The Adventures of Elwen and Tethcelebel – Part Nine

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Elwen sat staring up through the trees, looking at the sky, as Ohtarwen wrapped a bandage around the gash on the elf’s head. Elwen judged the time to be about three hours before noon, though with the fight, it seemed much later. Legolas had left Elwen and Ohtarwen at the edge of the trees and gone “to check for any sign of orc that might be around”. But Elwen knew the real reason for his leaving; Legolas was worried that Tethcelebel was going to die. Elwen sighed heavily, Tethcelebel’s chances of living were slim, she had seen the damage that the spear had caused, all Estel could do was keep her alive. But for how long?

Galadriel sat in between her husband and Arwen, eating a late breakfast. She glanced down the table to the three empty spaces usually occupied by Tethcelebel, Legolas and Elwen. As she looked at the empty chairs, a jolt went through her body.
“Where are you going, Galadriel?” Celeborn asked as she rose suddenly from the table.
“To my mirror,” she answered on her way out, “I fear for Tethcelebel and Elwen.” She strode quickly down the curved staircase and out onto the grounds. She sought her mirror and looked into it.
As she watched, she saw Elwen sitting on the ground, face, clothes and hands bloody, sobbing. Another picture appeared in the mirror, this one of Legolas looking sad; then Estel saying “I can not save her!” Galadriel backed away from the mirror shaking her head, the young ones had run into trouble! She ran back across the grass and up to the mallorn tree. She hastened into the dining room where Celeborn and Arwen still sat.
“WE must help them, and fast!” she sxclaimed, “Hurry Celeborn, asssemble some warriors and healers, we need to ride into Rohan. They have been in some sort of battle, and one of them is injured very badly.”
“well, I hope Elwen gets a nice, fat scar across part of her pretty face!” Arwen huffed as Celeborn left the room.
Galadriel whirled around to face her granddaughter, and as she spoke her tone was stern, “Arwen! Never wish ill luck upon any elf, especially not your kinswoman!” Arwen’s mouth opened to say something but Galadriel cut her off, “No, Elwen-Lothnar did not take that comb of yours. I found it a week after you left after your last visit. You left it here, Elwen did not take it. And you are to stay here until we return.”
“I’m not allowed to accompany you?” Arwen looked surprised.
“No,” her grandmother shook her head, “stay here and try to regain some of the grace you lost in falsely accusing Elwen.” Galadriel left the room leaving Arwen staring glumy after her.

