The Adventures of Pippinlee and Levana–Part 4 – Pippinlee leaned against the railing on the small terrace wishing that she didn’t act so totally stupid all of the time. She sighed and started shivering slightly at the touce of a small gust of wind a

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“It was only JUST finished yesterday!” said Levana.

“Well,”said Pippinlee,”I don’t mind what you think, because you’re only jealous because I can actually get a man!” Levana was just about to retort some how, but Melia spoke first.

“Girls, Girls! Must you always embarass your father and I by starting some silly little argument?!”

“I am sorry mum,” said Levana with a wicked little smile at Pippinlee, “I didn’t mean to embarass you.” Pippinlee nodded with a sarcastic approval.

“Yes mum, don’t get too hard on Levana, I mean, she’s only admitting that my dress is prettier!” with that Pippinlee pranced off happily so that all three of her father, mother, and sister were just left standing there with their mouths wide open. Eowyn and Faramir finally walked up after about five minutes and said,

“So, I hear that Pippinlee’s been herself lately.” Legolas looked from his feet and said,

“Don’t even talk about it.”

“But why is she, I mean how, is she so rambunctious at the spur of a moment?!” said Faramir, who as alot of you know is of the kind of quiet type.

“I do not know. I guess that she could get it from me?”said Melia, quiestioningly as Gandalf walked up.

“No my dear, you were rambunctious but in a quiet way. Pippinlee on the other hand,” Gandalf started a laughing fit at the rememberances of some of the things that she had done when she was a wee child.

You see, Pippinlee is what should I call it? Destroy the world rambunctious slash hyper? Yes, that would be close to it. She is the fine line between brutally insane and devilishly rambunctious. But, to get back to the real story now that you all really know what Pippinlee is…

Legolas himself started giggling a little at a few odd memories of Pippinlee. But, for poor Wellhelm who had just walked up, that wasn’t funny to him. At the moment that every body finally noticed Wellhelm, the laughter stopped.

“Oh,” said Eowyn,”we were just discussing little Pippinlee.”

“Little…”said Gandalf, who was running away with another fit of laughter. But, Wellhelm busted a laugh or two, making every body else comfortable about that matter.
Pippinlee leaned against the railing on the small terrace, wishing that she didn’t act so totally stupid all of the time. She sighed and started shivering slightly at the touch of a small gust of wind against her cheeks.
She pulled her cloak around her body, taking in the warmth, as she gently let her long dark brown hair down, which came about a half foot past her waist. “I’m sorry Levana, for fighting with you,” she said meekly as she heard her sister quietly walk out of the noisy ball room and lean up against the railing beside her.

“Oh, it’s okay, I was the one that provoked you. Truce?” Levana said, as she held her hand out. Pippinlee grabbed it and squeezed it for a few seconds then let go as her hand started to feel cold again.

“Brr, it’s freezing out here,” Pippinlee expressed with an emphasis. Levana looked closely at Pippinlee’s eyes to see if she was lying or not, for it was actually about seventy degrees out where they were. The black rings arond the iris’ in her(Pippinlee, Levana has greyish blue eyes like her father’s) brown eyes wavered. “What?” Pippinlee questioned of Levana, as she let out one of those here-we-go-again sort of sighs.

“Your getting sick again.”
Everything around the Greenleaf family was hayness. Everywhere Pippinlee went she got little apologies from everyone for even making fun of her in the least bit, and get well wishes. Pippinlee’s illness wasn’t contagious, unlike her smile or laugh, witch would be a good thing. But, she was happy. Pippinlee didn’t have a disease, but was only very easy to get sick(sights or smells didn’t), only at a different place than her home though. But, they had only been there for one day and Pippinlee was already sick! But, what was even sader, the Greenleafs weren’t going home, Pippinlee was. But she didn’t know that.

Poor Pippinlee, walking around all of Minas Tirith, looking for somebody to talk to her, and not even getting a word in to tell them that she felt better! The reason why: she had made a special antidote with Gandalf’s aid for that very reason, so that she wouldn’t get sick. It was a small mixture of some leaves from one of her favorite trees, the smallest drop of the river, and even a little bit of Athelas (kingsfoil for all you hobbits out there! ). Not to mention some magic, curtesy of Gandalf the White.

Pippinlee wandered aimlessly around the palace, looking for somebody who would talk about something other than her family having to go back home. Suddenly, she spied the perfect person. She’d have to walk up quietly though, without his knowing, otherwise he would run away. Pippinlee snuck up care fully to the tall elf and grabbed his shoulder. Glorfindel screamed in surprise and Pippinlee squealed with laughter. “Come on!” she whispered to him.

Glorfindel looked dumbly at the little elf, wondering what she meant by that. Pippinlee motioned for him to follow her as she quickly turned around and started walking for the door. She opened it quietly and ran for the stables. Glorfindel then caught her drift, but there was no escape now, Pippinlee was too fast, and her horse, even faster. The only choices, to either follow her, or bring her to try to crack the guards of the Citadel(poor thing just loved to try to get those guards to laugh). But, since he didn’t think of that othe option, he had to come.

Once they entered the stables Pippinlee started tacking Ariago up for another crazy adventure.


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