The Adventures of Elwen and Tethcelebel – Part Two

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Elwen, Ohtarwen and Tethcelebel excused themselves from the dinner table and went for a walk, out under the trees. As they came to a clearing, Elwen stopped and began to stare up at the sky. The sky was full of stars, some barely visible as their light flickered, some brilliantly bright, looking so close that it almost felt as though one could reach up and touch them.

“My, Elwen, Arwen really got under your skin today didn’t she?” Ohtarwen spoke suddenly and randomly.

Elwen didn’t take her eyes off of the heavens as she answered, “And why would you think that, Ohtarwen?”

“Well, because after you and Tethcelebel left, Arwen told Galadriel that you had all your thoughts hidden from her. And the only time when elves bother to hide their thoughts from each other is when they are mad.”

“You are wrong there, Ohtarwen,” Tethcelebel shook her head, “We hide our thoughts whenever we don’t want others reading them.”

“But you were right, she did make me mad.” Elwen spoke quietly, “She’s been trying to get me into trouble for a few months now. I think she wants to see me get beaten by Galadriel.”

“Why in the name of the Valar would she want that?” Tethcelebel questioned.

Elwen shrugged, “She thinks I stole her seashell hair comb. And then she found it broken and assumed that I had indeed taken it and broken it…and you know the punishment for stealing is getting hit. She couldn’t prove it though, and now she is searching for a means to get me in trouble.”

“You stole her hair comb!” Ohtarwen laughed, “Mercy, you are going to be on her blacklist for quite a while there!”

“You stole Arwen’s treasured hair comb…oh, Elwen, why would you do such a thing?” Tethcelebel’s green eyes were wide with astonishment.

“Stop it, both of you. I DID NOT steal her little comb. Why would I? I don’t use such things. And I would never steal from anyone, much less the daughter of Lord Elrond. I tried to tell her that I didn’t take it, but she refuses to listen to me. She is even more stubborn and irrational than I am!”

Ohtarwen laughed, “Are you sure about that, Ewlen? You can be pretty bad at times!”

“I’m bad?” Elwen retorted, “Who was it who lost the hilt of Narsil for eight years? Hmmm, do you remember that?”

Tethcelebel stepped between the other two so she could se them both, “Now girls, stop your bickering. Behave like the age you are.” Elwen and Ohtarwen exchanged glances at the statement.

“The age we are……this coming from an elf, nearly grown who still enjoys pulling chairs out from underneath other elves at banquets?” Elwen began.

Ohtarwen took up where Elwen left off, “And who dumps water on the heads of those who sleep early in the morning? Really, Tethcelebel, you do not have much room to talk!” Tethcelebel laughed good-naturedly and the others joined her.

Tethcelebel stopped laughing with a sigh, “Come on, you two, we’d best be getting back, before they start to look for us.” Ohtarwen nodded and started to follow Tethcelebel back in the dirction they had come. She looked over her shoulder, expecting Elwen to be there, but the Mirkwood elf hadn’t moved. Elwen was still standing, with her hands on her hips. staring up at the stars.

“Elwen, are you coming with us?” Ohtarwen asked. Elwen turned her head to look at the other two; her eyes were alight with a strange fire and a mischiveous smile graced her face. She nodded and followed Ohtarwen and Tethcelebel out of the clearing.

Tethcelebel had seen the look in Elwen’s eyes and did not like it, “Elwen, are you planning something?”

“Yes, I am!” Elwen laughed, “But don’t worry, it won’t hurt anyone. All I’m doing is figuring a way to have Arwen leave me alone. Wanna help?”

“Sure!” Ohtarwen spoke immediately, but Tethcelebel was a little more hesitant in agreeing.

“All right, I’ll help you, but on one condition: if, and it is very likely, we get in trouble, you tell my grandmother that I only agreed to help you defend yourself from Arwen’s onsloughts. Agreed?” Tethcelebel lowered her voice, as they were approacing Caras Galadhon.