Elwen sat perched in the upper boughs of a pine tree watching the surrounding landscape. Ohtarwen stood alert and ready, with her sword, beneath an0ther tree nearby.
“See anything up there, Elf?” she questioned in an indifferent tone.
Elwen smiled and responded in the same manner, “Not as of yet, Edan* . But rest assured, first enemy I see, I will let you slay it.”
“Really?” Ohtarwen continued the banter, “I thought you enjoy slaying the first, I thought it makes you happy.”
Elwen shook her head as she looked down at Ohtarwen, “Nay, the blood thirsty rouge is you, Fair Ohtarwen! Does your name not proclaim that for all who speak Sindarian?”
“You’d better stop mocking my name, you Pointy-Eared Moron!” Ohtarwen’s good mood had dissapeared at Elwen’s comment.
“Call me a ‘pointy-eared-moron’ again, and I will come down from here and beat you with your own sword, you Always-in-need-of-a-bath-cause-you-smell-like-a-horse Human!” Elwen spoke as she gathered a handful of pinecones to fling at Ohtarwen.
Ohtarwen’s jaw dropped and she stared up into the tree trying to see Elwen, “I do not smell like a horse you Always-in-trouble-cause-you-have-a-hot-temper-and-can’t-learn-to-shut-your-mouth Elf!”
Elwen’s eyes saw something moving in their direction from the river and pointed to them, “A score and a half of horses!”
“I do not smell like any number of horses, Elwen, not one not thirty!” Ohtarwen snapped.
“No, no,” Elwen spoke as she began to climb down, “There are a score and a half of mounted Elves riding this way!” Ohtarwen hurried out of the shelter of the trees and looked in the direction Elwen had indicated.
“Crazy Elf! There’s no one around!” Ohtarwen turned back towards her post.
“None that your eyes can see. They are still beyond those hills, but they are coming fast!” Elwen’s feet hit the forest floor as she pointed.
“Elwen, Ohtarwen, what’s wrong?” Elnar came running from where she had been helping Estel.
Elwen’s face broke into a grin, “nothing’s wrong! Elves are coming, they’re coming to help us!”
“Are you sure Elwen?” Elnar looked skeptical, “I don’t see anything. How is your head feeling?”
“My head is feeling fine, Elnar!” Elwen rolled her eyes in frustration, “Look towards the river. Can you not see the group of riders coming this way? They are elves, and Galaldriel rides at their head!”
Elnar turned toward the river, “I see them, I see them! Estel, Estel! Lady Galadriel and a score of elves ride towards this place!” She ran back to where Estel was occupied with keeping Tethcelebel alive, telling him of the news. Elwen and Ohtarwen were still standing, waiting for the riders to appear, when Legolas returned.
“Elwen, Ohtarwen!” he exclaimed , his face flush with excitement, “Galadriel rides to this place, accompanied by thirty riders!”
Ohtarwen smiled, “Yes, Legolas, we know. Elwen sighted them a while back. How long until they arrive?”
“Within twenty minutes! Mark my words!” Legolas declared. He stood with the two girls until the riders appeared, even within Ohtarwen’s sight. The riders halted and dismounted as soon as they saw the three standing at the edge of th forest.
“Elwen, what happened to your head, Child?” Galadriel ran over to her and examined the cut. Elwen shrugged and Galadriel began to order her elves around, ” Haldir, set up guards. Eltin, attend to Elwen’s cut. Ohtarwen, are you all right? Good, and you Legolas? Good, where is Tethcelebel?”
“I will take you to her, Lady Galadriel.” Ohtarwen spoke softly. She turned and led to the spot where Tethcelebel lay prostrate on the ground.
Galadriel stopped short when she saw her granddaughter, “Oh, my dear Tethcelebel, what did they do to you?” she whispered.
“I did my best, Lady Galadriel. But I could do nothing better.” Estel apologized ackwardly.
“Celeborn!” Galadriel called, “Celeborn! Where is the closest fortified location? We need a place to take Tethcelebel to heal her where we do not have to be so wary of an orc attack!”
Celeborn thought for a brief moment and then answered, “The Rohan outpost of Anga Alda is only three miles south. We can take her there.” Galadriel nodded her agreement and several elves moved forward and placed Tethcelebel upon a litter. They turned towards the south and began to walk, followed by Galadriel Celeborn and a score of the elves. The rest, Elwen, Elnar, Estel Legolas and Ohtarwen included, rode ahead to warn the soliders of Rohan of the approch of the Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn.

Elwen was standing on the walls of the outpost when Galadriel and Celeborn brought Tethcelebel in. She watched the somber procession go by beneath her, following it with her eyes until the litter bearing Tethcelebel went inside.
“Are you worried, Elwen?” Ohtarwen spoke softly coming up behind the elf.
Elwen spoke without turning, “About Tethcelebel? Of course I am.”
“Come on, Elwen,” Ohtarwen tried to cheer her friend up, “She be fine and pull through, she’s not hurt that bad.”
“‘Not that bad!'” Elwen turned to face Ohtarwen, “You did not see what I saw. I saw how badly she was wounded. And do you think that if it was not serious, that Galadriel would bring her here?”
Ohtarwen exhaled heavily and turned to stare out over the plains as she spoke, “I know that Tethcelebel is injured. I was just trying to make you feel better Elwen!”
“How can I feel better when my cousin and friend is close to dying, and it’s all my fault?” the elf’s words were barely audible.
“You can’t blame yourself for this Elwen,” Ohtarwen rolled her eyes, “You know how Celebel is, she would not have stayed behind even if you had told her too. Elwen, accidents happen, you are not responsible. Isn’t that right Legolas?” As they had been talking, Legolas had come up behind Elwen.
he nodded and placed his hand on Elwen’s shoulder, “Come now, Tethaer, be reasonable. Celebel would jump your case if she knew what you were doing!”
“You two are right!” Elwen smiled, “but I’m still worried about her.”
Legolas’s face broke into a grin, “And you should be. But, you haven’t eaten all day, and you are covered with dirt and blood. So go take a bath and then come and get something to eat with me!” Elwen nodded and left the wall top. Legolas dropped one eyelid in a wink to Ohtarwen before he himself left. The human girl remained on the wall alone, watching the sun set, thinking about the day. It had been a long one, and very sad. Hopefully, this day would never repeat itself as long as Ohtarwen lived.


Edan – Human

Ohtarwen – Warrior maiden


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