That Which Was Not Written– Part 3 – Moria, Smèagol, Help

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That Which Was Not Written- Part 3
Moria, Smeagol, and help.

“Even if you will not come as part of the Fellowship, will you not accompany us in part- as a healer?”

“You know I will not, Gandalf. It would change the course of events as they are meant to be.”

It was only a few hours after the meeting of Elrond. Laurie sat small but upright on a small stood, in front of the pacing Gandalf. She gazed up at him with an air of quiet expectancy and large, emerald eyes. Her position told Gandalf nothing, for she always was straight, hidden. More so even than he.

Gandalf had the strangest feeling. He felt as if the young woman who sat before him knew not only what would happen, but also his very thoughts and memories. It was slightly disconcerting, though not as much so as if he had been human, or unused to the Qua’s presence.

And now the way she was watching him. It was soft, withdrawn, but at the same time with a startling intensity. Gandalf had met Laurie before on several occasions, and often was uncomfortable. But this, perhaps, out-ruled those times.

“We shall very likely need you.” Gandalf argued, knowing he would not persuade her. No one could.

“Yes, you will. But so do many others, yet I do not go to them. Sometimes it is for the better to go through troubles. There is almost always some evil that comes from good, however well it is hidden.” Laurie stopped for a moment, and only continued when Gandalf remained silent.

“I shall be there in your greatest hour of need, Gandalf.”

“In my time of need! It is Frodo who shall need you more!”

“Yes. But I cannot enter Mordor; you know that. The very air burns me and I would be unable to help in that place. I will be at the battlefield, helping all the others who need me.” Laurie looked at him a little sadly. “However, you shall see me. And, perhaps, I can assist Frodo without accompanying him. Take Merry and Pippin with you!”

Gandalf nodded, and said, wearily: “Merry and Pippin? How can they assist?”

“Take them, trust me, Gandalf.”

“So be it. But you make me curious, Qua, for you seem to know what this need of mine is before it has come about! Could you not stop it?”

“Could you not halt the orcs of Mordor with a single word?” Gandalf stayed silent. “Until I see you next, Mithrandir. May any kind luck that still exists bless you; for I fear that you shall need it. Farewell.”

“Farewell,” Laurie turned to go, “Qualara?” Laurie seemed almost pulled back by the name he called her, and stopped her graceful movement sharply.


“Watch Frodo, take care of him.”

“I will not promise that. For something may occur which I do not foresee.” But Gandalf saw upon the face of Laurie an almost imperceptible smile; and he felt safer for the young hobbit who very soon would start toward Mordor.


Several weeks- and chapters- later, the Fellowship of the Ring arrives at the entrance of Moria.

Everything has happened as it did in the book. Yet it was not mentioned that Smeagol was not the only one save orcs, trolls, and dark fire-demons in Moria at that time. There was one other, whose name you know.

In accordance with the promise she did not make to Gandalf, Laurie was indeed watching out for Frodo- but there was something further on her mind. The other in Moria whom Frodo did not meet yet. Gollum.

“We wants it my Precious. He took it from uss. Thief! Bagginsess!”

“Smèagol,” came a gentle call in the long dark of Moria, heard by two sets of ears only. “Smèagol, come here!”

“Who is it? Iss it another thief? Like the Bagginss?”

“No, Smèagol. It is I, Laurie.”

“A sstrange name, yess Precious. It is Laurie. Iss Laurie a thief? Iss sshe a Bagginsess?”

“No Smèagol, I am a friend.”

“A friend? Smèagol doesn’t have any friends. Do I Precious? Gollum, gollum!

“But I am a friend, Smèagol. Come sit by me.” Laurie smiled slightly, widening her eyes and tilting her chin down until she looked for a moment like one of the pretty halfling lasses on the river of Gollum’s once-home.

Intrigued, and almost remembering his old self, Gollum did come nearer, though he still stood a little way off. Laurie half turned on her “charm”, sitting down gracefully before Gollum on the rock ground, legs bend beneath her. She looked up a Gollum with kind, now bluish, eyes that radiated curiosity.

Gollum’s reaction to this was unusual, and almost wholly unexpected. He bent down, and seated himself. He looked for a moment like a very old hobbit remembering his youth, and half falling into it.

“Tell me about yourself.” Something came over Gollum then, and he did speak to Laurie, with very little hissing, we’s or Precious’s.

Smèagol told her stories of his youth, as if Laurie were a gasping hobbit-child at Bilbo’s birthday. Laurie listened. She was a wonderful listener- the kind that never interrupted or pressed him, or asked questions unless he wanted to answer them.

With such an audience, Smèagol found himself saying very much indeed . . .


Smèagol slowly rowed the boat into the middle of the river. Peony, a close friend of his, sat in the back of the boat, lounging.

“Dive in, Smèagol, you said you had found something- what was it, a cave?” Peony laughed cheerfully. “Come on. You promised.”

Smèagol smiled in pride. “Of course, Peony. Come with me and we will swim together.”

“No! You’ll just dunk me! Show me the cave from here!” Smèagol gave Peony a slightly evil grin. Peony had a sudden flash of intuition . . . “Smèagol!” But it was too late.

Smèagol dove out of the boat and swam under, tipping Peony out. They splashed each other, laughing. The rest of the day, the two friends fished, and explored the river bottom. All was peaceful.

Aragorn went to wake up the rest of the Fellowship. They stretched and talked among themselves.

Gollum jumped out of his story-telling dream and hissed, jumping away from Laurie in fright, then running. “She betrayed us, Precious, the nasstiess nearly got uss!”


Authors Note:
Sorry this took so long to get out, but I’m also working on “Angel of Music” and I had writers block on this story.


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