The Adventures of Pippinlee and Levana – Part 6–the other one was actually part 5…oops!!

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“I will make you!” Pippinlee said.

“Oh yeah? Then how are you going to do that?” Levana replied coldly.

“Ooh…I wouldn’t ask her those kind of questions,” Glorfindel butted in. He could see Pippinlee’s eyes gleaming mischeviously at the sound of that question.

“Yeah, I guess your right. Sort of. Seeing as how you are her EVIL SIDEKICK!!!” Levana said, enhancing the “evil sidekick” part.

Pippinlee just stood there for a second until she chould think of something good to say. But she couldn’t. So she just ended up standing there until Levana noticed her puppy dawg face. Then she stopped tacking up her horse, looked at her sister with pleading eyes, and said,”Your so pitiful!!! No wonder not very many males don’t fall under your charm!” For Pippinlee was truly pitiful indeed. Her beautiful chocolate brown eyes when not put to mischeviousness were excellent at tugging at one’s heart. And so it turned out that Levana was truly “made” to go along with Pippinlee and Glorfindel. Much to the comfort of Glorfindel.

“So, where exactly are we going?” Levana asked, once they had finally left the gates of Minas Tirith.

“Well,” Pippinlee began,”I thought that it would be fun to visit Osgiliath.” Now, you may not know this, but after the Ring was destroyed and order brought back to Gondor, Osgiliath was actually rebuilt. All except for a few parts, which were left in ruins just incase somebody should want it all fixed up. So Pippinlee came to the wacky idea of giving good ol’ Osgiliath a visit. “But! What of food? For I am certain that you don’t have more than just a few apples, some lembas bread and a flask of wine!” Levana retorted after thinking the whole thing over.

“All taken care of!” Pippinlee answered.”We are to meet Merry and Pippin there for they each got a month off somehow. We are to meet them in the old watch tower ruins, and there we will have picknick and wander around town and have a little fun. You know, princesses need a break once in a while too!”

At the end of that last remark, Levana and Glorfindel broke into laughter and Pippinlee just sat there wondering what was so funny to them about what she had just said. Now, I will be able to tell you where they are, for they had about fifteen minutes silence after their good laugh and Pippinlee finally got it.

They are now smack dab in the middle of the Pelennor fields and what a sight it is to see. The Pelennor fields-for it is now close to twenty years since the destroying of the Ring- are actually home to many rabbits and field mice and such. Many parts of them actually beling like that of a great butterfly garden. All of course except for the spot were the Witch King perished by the valliance of Eowyn, shieldmaiden of Rohan. That part, is, and always will be, a big, black, barre patch of ground. And not so far from that spot-actually quite close- is the beautiful-and always will be until that world ceases to exist- mound where the great Snowmane(Theoden’s horse) died. Well, now that you know where we are, I guess that we might as will continue…

Pippinlee shifted uneasily in her seat and stole a few quick glances at her companions,; who were now also shifting uneasily in their seats, for it tends to get quite scary when Pippinlee is quiet for longer than five minutes, unless sleeping-which is quite scary too!-. “So!” Pippinlee said, feeling that she could bear it now longer,”we are very close to the city now. Are we not?”

“Yes, yes, very close,” Glorfindel murmurred.”I can already smell the wonderful smells.” And he was so right, for Osgiliath has very many bakeries and such.

“Yep!” Levana agreed chipperly.”Already can!” And with that she patted her stomache enthusiasically.

“And you know what?” Pippinlee asked with a sparlke in her chocolate brown eyes.

“What?!” Levana and Glorfindel asked in unison.

“I bet we could smell them better if we went a little faster!” And with that, the wild girl let her horse break loose, leaving a cloud of dust behind her. Her mates grinned at each other and nodded and with that, the two of them broke off after their little(te hee!) friend.

They soon reached the city, and that is when the real fun began. They were picking their way carefully throught the crowds and found themselves in a alley. Pippinlee rode ahead of them for she seemed to know what she was doing, and it wouldn’t be too hard to distinguish the fixed up Osgiliath from the old.

Well, they were soon in the midst of quite a few ruinous buildings when they spotted the old watch tower. And old it was indeed. It was about 100 feet high, and the very peak 120. Well, they hopped off their horses, started ascending a slope, for most old buildings had slopes, not stairs, so that if it were, say a watch tower, you could easily climb it with a horse. Pippinlee reache the top first, for she thought that she had seen a head peep out and then duck back. She poked her head in and let out a scream that sounded much like,”HOBBITS!”

