The Adventure of Elwanda – I Didn’t know what to call it

by Jun 24, 2002Stories

Chapter one

One day a young elf named Elwanda. She had dark brown hair, big brown eyes; she also had very petite figure making her very fast.

One day she was walking in the woods, for she was a wood elf, and she thought she saw a Roc, or something that was unlike anything she had saw before. It gave her chills, for she had only herd of Orcs in books, she quickly ran back to her home.

” Daddy, Daddy where are you “

” I am right here Elwanda, what’s wrong you look like you just saw the dark lord himself?” her father said

” Daddy, daddy, I think I saw an Roc in the forest!” She said, exasperated from her trec back home

” Honey there could not be Rocs in our forest because they were driven out a very long time ago”

” But dad, I’m serous it was all green and ugly and covered in warts and muck like it had just rolled on the ground”

” Honey you don’t have to be worried it probably was only an elf all dirty from hunting, now go to the kitchen mother has some cookies ready for you”

So the next day she went into the forest but there was something was wrong because the forest stunk like mildew when it usually smelled like sweet flowers. So she went looking around.

‘ I wonder what happened’ she thought
But then out of no where there was a hiss and out of the trees came an Orc a horrible disgusting smelling Orc

” Ah, a little elf child hmmm I am quite hungry but you would be no more than a snack, WHAT DO YOU WANT!” he yelled

” Um,” Elwanda stuttered,” I was just taking a harmless walk in the woods and if you will excuse me I should get going my mother will be in a frightful fit if I don’t get home intime for dinner” she stammered this out

“Well ” the Roc hissed.

Then Elwanda ran away as quick as she could.
“Hey,” the Orc hissed back to her, ” Get back here I’m not finished with you yet”

As Elwanda ran she ran into a bunch of the other Orcs that were in the forest.

“LET ME GO YOU GOONS” Elwanda screamed

” We are goons now are we” one Roc laughed

” Ha I’ve never herd that one before” another Roc laughed

” Come on guys the boss will be super mad if we don’t get he back to him pronto” said the first Roc whose name was actually kitxzer

“Ok just let me get the thing picked up and then well be on our way”

Then they were off trudging through the woods, up the hills and down the paths until they came to a cave that was nestled behind some trees.

“Ok boss we got he now what do you want us to do with her” kiexzter said

” Just put her in the corner until I think of what to do with her” said kiert, the head Roc of the gang.

” STUPID ORCS, wait till my father hears about this” Elwanda cried

” Daddy, my dear will never know” kiert laughed as he shoved her more into the corner


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