The Adventures of Elwen and Tethcelebel – Part Three

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Ok everyone, my friend and I are really getting busy with school, and unless you really like our story, we’re not going to write any more for a while. So leave comments and we’ll decide whether or not to continue. Thanks!

The three girls, Ohtarwen, Tethcelebel, and Elwen, and another elf, who had come with Arwen from Ilmalderis, named Miredhel all made up beds in the same room. They were talking and giggling among themselves when Arwen walked in. The noise stopped as all four stared at Arwen, waiting to see what she wanted. Arwen stayed silent until a comment from Ohtarwen brought out her purpose.
“Well,” Ohtarwen stared at the elf, ” are you just going to stand there like you are deaf and dumb, or are you going to tell us what you are doing in here?”
Arwen turned an icy stare on the human, “I would warn you, Ohtarwen, that disrespecting me will displease my father under whom’s authority you still rest. I am here for I am to be the grown elf in this room, to prevent the rest of you from doing anything stupid.” Elwen exhaled forcefully and rolled her eyes. Arwen saw this and continued, ” What was that for, Elwen?”
“Nothing,” came the stoic reply, “You just don’t strike me as being fully grown. And besides, you are not that old, you are only a couple hundred years older than Tethcelebel.”
Arwen stared at Elwen who turned back to making her bed. Tethcelebel sighed, for Arwen would certainly put a damper on the nights activities. Miredhel bounced on the edge of her bed enthusiastically. She was considerably younger than the rest being only about 1100 years old. She was brown eyes and thick brown hair that curled considerably. She usually wore a long dress of white and was fairly flighty and irresponsible when it came to matters of any great importance.
Silence reigned in the room for several moments until Miredhel broke it saying, “It’s been a long time since I was allowed to go on a journey. I’ve never been more than about twenty miles from Ilmalderis before.”
“Is that so?” Tethcelebel questioned.
“Yes,” Ohtarwen answered for the young elf, “Lord Elrond has made rules concerning children leaving the boundries of his realm unaccompanied.”
“There are smiliar rules in Mirkwood. And if you break them, you will be in alot of pain.” Elwen spoke quietly.
Tethcelebel nodded, “The same is true here. But really, the rules are for your own good. They prevent children from getting killed or kidnapped.”
“They also limit your activities.” Elwen sighed, “Many times have my adventures been cut short by the boundry.”
“Are you second guessing the rules ordained by the elders? Do you mean to break the rules over and over?” Arwen asked in astonishment.
The Mirkwood elf shook her head, and her voice sounded tired as she explained, “No, Arwen, I was merely expressing my opinion that the rules cut short some of my fun. I have already been beaten for leaving the boundries once, I do not intend to do it again. I never even heard of any elf who was broken that rule twice.” Arwen sighed dissapointedly, she could not tattle on Elwen and get her in trouble, at least not at this point.
Tethcelebel was staring at Elwen as she spoke, “You are right Elwen, I can not think of any elf who would break the rule twice. Surely the beating is enough to deter one from doing it a second time.” Ohtarwen nodded her agreement and winced, remembering the time she had been beaten for leaving the bounderies.
“Well, enough chatter,” Arwen broke in, “I believe it to be high time you all got your sleep. You are still growing and need your rest.” Elwen and Ohtarwen rolled their eyes simultaniously at Arwen’s statement. The two were good friends and knew exactly what the other was thinking, namely that Arwen was getting to big for her pants and need to be brought down a little. They all complied to her wishes and lay down to sleep. But none fell asleep right away; instead Elwen and Tethcelebel comunicated to each other through their thoughts while Ohtarwen and Miredhel thought of what they were to do the next day. One by one they all drifted off to sleep, blissfully unaware of what the next day would bring.

