The adventures of Elwen and Tethcelebel – Part Ten

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Tethcelebel lay at death’s door for almost a week before her condition showed even the slightest improvement. Each day, Legolas, Ohtarwen, and Elwen, would stand in the door of her room, with Elwen standing on tip-toes to see over Ohtarwen and Legolas’s shoulders, watching the healers surrounding Tethcelebel. Every day the same conversatation would take place between the three and the healers.
“Is she doing better today?” Elwen would ask.
The healer would usually roll her eyes and respond, “Yes, Miss Elwen, she is doing better.”
“If she’s better, can she come out and play war with us?” Ohtarwen would question jokingly.
“No, she can’t play today.” the healer would be struggling to keep her patience.
Legolas would then pipe up, “Well, when can she play with us?”
By this time, the healer would be tired of hearing the foolish questions and would say, “I do not know, Master Legolas, come back tomorrow and see.” The three would then leave and wander around the little outpost. Sometimes they would practice their waepons, and other times they would fight off the Soldiers of Rohan who would challenge them to a quick fight with the swords. The purpose of this being to see “whether elves and girls can best the pride of Rohan.” All the challengers were defeated, much to the amusement of the other soliders, and Legolas, Elwen and Ohtarwen would go to the stables to visit their horses. Time past slowly for the three as they waited for their friend to recover. One day, while they stood in the doorway, Tethcelebel opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling. The three were then ushered away by the healer accompanied by the threat that if they ever made that much noise while near where Tehtcelebel slept, that they would get a good beating from Haldir.
The next day, the three were back, and Tethcelebel’s eyes were open again. This time she caught Elwen’s eye and winked and smiled. Elwen’s face broke into a grin. Legolas sensed her joy and clapped his hand over her mouth to keep her from making noise. He and Ohtarwen pulled Elwen out of the doorway and dragged her to the middle of the coupound, where they released her.
“Ed’ i’ear ar’ elenea*!” Elwen exclaimed, laughing from pure joy, ” Celebel’s spirit has returned to her!”
Ohtarwen jumped in the air performing a back flip, “Celebel will be back with us in no time!”
Legolas hugged both Elwen and Ohtarwen at the same time, a smile spreading over his face. “Ohtarwen, I did not know you could do a flip! Where did you learn?”
“I showed her, when I first met her. Before we found the rest of you.” Estel came up behind them, “I hear the elf maiden is doing better. She will actually make a full recovery, or at least the healers say so.” Legolas turned and shook Estel’s hand. Estel had kept his distance these past few weeks, either staying in the company of Celeborn and Haldir or sitting in his room alone reading. Now he stood in front of Elwen and Ohtarwen, hands in his pockets smiling contentedly.
Suddenly his smiled disappeared as he remembered something, “Oh, Legolas, I nearly forgot, Lord Celeborn told me to send the three of you to him. Also, do you know where Elnar is? She’s supposed to go too.”
Elwen sighed, she had forgotten about getting punished for leaving Lothlorien. The others had too. “Elnar is with the healers, in Tethcelebel’s room.” Elwen spoke.
“Come on girls,” Legolas turned and began to walk towards the officer’s quarters where Celeborn was staying, “best get this over with.” Elwen and Ohtarwen followed him as he entered the Officer’s quarters.
“Hello, Little Ones.” Celeborn greated them, “Galadriel would like to have a word with you. Sit down and listen to her, and then I will deal with you.”
The three sat down and Elnar entered the room. She too sat and Galadriel rose and began to speak, “Let us discuss a few important matters, Children. Let us discuss rules, and penalties, and let us discuss behaving the age that you are…”

