The adventures of Pippinlee and Levana – part 2

by Oct 28, 2003Stories

Chapter 3

“Mom?!”yelled Eleana, the daughter of King Aragorn and Queen Arwen.
“Mom?!?!”she yelled again. Her mother stirred.
“What the?!Oh, Eleana, what do you want?”she asked with a annoyed look.
“When are they getting here?”
“Umm, about a hour I guess. Why?”
“I need to get dressed!”she screamed as she ran out of the drawing room.

She rushed up into her room, locked the door and rushed to her wardrobe. ‘Too nice!’she thought of a beautiful light blue silk ball gown.’But I could wear it tonight.’ ‘Too not nice,’she thought of a brown and grey hunting outfit(girls can hunt for fun too). ‘Too perfect!’she thought of a black and burgundy horse-back riding dress. She hurriedly put it on, smoothed her hair, and put on a few light jewels.”How do I look, Cleo?”she asked of her cat Cleo who was buried under the pile of dresses that she had thrown onto the ground in her rush.
“Meow!”said a confused Cleo. Eleana obviously took it for a ‘good’ for she hurried and picked up the mess she mae, obviously forgetting that she had maids, and ran out of the room.
“Come!”she yelled at her mother and father, as she ran by the dawing room.
“Honey, come!”Arwen yelled at her husband, Aragorn, who was sleeping on the couch right beside her.
“Huh?”said a tired Aragorn.”Oh.”
They hurried out of the palace to find a saddled Aspheloth and Brego, and a big cloud of dust where Eleana had rode off. They hopped onto their horses and were about to start off when they heard,
“Wait for me!”yelled their son, Deren.”You almost forgot me again!”
“Sorry,”said Aragorn as he helped Deren up onto Brego with him.”Well, we’re off.”


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