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This is my first story. Please read and comment!

This story must be told. I would feel I am disrespecting my friend’s memory by keeping this a secret. The story you are about to hear may sound unbelievable, but it’s true. It all happened to me,Vanessa Wellington, or more recently, Talani. It all started about…about three years ago. Let’s go back to that life altering moment. It was winter, February to be more exact. I was riding the bus to school, sitting in the very back, talking with my friends Jamie, Eve, Beth, and Debbie. I wasn’t too bad looking, tall and lanky with long layered reddish brown hair with greenish-grey eyes. They reminded me of the sea. Anyway, when we got to school, I went to my home room. This information isn’t that important . I’m describing a typical day for me, so you will understand what my life was like before. So school was boring, I rode the bus home, and when I was home I took the key from it’s hiding place under the geranium planter and let myself inside. I took off my snowy shoes. Then, I hung up my heavy backpack loaded with homework and hung up my coat. I went to a private school and had to wear a uniform (blech) so I went upstairs and changed into my workout clothes. I went down to my basement and ran a bit on the treadmill, then practiced dribbling with my soccer ball. I fed my tropical fish and sat down and watched them for awhile. I did homework, watched a little TV, and finished the book I was reading. I showered and went to bed around ten. My parents still weren’t home. This was a usual day. Both of my adopted parents were doctors, so I had a lot of independent time. They adopted me when I was a newborn baby. They met my mother, but all they told me about her was she seemed to have a strange calm, or peacefulness, about her. I loved my parents. They gave my almost everything I wanted and much, much more. But I shouldn’t dwell on the past. I’m running out of time. Back to the story. We’re getting closer to the hour that changed my entire life, not including all of the others’ lives. A day not much later than the one I just described, I was having lunch in the cafeteria with everyone and we were talking about how much we hated being a freshmen. “I hate being a freshman.” Debbie complained. I didn’t quite know how to respond to that, so I took a bite of my sandwich and nodded as Eve started plotting what we were going to do to the new freshmen next year, when we were sophomores. I wasn’t really listening. I was just staring at the far wall, zoned off and playing with my necklace. My necklace is very important to this story. It is a chain made out of a sort of bluish silver, and a circular charm made out of the same metal, left for me by my mother. There is an inscription on the back that said, “i vanwa uva tintil“. It was written in some other language, so I couldn’t read it. I checked on the Internet, and nothing came up, so I just figured the necklace was a family heirloom . Back to the cafeteria.
“Vanessa? Hello, are you there?” I snapped to attention as Jamie waved her hand in front of my face.
“Have you heard a word we said?” she asked.
“No.” I replied. I looked at my watch and saw it was time for our next class.
“Come on.” I said. I cleaned up my lunch, went to the freshman hallway, and got my English book from my locker. I walked to class with Beth. She was talking the whole way, and I didn’t hear a thing she said, because I had This sense of foreboding, like something was going to change. When we got there, I sat down in the back of the room and suddenly realized I had forgotten to do the assignment from the day before. I quickly opened my textbook and started to write down the answers to the questions on my worksheet . Unfortunately, Mr. Johnson walked up behind me, closed my book and wrote a big red zero on my paper. I sighed and crumpled up the paper. We got about halfway through the lesson when we were rudely interrupted by the door falling down Two strangely dressed men, one about middle aged, the other excruciatingly old with a staff, walked into the classroom. I suddenly felt a chill run down my spine, and I got a very weird feeling , like I was one of those Amazonian warriors and I had to protect my classmates. I stood up. The middle aged man was dressed in heavy dark robes. He surveyed the room. His eyes landed on me. He whispered something in the old man’s ear, and went to stand against the wall. The old man was dressed in a lighter colored robe. He closed his eyes, said a few words under his breath, and did a few motions with his hands. The desks flew to the sides of the room and the people went with them. I stood vulnerable, in the middle of the room.
“You.” the old man said, pointing at me.
“Come with us.” he commanded. When I didn’t move, he said,
“Come!” louder than the first time.
“Why?” I replied challengingly.
“I don’t need to explain anything to you.” he countered.
“Just follow me” I glared at him angrily.
“No. Not until you tell me why and where we are going.” The old man sighed.
“If you must know, you are the first of the five lost Elven Warriors.” Naturally, I was a little stunned by this bit of information.
“Excuse me?” I said thinking maybe I had heard wrong. Instead of explaining further, he took his staff and said very strange words and a humongous gust of wind swirled into the classroom, taking posters off the walls and blowing all loose papers around. I held my arms in front of my face to block the wind. I braced my feet against the floor to keep from flying backward. All of a sudden, the wind stopped, dropping everything it had picked up. I didn’t see why he had to ruin the classroom, and was about to ask the man why he had done this when something cold and metal slipped over my eye. When I took it off my head, I saw it was a circlet made of the same silver of my necklace. I put it back on and felt that my long layers had grown out. My ears had pointed tips. I looked down and saw I was wearing a beautiful light blue dress made of a strange thick gauzy material. Long sleeves widened at the wrist and went past my fingertips. The dress fit perfectly, and the extremely long skirt billowed around my feet. When I lifted a foot, I saw beautiful slippers the same color as the dress with leather soles. I felt a weight on my side and pulled a wonderfully crafted Elven sword with strange markings or runes on it.
“You see?” the old man said. I had forgotten he was there in my amazement at my transformation.
“You are an Elf.” He informed me. I must have looked clueless, because he sighed again and said,
” There is a land in an alternate reality called Middle Earth. It has a variety of `mystical creatures’ , as you might call them, such as Wizards, Elves, Maia, Hobbits, and Orcs, to name a few. There are forces of both good and evil. I am a force of evil and you a force of good.” I was surprised he would tell me this and still think I would go with him to Middle-earth or wherever he wanted to take me. It was a complete shock to learn I was a Elf because I had never shown I was different.
“If I’m a Elven Warrior, why can’t I fight?” I asked.
“You must be trained in the ways of fighting. Now come, before I have to start hurting these humans.” I realized I had completely forgotten I was surrounded by my classmates. I didn’t want any of them to get hurt. I stood there for a moment, wondering what was the right course of action.
“This is getting tiresome.” he said. “Here, look at this.” He raised his staff again, and held his other hand out palm up, and then a little flame appeared on his hand. I walked closer to get a better look. “This is a transportation spell.” he said. I stared into the fire, unable to look away. It started to take shape. It looked like a tiny person, dancing around above the old man’s hand. Suddenly, my vision blurred and went black for a minute. When I could see again, I felt very small. I saw the classroom as an ant might, and I was very frightened when I realized what had happened. I had become the person in the flame. I looked up and saw giant wrinkled fingers closing around me and everything went dark. I was extinguished.

Please comment! Constructive critisism appreciated. I need a confidence boost before I can post the next chapter. By the way, if anyone knows the correct way to spell grey (or gray) please tell me.


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