stairwell of a ruinous tower). Pippinlee finally found her friend’s hand and drew it closer to herself.”You afraid?” Wellhelm said as he felt her cold hand while he enveloped it in his own storong, warm one.

“No, I just really hate the dark.” Pippinlee said trying to sound calm, while she inwardly really was afraid.

“THat means you are,” Wellhelm replied warmly.

:Well, yeah, but I guess i have good reason to be, you know the prophecie.”

“Well, errr,” WEllhelm said embarassed,”I’ve heard of it spoken alot, but nobody’s actually ever told it.”

“Ha, it’s okay.” Pippinlee said straining her eyes trying to read her freinds eyes clealry.” Al it is is, when Levana and I were born, some witch came and said something like this:
“Firstborn twice blest shall be,
second born, daughter of light,
always be blessed with her parents might,
but thirdborn in darkest time,
shall have to paay
ten-thousand times for
another’s crime.”

“That’s weird!” was a confused reply from Wellhelm.

“Yeah, I know, and third-born can only mean me because JAck is first and Levana is second!”

At that moment they saw a brown head run by and held their breath as they knew it was Jack.”Pippinlee!” he screamed,”We found Glorfindel, I know you’re here!”


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