“You bet.” Elwen grinned, and, quietly and quickly, explained her plan . The trio walked back to where the rest of the elves were just now finishing their meal. Almost immediately, the evening’s entertainment started and none gave any further thought to Elwen’s plan that night. This was because all were afraid that if they thought of it, Galadriel might hear of it, and also because they were so ennamered with the entertainment that all such thoughts were driven out.

After a time of story telling and the recitation of poetry, the pleas of the younger elves were headed and the musicians took the floor. They began with the slow melodic ballad of Luthien and Beren, a long song with many verses, and after only five verses had been sung, the youth began to get bored.

“Oh, come now,” a young elf solider cried, ” give us a lively tune, something we can dance to!” Galadriel turned her eye on the elf disporvingly.

“Dindae,” she chided, “wait until the ballad is finished, then make your request for another tune.” Dindae nodded respectfully and sat silently through the remaining seven verses.

“Play The Earfea,” Dindae requested, “and let us have Tethcelebel sing it for us!” A chorus of assention greated this comment and the musicians struck up the lively tune. Tethcelebel stood and began to sing the tale of the Seaspirit who haunted all sailors and kept them from getting to Valinor. Tethcelebel had a beautiful voice and sang very well, even for an elf. Legolas and Arwen began to dance as did most every one else under the age of 2600 years. Elwen and Ohtarwen, however, both dressed in their usual garb of pants and shirts, stood off to one side talking among themselves. Galadreil saw them and walked over to where they stood and listened, unnoticed, to their conversation.

“I’m telling you, it won’t work!” Ohtarwen told Elwen.

Elwen shook her head in disagreement, “No, it will work, I’m sure of it.”

“But what if something goes wrong and someone gets hurt? You will be in a whole bunch of trouble!”

“Nothing’s going to happen, Ohtarwen! I know what I’m doing!” Elwen would not be shaken.

“No you don’t!” Ohtarwen retorted.

“Yes I do!”


“Yes! Look Human, I’ve been riding horses ever since I could walk. I trained my horse many years before you were even born. If I say that I can train a horse to only allow me to sit on it, then I can.” Elwen explained her point of view, and looked up. Seeing Galadriel standing there the Elf-princess commented, “Do you always listen in on other people’s private conversations; or do I get special treatment?”

Galadriel smiled at Elwen’s remark, “No, but I was afraid that the two of you were hatching some plan against Arwen.”

“Why would we do that?” Ohtarwen questioned. Galadriel shrugged and said nothing but she carelessly left her thoughts unguarded.

“You really think that we would try to hurt Arwen?” Elwen asked astonishedly, after reading Galadriel’s thoughts.

Galadriel shook her head, “Not really, the thought crossed my mind for only a moment. Elwen, you should dance, and you too Ohtarwen.”

“I really don’t want to.” Ohtarwen said, “Elwen are you going to dance?”

“Nah, I don’t know how to dance. Besides, I wouldn’t want to dance alone.” Elwen shook her head. As she spoke, Dindae approached her.

“Hello, Elwen-Lothnar,” he bowed and extended his hand, “May I have this dance?”

Elwen leaned towards him and smiled as she answered, “Call me ‘Elwen-Lothnar’ again and I will punch you in the stomach. My name is ‘Elwen’. And yes, I will dance with you.” Dindae smiled as he pulled Elwen out into the center of the room. Tethcelebel still sang sweetly as Dindae and Elwen danced together. Dindae was happy that he had gotten this dance, for he had long had a crush on Elwen. Elwen danced with all the grace that elves posess. Ohtarwen and Galadriel watched the two dancing from across the room.

“I thought she said that she didn’t know how to dance.” Ohtarwen quietly observed.

“So she did,” Galadriel smiled, “But I knew she was not telling the truth. Elwen doesn’t like to be pushed into things. She is fiercely independant and has a firey spirit. She will make a great warrior when she grows up.” Ohtarwen smiled, she knew Elwen was a fighter. She was too; and she and Elwen were kindred spirits.

The dancing continued for quite a while, Tethcelebel dancing with several future suitors after she finished singing. All were happy and merry as they left for bed.


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