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When I woke up, I was sitting on a bench in a dark, damp cell. I had been chained to the wall. Upon inspection, I found I was unhurt. I was still wearing the blue dress, and the circlet was still on my head. I moved, and the chains on my wrists clanked. Immediatly, a tall man dressed in armor and carring a spear stepped into my cell. He stared at me for a few minutes with a grim look on his face, and I stared back. When he didn’t speak, I said,
“Um, excuse me? Do you could get these off me? They’re really uncomfortable.” He looked at me curiously for a second, then started speaking in a different language. I must have appeared confused, because he furrowed his brow at me and called a second guard in. He said something to him, and the second guard nodded and left. The original guard went back to staring. I shifted uncomfortably. Minutes passed in this manner, perhaps half an hour. Eventually, I heard some noises outside my cell, and the old man came in. He looked grumpy, so I stayed quiet. He said something in a commanding tone, and my guard let, I suppose to keep people from interrupting. The old man mumbled to himself a little bit, then seemed to notice I was there. He stared at me with pure venom in his gaze. recoiled in fright. I figured if he could turn me into a little dancing flame, and bring me here, he was not one to be trifled with.
“You are very lucky. Do you realize that?” he said quietly, in a deep, gravely voice. I took a quick,meaningful glance around at my surroundings, especially at my chained hands and replied,
“No.” This made him laugh. It was a harsh, grating sound. I hated it at once.
“If it were up to me, you never would have woken up. You would be…disposed of.” He started pacing back and forth, venting his anger at me.
“But no. You are precious. You are unique. You simply cannot be destroyed. You play a pivitol role in what’s to come. He wishes to speak with you personally“. At this he smirked at me. It wasn’t too pleasent, let me tell you.
“You won’t like that very much. ” He laughed again. I figured this would be a good time to chime in. “What the hell are you talking about?” I asked. He looked at me in confusion. I continued.
“Who are you? Where am I? Why am I here? Why did you dress me like this?” He hesitated for a second,then answered.
“I am Saruman. You are in Dol Gulder. You are here, alive, because my master apparently has need of you. I didn’t dress you like that, I revealed your true nature.” That phased me for a second, then I replied,
“Who is your master? What’s Dol Gulder? What do you mean, true nature?” This continued for a while. I won’t bore you with the gory details, and I don’t have time to write it all down anyway. During this question and answer process, I learned I was in a fortress in Middle-earth Saruman’s master was Sauron (how confusing is that!) and I was one of the five Elven warriors who had been scattered throughout the world I knew. I asked Saruman to elaborate, but he refused. As soon as my seemingly endless flow of questions was quenched, Saruman twirled around angrily and left my cell. As his robes moved, my eyes were drawn to the changing colors. I thought about how much that material would sell for back home. I sat there for a couple hours in a daze, absorbing what he had said. I thought this must be a dream. Nothing this fantastical could ever happen to me! I was just a lowly freshman girl that lived in boring Michigan. The crazy old man with the cool robes had made a mistake taking me. He probably got the school wrong. I shivered. All at once, I realized how cold I was. I lay down on the cold hard stone bench, silently longed for the feather mattress and warm comfortor back home. As fell asleep, I thought I saw a glow of a torch enter my cell.
When I woke up, I found I wasn’t cold anymore. I discovered a cloak had been spread out over me. It was a slightly darker blue than my dress and it kept me very warm. When I stood up and put it on, the bottom of it fell to just below my ankles The cloak was made out of cottony cloth and had a deep hood. I wondered where it had come from but didn’t have much time because the henchman came in. He was wearing really drab reddish-brown robes. He walked over to me and wordlessly removed my chains. As soon as they were off, he started pulling his dagger out of the scabbard at his side. I realized he was going to take me to speak to Sauron. Before he could get it all the way out, though, I punched him right in the nose. He staggered back, holding his bleeding nose. He had been momentarily blinded. I started realizing how useful a weapon would be trying to escape. I suddenly felt a weight at my side, and looked down to see a sword there. I pulled it out of the scabbard. It was beautiful. I touched the side and accidentally cut my finger. I didn’t stop to dwell on it though,because the little man was yelling what sounded like a long string of curses, and he was going to attract a lot of attention. I held the sword out in front of me, and ran out of the cell door. My guard looked very surprised. Before he could react, I raised the sword and hit him very hard in the head with the hilt of my sword. His eyes rolled up into his head as he slumped against the wall and slid to the floor. I put my hood up and continued down the hallway leading from my cell, straining to hear any suspicious noises. When I got to the end, the hallway split, one path leading left, one right. I chose the left one because there was a light coming from there. As I walked, I became aware of how loud my footsteps were. If anyone was farther along in the corridor, they would hear me. I tiptoed along quietly. There was a high stair at the end, lit with torches. As I went up them, I saw where they led and gasped with shock. The narrow stairway opened up into a huge circular hall. It was bare. There were torches on the wall, but their light was not strong enough to reach the middle of the room. A bit to my right there weretwo giant doors at least twice my height. After checking to make sure no one was behind me, I cautiously crept over to them. Tentively reaching out a hand, I grasped the ornate handle. I mustered what little courage I had and slowly opened the door. A loud, rumbling groan echoed around the hall and rolled down the staircase I had come from. I tensed, waiting for soldiers to come pouring in at me from all sides. Only seconds passed, but they seemed to drag themselves out as much as possible. No one came. I relaxed and took a step towards the inky abyss that stretched out in front of me. Then a shout reached my ears, sounding my doom. Someone must have either discovered I was gone or heard the door. I ran out the door and into a black forest. The trees emerged in front of me, enveloping me in the gloom. No moon shone to light my way, and the stars were dim. I stumbled blindly, tripping over roots sticking out of the ground. I glanced over my shoulder and spied a group of 15 or 20 armored soldiers with torches. I ran faster, falling occasionally. I was afraid to think. I just ran. Arrows started hitting the ground all around me. I turned, hoping to throw them off. But it was to no avail. They were catching up to me. Suddenly, pain exploded in my left shoulder. I looked back and saw an arrow had hit me. The shaft stuck out. I was bleeding profusly and knew I had to hide somewhere and tend to my wound. I started to feel faint. I slowed down and leaned against a tree. The last thing I saw were torches and a soldier pointing at me.

As always, comments and constructive critisism are appreciated. If any of the words are spelled wrong, I’m sorry but the spell checker on my computer isn’t working.


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