Three days later, Tethcelebel was allowed to have visitors. Elwen, Elnar, Ohtarwen, Legolas and Estel all trooped in and stood at the foot of her bed staring at her. Tehtcelebel’s light colored hair was all over her pillow. She was lying on her back, one arm across her stomach and the other up by her head, her eyes closed in slumber.
“Ah,” Estel sighed, “We finally get to see her and she sleeps! Curses, what rotten luck!”
Elwen was staring at Tethcelebel’s face, suddenly the Mirkwood elf grinned and winked at her brother, “Legolas, our cousin sleeps. Perhaps we should leave and return later.” Legolas grinned and nodded his head as he leaned over and untucked the sheet at the foot of the bed on the left side. Elwen did the same with the right side, and, together, she and Legolas folded the sheet back to Tehtcelebel’s ankles. Elwen removed a feather from her pocket and ran it gently up and down the bottom of Tethcelebel’s foot. The foot twitched, and Elwen continued.
“Elwen! Stop that! It tickles!” Tethcelebel exclaimed opening her eyes.
Elwen grinned triumphantly, “I knew she was only faking to be asleep!” she crowed.
“Elwen-Lothnar! If yuo don’t apologize, I will call the healer and tell her that yuo were being mean!” Tethcelebel threatened.
“And what could she do to Elwen, eh Celebel?” Legolas grinned. tehtcelebel stared at Legolas for a moment and finally rolled her eyes and sighed. Elwen grinned and sat down on the edge of the bed.
“How are you feeling?” Elnar asked moving foward to take Elwen’s place at the foot of the bed.
Tethcelebel smiled, “I’m doing better, but they still won’t let me sit up yet. Maybe I will disobey them. What do yuo think Elwen?”
“Not a good idea, Mellonamin*!” Elwen shook her head ruefully, “If you disobey the elders you could get hit!”
Tethcelebel’s eyes grew wide as the meaning of Elwen’s words dawned on her, “You got hit for leaving didn’t you?”
“Aye, and it hurt!” Legolas scowled. Tethcelebel winced at the thought and shook her head sadly, knowing one was in her near future.
“And if we didn’t get the longest lecutre ever heard, I would be very much surprised.” Ohtarwen rolled her eyes, oblivious to the shaking heads and shushing motions of those surrounding her.
“Well, Ohtarwen, if you’d like, I’m sure i could come up with a better, longer lecture!” Galadriel spoke from behind the girl. Ohtarwen shook her head and bobbed a curtsy as Galadriel continued, “Good, that is what i thought. All of you, leave the room; I must change Tethcelebel’s bandges and then she must get some rest. Bee off with you, go on, shoo!” The five left the room and Tethcelebel suddenly burst into laughter at the face Elwen made behind Galadriel’s back. Galadriel spun around only to catch a look of innocence as Elwen left the room.

One week later, exactly forty five days after Tethcelebel had been injured, the elves left for Lothlorien. Ohtarwen and Estel parted company regretfully, for they each admired the other, and the trip home began. Tethcelebel was still to weak to control her own horse and so she rode in front of Celeborn in his mount. After only a half hour of riding, Tethcelebel became very tired, and lulled by the rythmic movement of the horse’s hooves, fell asleep wiht Celeborn supporting her. The elves rode back to Lothlorien ariving before dark. Elwen slid off her horse when someone placed their hand on her shoulder. Elwen supon around and saw Arwen standing there, wioth her hands on her hips. Elwen’s eyes grew wide with apprehension as she backed away. Arwen followed, matching Elwen’s every move until elwen ran her back into a tree. Arwen stood in front of Elwen, blocking any means of escape, while Elwen’s blue eyes moved everywhere trying to figure out how to get out of Arwen’s grasp.
“Sut naa lle*, Elwen?” Arwen asked, her hand descending on Elwen’s houlder.
Elwen flinched as Arwen touched her but answered politely, “I am well Arwenamin*, what is it that you want of me?”
Arwen brushed a stray strand of hair out of elwen’s face smiling as she answered, “I want you to forgive me, My Cousin. For I was wrong to accuse you of steaking from me, with no evidence of such a deed.” Elwen looked taken aback. The last time Arwen had called her “cousin” was at the funural for Elwen’s mother.
“Yes, Arwen, I forgive you. But may I ask, why this sudden change of heart?” Elwen responded, still very uncomfortable with Arwen’s hand still on her shoulder. Celeborn lifted Tethcelebel, still asleep, down off the horse, handing her to Haldir who turned and took her up to her room.
“Vendui*, Celeborn and Galadriel!” Arwen took her attention away from Elwen providing a chance for the younger to escape, “is Tethcelebel going to be all right?”
“yes, Arwen,” Galadriel smiled hugging her grandchild, “Tethcelebel will be fine. I see you talked to Elwen-Lothnar, are you finished with your anger towards her?”
Arwen nodded solemnly, “Yes, grandmother, I no longer bear any hard feelings to my kinswoman.” Galadriel smiled and turned torwards the mallorn tree. She walked down the halls until she reached Tethcelebel’s room. She paused in the doorway for a moment reflecting on Tethcelebel’s injury, when Elwen came hurring out of the room, colliding with her.
“Tira ten’ rashwe, Elwen-Lothnar! ” Galadriel exclaimed steadying the elf maiden, “How many times have I told you, not to run in the halls?”
Elwen stared glumly at her feet, answering in a low tone, “At least one hundred, My Lady. I’m sorry, I will endevor not to do it again.”
Galadriel smiled and palced her arm around Elwen’s shoulder, “Come Elwen, you have not had dinner yet. Come, we will eat.” Elwen and Galadriel walked down the hall together, leaving Tethcelebel alone and alseep.


Ed’ i’ear ar’ elenea – By the sea and the stars

Mellonamin – my friend

Sut naa lle – How are you

Arwenamin – My lady

Vendui – Greetings

Tira ten’ rashwe – Be careful


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