There was much tumbling an dthings of that sort going on, for when Pippinlee caught sight of her friends, she practically leape upon them. When Glorfindel and Levana came in, they found Pippinlee in a headlock with Pippin upon her back, and Merry getting noogies from Pippinlee. Pippinlee soon stopped, thus Pippin releiving her from his headlock and Merry to laugh and rub his head. They soon found hugs and everybody, including Glorfindel and Levana was happy.”Well!” said Pippin after a good laugh, now sitting comfortably in Pippinlee’s lap, for she was the only person alive allowed to hug on him and pick him up and things that you would treat a child with.”I suppose we’d better have a bite to eat now? Ehh?”

“Yes!” everybody screamed together, for they were quite hungry after their little romp. So they got out their picknick baskets-provided by Merry and Pippin- and started to spread a blanket and their utensils and plates and such. They were soon eating-rolls and cheeses and fruits and other quick things like that- and talking.

“So, masters Pippin and Merry, what myrh have both of you planned for tonight?” Pippinlee asked. And a good question it was too, for it was about 7 o’clock in the evening now.

“Well,” Merry began, for Pippin’s mouth was stuffed at that moment.”Pip an dI thought it would be fun to sneak around Old Osgiliath and explore a little. When it’s dark of course.”

“Ooh!” Pippinlee squealed and clapped her hands with delight.”That would be most awesome!”

“Yes!” Glorfindel agreed; and Pippin smiled and nodded his head in agreement. All eyes were now cast upon Levana for nobody would do anything without her strong consent.

“Well…” she began,”I think it would be marvellous!”

“Yay!” all of them cheered, for now the real fun could begin now that they had Levana’s wise consent.

“But, I think,” said Pippinlee, for her eyes were now practically glowing with mischeviousness, “that I have an errand to run, so yall can start and I’ll meet ya’ll back here in a hour or so. And with that she put on her cloak and stole away with Romp(her horse of course).

The fields were dark as anything when she had finally left the city. She was soon galloping back across the Pelennor fields at top speed. She reached the White City in a quarter time of what it took to get to Osgiliath earlier.

She was soon knocking on the gate, for they actually close it at 7 o’clock. “Who is it?!” a gruff but friendly voice called out.

“Pippinlee Greenleaf, daughter of Legolas King of Mirkwood!” she calle dback in her merriest of voices. A little hatch opened and a nice face peered out at her, of which she could only see the blue eyes of steel.

“Well, yes indeed! It is!” and the hatch closed and the gate slowly opened. The man stepped out and Pippinlee gave out a little squeak, for the man was actually Eldarion, Aragorn’s first-born.

“Eldarion!!” Pippinlee screamed as she jumped on him with a hug.

“Pippinlee!!!” and he gave her a hug back and set her down and looked deeply in her now merry eyes.”And what are you doing out in the dark? Ehh? A little mischief have we?” Pippinlee laughed her silver laugh and just at that moment another figure stepped out who she could recognize at any hour of the day.”JACK!!!” she screamed even louder as she jumped upon her elder brother and both were set to laughing and hugging. Now, Jack being Pippinlee’s elder brother by about eight years(meaning he’s twenty-five), absolutely spoiled his little sister to death, which she didn’t mind at all. But what most people find hilarious, is that both of their parents were blonde-headed and blue-eyed, but somehow they had two brown-haired chocolate brown-eyed children on their hands. Though Levana was the only one that resembled her parents, much found it quite hilarious when Jack and Pippinlee would run in the room, most of the time with Pippinlee on her tall(6’3) handsome brother’s back, all screaming and stuff.

Eldarion didn’t resemble his parents either, with his reddish-blondish hair, though he did have the same steel-blue eyes as his father.

“And what are you doing out here?!” Jack asked of his sister as he gently put her back down.”The whole palace has been upside down for you and Levana and Glorfindel.

“That’s exactly what I want to know!!!” Eldarion agreed.

“Well,” Pippinlee began,”would you two and Wellhelm and Eleana like to come camping in Old Osgiliath with us?! Merry and Pippin are there too!!! We could be the Fellowship of the Heirs!!!” With that all were laughing.

“Well,” Jack began,”I don’t know bout Eldarion here, but I think that is a superb idea!!!”

“Yes!!!” Eldarion agreed(again, for they were best of friends and agreed on almost everything).”But I guess that we’ll have to sneak in and get my sister and Wellhelm.”

“Yeah, but that’s okay!!! We’re good at sneaking!!!” Pippinlee said. And so they went on their way up all the different levels back to the palace to sneak in, and Pippinlee pull Eleana out of her bed, and Jack and Eldarion pull Wellhelm out of his bed.


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