Elwen and Ohtarwen were up with the sun while the other three slept in. Elwen and Ohtarwen saddled up their horses and went for a ride in the forest. They met a patroll of elves, Halidir was among them, and were invited to accompany the patroll to the edge of the river, orcs had been seen in the vincinity earlier. Elwen and Ohtarwen tied their horses and followed the patroll. Ohtarwen was given a quiver of arrows and a bow, and the patroll spread out as they crossed the river. They moved stealthily through the forest until, at a sign from Halidir, they took to the trees. Presently, a small band of orcs, numbering no more than two score, advanced through the trees. A cricket chirped, and, that being Halidir’s signal, twelve deadly shafts hit twelve orcs. The reamining orcs stood still for a moment stunned, and again twelve shafts found their targets. The orcs retreated a little and drew out their bows sending several shafts into the trees. One of these shafts hit Elwen’s calf.
“Etarish!*” she muttered under her breath as she snapped off all but the lower two inches of the shaft. She pulled out one of her own arrows and sent it into an orc’s neck saying, “Die you miserable scum!” With the release of another volley of arrows, all the orcs were dead and the elves climbed down from the trees.
“Nine, ten, eleven…” Halidir counted, “We’re missing one, where is Elwen?”
“Right here!” she answered dropping from a overhanging limb. She winced as she landed causing Hlaidir to glane down at her leg.
“You’ve been hit!” Halidir exclaimed, “Celebdae, Carandol, carry her back to Lady Galadriel and see that she gets taken care of.” The two elven warriors nodded and moved to carry out Halidir’s command. Carandol handed his bow to Celebdae and, stooping, tired to pick Elwen up.
“No,” Elwen protested, “I’m fine, I can walk.”
Halidir nodded patiently, “I’m sure you can, but the more you move, the faster the poison will spread. So let Carandol carry you.” Elwen sighed and made ready for Carandol to pick her up but he didn’t. Instead he turned around and pulled Elwen onto his back and he and Celebdae made their way back to Caras Galadhon
“Thank you for not carrying me like a baby.” Elwen murmured as soon as they were out of hearing range of Halidir.
“Think nothing of it.” the elf said as he broke into a run. Within moments they had arrived back at the fortress. Lord Celeborn was a master healer and he removed the arrow from Elwen’s leg and put a mixture of herbs on the spot. Almost immediately Elwen felt better. However, Galadriel would not let her get up so Elwen settled herself in a chair on a balcon over looking the hill below. Tethcelebel, Arwen, Miredhel and Ohtarwen all trooped over to see her, Tethcelebel bringing strands to braid into rope and Arwen bringing her needle work to finish while they talked.
“Here Elwen,” Ohtarwen handed her friend a bundle of sticks with one hand and a bunch of feathers with the other, “I figured you might get bored so i brought you arrows to flight and put heads on.” Elwen grinned and was about to start when Miredhel sighed heavily.
“I want to go out for a ride!” she said, “But I do not wish to go alone. Tethcelebel, will you take me?”
Tethcelebel shook her head, “No, sorry, Miredhel, but I already told Arwen that I was going to teach her how to braid the rope of Lothlorien.”
“I’ll take you,” Ohtasrwen volenteered, ” I know of a pretty waterfall, but if we are to go you should probably change first. Hurry, I’ll go prepare us a lunch.”
As Miredhel sped off Elwen spoke up, “I want to go with you, will you wait until I saddle my horse?”
“No Elwen you are not going anywhere. Lady Galadriel said for you to stay here in your chair for the remainder of the day.” Arwen announced.
“Etarish!” Elwen exclaimed and seeing Arwen’s condeming look sighed, “Fine, I will stay, don’t have too much fun without me, Ohtarwen.” Ohtarwen smiled and left. Arwen and Tethcelebel went back to their needle work while Elwen began the tedious process of flighting arrows. They stayed in their spots for the remainder of the day. The midday meal was brought to them and they spent the afternoon busily working on their tasks. In the meantime…
Ohtarwen and Miredhel rode out north together from Caras Galadhon into the forest. They rode until they reached the waterfall and there they stopped for lunch. As Ohtarwen spread out the food, she heard the sound of something moving the trees. She lifted her head and stared in the direction it was coming from. Seeing nothing, she returned to her task, but the rustling in the bushes did not stop. Suddenly Ohtarwen felt something sting her neck. Clapping her hand to the spot she felt a dart. As she pulled the dart out, she began to feel both lightheaded and nauseated. She drew her sword as several short men came out of the bushes.
“Ah! Dwarves!” Miredhel screamed. Ohtarwen rushed towrds them as fast as her unsteady legs could carry her. She swung at the forerunner and connected with his arm. He dropped his axe bellowing in pain. Suddenly Ohtarwen’s vision blurred, and she began to stagger around. Her sword fell from her hand as she fell face forward into the waterfall pool. She was hauled, unconcious, by a dwarf out of the pool and instantly bound hand and foot. The dwarves then turned their attention to Miredhel.
The young elf was valiently fighting off a dwarf. he was trying to hold onto her but she kept hitting him in the face. Just as another came to help, Miredhel yanked hard on the first dwarf’s beard causing him to yell. The second dwarf pulled Miredhel off of his friend and the young elf kicked out hard, catching the dwarf in the face. The dwarves managed to subdue her and then they took both girls as they were about to go.

*Etarish—– An elvish word we made means ‘crap’


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