Taken To Middle-Earth: Chapter One

by Jul 29, 2004Stories

My name is Kris……………….this is my story…………

“Holy Cow, what a boring day. As usual, nothing was happening in my life that I could enjoy. I was hopelessly sitting in my living room watching LOTR with my friend Luke. “Wow, I’m bored” says Luke, “Join the club,” I said. As the movie got to the part where Frodo was preparing to depart for Bree, the room began to shake violently.

“What’s happening?” said Luke, “I don’t know.” I say. We were being pulled into the TV. Then we blacked out. When we woke, we were in a small house and Frodo’s face was leaning over mine. “Holy cripes” I said and i jumped out of the bed. “Where are we?” “You are in Bag End of the Shire,’
Frodo said, “And who are you?”

“Im Kris and this is Luke,” as I gestured to my friend. “Im Frodo Baggins” said he. “Now if you’ll excuse me I must go to Bree, can you find another place to stay” said Frodo. “Gandalf, Sam, these two have aroused.” In walked Sam, staring at us in confusion and suspicion. Following him was Gandalf, hitting his head on the ceiling on the way in.

“Frodo,” said Gandalf, ‘We cannot delay any longer, the Nazgul are coming.” “Very well, let us be off.” said Frodo.

“Wait, Luke and I are coming too.” I said in a hurry. “We are?” says Luke, “Yes,” I said, “Gandalf,” I said, ‘Luke and I are very able to help and protect Frodo and Sam.” “Okay, I shall permit you to travel with them.” said Gandalf. “Now quickly, go!”

Hope you liked it, its my first time. Give me any criticism neccessary, i need to always improve.


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