The Adventures of Pippinlee and Levana – I remembered to put double-spacing between the paragraphs, Elflet and Lalaith-Ellerina, :), I might not of spelled some of the elvish right though, but I know I spelled the insults right, 🙂

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“I think that I see Arwen,”said Pippinlee.

“Where?”asked Legolas, who of course had eagle vision, ut, Pippinlee somehow had better.

“Right there,”she said pointing towards what Legolas thought was nothing.”It is her!”screamed Pippinlee as she bolted off as quick as lightning.

“Did someone say Arwen?”said Levana and Melia in unision, who had obviously been totally oblivious to the conversation.


“Arwen!!!!!”they screamed as they too bolted off.

“Daddy, what’s that dust of cloud?”asked Eleana, pointing towards what Pippinlee, Levana, and Millenia were making.

“Looks like our company’s finally arrived,”answered Aragorn.

“Charge!”screamed Arwen, as she kicked Aspheloth with her heels. Aspheloth didn’t budge. “I meant, nureli Aspeloth, nureli.”That started him.

“What the,”said Aragorn as Eleana suddenly bolted after her mother.


“It’s her!”screamed Melia and Arwen as they tackled each other with hugs.

While Melia and Arwen are having their reunion, let me explain a little bit about how they’re connected. You see, when Melia’s mother died, Gandalf somehow took her in. But, since Gandalf was always so busy, Melia came into the house of Elrond. Elrond hated Melia, and vice versa. Arwen in a way was like Melia’s governess, and Elrond mistreated Melia. So out of all of that, formed a VERY strong friendship. But, to get back to the what’s going on presently.

“Hello!”said Levana introducing herself to Eleana.”I am Levana, OLDER,”she emphasized on that,”sister of Levana.

“Oh, auta miqula orqa,”retorted Pippinlee.

“Well, llie nvanima ar lle atara lanneina,”Levana replied.

“Baw yelta nin ten ni vanya!”Pippinlee answered, she actually was a little beauty.”And we have the same mother so I wouldn’t say that,”she added.

“I quoteth, unquoteth Gimle,’Speak in words we can all understand!’ “said Eleana, rather confused.

“Okay then, go kiss an orc!”said Pippinlee again.

“Well, your ugly and your mama dresses you funny!”said Levana, again.

“Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful!”said Pippinlee, adding,”more beautiful than you could ever be!”

“Girls! Stop that Bickering!”said Melia, interrupting their little cat fight.

“Oh, I don’t mind!”said Eleana,”it’s rather funny!”

“Oh sure it is!”said Pippinlee, who was in a rather sour mood.

“I’m sorry, if you may excuse my daughter,”said Melia,” she’s a little bit crabby in the morning.”

“I understand,”said Eleana, with a queer look.

“Is that…oldie!”screamed Pippinlee.

“Stealer!”said Gandalf sarcastically. Pippinlee and Gandalf loved each other to death, but got into little disagreements alot, on account of Pippinlee’s habbit of horse-stealing.

“I love you, Gandalf!”said Pippinlee.

“Sure you do!”

“Did someone say, Gandalf?”said Levana.”Grandy!”

“Sweety!”said Gandalf, dropping Pippinlee.

“Humph,”said Pippinlee, with a annoyed gesture.”He’ll be sorry.”

“Presenting Lady Eowyn,”said Eowyn who had a unnoticed arrival.

“Eowyn!!”Arwen and Melia screamed.This was enough for Pippinlee.

“Excuse me,”she said to Faramir,”is Wellhelm here?”

“You’ve grown,”he said smiling,”he’s over there,”he said pointing to a lonesome figure, still atop of his horse.

“Thankyou,”said Pippinlee. She hopped onto Ariago and rode over to where Wellhelm had been left all by his lonesome self.

“What’s up?”he said as Pippinlee pulled in next to him.”You’ve grown.”

“Nothing much, and I’ll still probably be the shortest elf ever(Pippinlee was only 5’3, my height).”

“Hehe,”laughed Wellhelm, who had a most wonderful laugh for not even being part elf.

“Hmm,”Alianasti mused,”wanna go for a ride, nobody will miss us.”

“I don’t know about you,”he said pointing towards a figure that was running towards them.

“Catch me if you can!”she said, not even caring who was looking for her.

“Oh, that little,”Wellhelm replied, as he rode after her.

Chapter 4

“Where’ve you two been?”said Levana, who was already dressed for the ball.

“Somewhere,”said Pippinlee with a little laugh.

“Somewhere,”mused Wellhelm, as he stroked a invisible beard.

“Haha,”said Levana,”now, my dear Wellhelm, you must excuse my sister, she has a dress to put on,”said Levana as she grabbed Pippinlee and dragged her towards the room in which they were occupying.

“See you later!”said Pippinlee.


“I just don’t see how you do it!”said Levana, as they finally entered their room.”You disappeer when nobody cares, and then turn up just when they start to!”

“What can I say?!”said Pippinlee as she plopped herself down onto her bed,”it comes naturally!”

“Well, however it comes, I’m leaving this room for five minutes, and if your not dressed by the time I get back, I’ll tell Glorfindel that you hate him.”

“You wouldn’t dare!”said Pippinlee, she just loved to flirt with Glorfindel, plus, they were best friends.

“Bye, bye!”said Levana as she left the room. Pippinlee quickly did a little gymnastic move as she hopped off her bed, and landed a millionth of a inch from giving her head a ghastly bruise on the wardrobe.”Now! What to wear.” She quickly chose a brilliant white gown, put on all of her favorite diamonds, and threw a hood and cloak on over all of that. She quickly ran out of the room towards the ball room, but waiting under a set of stairs.

“I’m coming in!”said Levana as she threw the door open, only to find a pile of a dirty horse-back riding outfit.”Oh, she’s good.”She quickly put on her dress, a light blue silk, of which was most beautiful, more beautiful than Pippilee’s may I add(), some jewels, and ran out of the room, hoping that nobody started without her.


Pippinlee was waiting for Levana to enter, let everybody else get there to gawk over Levana, and then, she’d make her move.

‘Yay!’she thought as the last person finally entered.’Five more minutes then, victory!’

Everybody knew that Pippinlee was planning something, for she always does.

“So,”said Legolas, talking to Melia, but watching something else.”Where’s Pippinlee?”

“I don’t know,”Melia said with a shrug.”But, it’s been almost five minutes. 3,2,1…”Pippinlee entered. At that moment, all eyes turned towards her. She cleared her throat as if she was waiting for someone. She cleared it again. She cleared it again.”Oh!”said Glorfindel. He ran towards Pippinlee, She slowly untied the drawstring to her hood and cloak, so that everybody know that she had something magnificent to show. Then all of a sudden she dropped it into Glorfindel’s arms and pranced off happliy toward her father and mother.

“So, what was everybody waiting for?”she asked mischeviously

“You,”said Legolas.”And may I add nice dress.”

“Oh, this old thing,”she said as she pinched a peice of it.

“It was only JUST finished yesterday!” said Levana.


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