The adventures of Elwen and Tethcelebel – Part eleven

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Tethcelebel stirred reluctantly as the morning sun cast it’s golden light on her face. She rolled over onto her side and sighed leasurily. The last two months had been a relaxing time for her, and she was fully healed of her injuries. The healing process had been a long one, and even though Elwen, Legolas, Elnar and Arwen were always close by, Tethcelebel had often felt lonely. This was due, in part, to the bond that had formed between Elwen and Elnar. They were close now, so close that, as a rule, anywhere one of the elf-maidens was, the other was too. Tethcelebel sat up and stretched before getting out of bed. She slipped into the adjoining chamber where a tub of water waited for her. She took a quick bath and dressed in a long flowing dress made of silky blue material. She left her room and walked down the hall to another room and rapped softly on the door.
“Come in!” Elwen called. Tethcelebel walked in and stood in the doorway. Elwen was kneeling on the floor next to her bed, packing her clothes into a bag. She looked up as Tethcelebel walked in, “Hey, Celebel!” she smiled, “You finally got up, eh?”
Tethcelebel nodded and smiled, “When are you leaving Elwen?”
“At noon, or so my brother says. We are taking Ohtarwen back to visit our home.” she answered without looking up.
“Do you need any help cousin?” Tethcelebel asked, her voice cracking on the last syllable.
Elwen looked up hearing Tethcelebel voice change, “Are you ok Celebel? What’s wrong?”
“Well, I wish you weren’t going so soon, Elwen,” Tethcelebel sighed, “especially because we haven’t had much time to talk lately.”
Elwen winced, “Oh right, I meant to talk to you about that. Are you mad at me becuase I’ve been ignoring you for Elnar?”
“A little…” Tethcelebel admitted, “I’ve felt a little left out lately.”
“I’m really sorry, Celebel. That wasn’t what I wanted to do. It’s just that you had to stay in bed and off your feet, and….” Elwen trailed off.
Tethcelebel nodded, “Well I hear you taught Elnar to fight. How good is she?”
“Not nearly as good as you!” Elwen grinned suddenly, her blue eyes bright with mischief, “Want to fight, Celebel?”
Tethcelebel’s face grew happy for a moment but fell suddenly, “You need to be packed so you can go, Elwen.” Elwen shruged and shook her head reaching under her bed for her weapons. Tethcelebel watched her for a moment, “Can you wait, Elwen? I need to change out of this dress!” Elwen grinned as Tethcelebel fled out the door and down the hall. She changed quickly and returned to Elwen’s room.
“Are you ready?” Elwen questioned. Tethcelebel nodded and Elwen continued, “Then let’s go!” Elwen shut the door behind her, closing off the mess from Tethcelebel’s view. The two walked out to the practice fields. Several other elves were already on the feild but they stopped their practice as they heard of Elwen’s plans to fight with her cousin. The two faced off in the middle of the feild with a large group of elves gathering to watch the fight.
“You’d think they were starved for entertainment, to have them all hang about and watch us!” Tethcelebel murmured under her breath to Elwen.
Elwen grinned and winked roguishly, “Well, that or they just want to see two beautiful elf-maidens have a fight!” Tehtcelebel grinned and backed up a step. She swung her long sword a couple of times through the air keeping her eyes on Elwen. Elwen began to circle, frocing Tethcelebel to do the same. Elwen’s eyes were bright with expectation of battle. She held the sword in her right upright, while the one in the left hand was dangling loosly by her side. For a few moments neither made a move, but kept circling. Sudden’y Tethcelebel charged, swinging her blade at her cousin. Elwen blocked the stroke with her right hand and made a quick sweep at Tethcelebel’s legs with the other. Tethcelebel saw the balde coming and jumped back.
“Come, Elwen,” she smiled condescendingly, “you aren’t even trying. Even a dwarf could have seen that coming!”
Elwen’s eyes sparkeled with mischief, “A dwarf you say? Then try this for speed!” As she psoke Elwen swung her sword at Tethcelebel.Tethcelebel was caught a little off guard but managed to block the blow , though she stumbeled backwards. Elwen grinned as she advanced on Tethcelebel, swing the swords.
Tethcelebel regained her balence and began to block Elwen’s blows. She took the offensive and drove Elwen back a little ways. The two girls increased the speed of their fighting until the movements of the blades were so quick as to be barely seen. As they stabbed and parried at each other, the elves watching cheered and whooped. Suddenly the elves fell silent.
As Elwen doged sideways, escaping one of Tethcelebel’s blows she noticed a figure standing over at the edge of the field. With a quick flick of her wrist, Elwen disarmed Tethcelebel.
“What was that for?” Tethcelebel exclaimed, “We were just in the middle of a good fight!”
“Fight is over, Celebel.” Elwen’s face was stoic as she spoke, “Your grandmother is here, and she doesn’t look happy!” Tethcelebel’s eyes flew over to the side of the feild where her grandmother was striding over to where she and Elwen stood.
“Good morning Lady Galadriel!” Elwen bowed her head in respect and took a step backwards.
“Grandmother! What are you doing out here?” Tethcelebel asked.
Galadriel’s face showed a little annoyance as she answered, “I’m here to find Elwen-Lothnar, who is supposed to be getting ready to return home. Who left her room a total mess.” She turned to where Elwen stood, “Elwen…” Elwen had seized her chance and slpped off to clean her room. Tethcelebel grinned as Galadriel stalked off the practice feild. She too left and headed for Elwen’s room.

Elwen, Ohtarwen and Legolas left at noon as planned. Tethcelebel stood next to Elwen’s horse, stroking it’s nose, as Elwen saddeled up.
“Lady Galadriel did not appreciate your slipping off, Elwen.” she spoke softly, so that her words fell on Elwen’s ears only.
Elwen smiled remembering and answered in the same tone, “I know, Cousin, but I apologized to her, and she said that I was welcome to return and stay anytime.”
“Really?” Tethcelebel’s eyes grew bright. “I would enjoy that. Come again soon Elwen, it is more fun when you are about.”
“Good bye, Celebel!” Elwen hugged her cousin. She mounted up and turned her horse’s head towards the gate of Caras Galadhon. Tethcelebel watched sadly as her cousins and Ohtarwen rode out of sight.
“You two are rather close, are you not?” Elnar asked, coming up behind Tethcelebel.
Tethcelebel nodded, “Yes, we are. And I shall miss her company.”
“Me too.” Elnar shrugged, “Partly becuase she left before she could teach me how to shoot arrows on the run.”
“I could teach you to do that!” Tethcelebel grinned.
“Yes, of course. Come on, we can start now.” Tethcelebel and Elnar walked off together talking happily.


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