Struggle To Live – Chapter 6: The Attack (Part I)

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Struggle to Live

Author: ZeroCool

Overall Summary: An ancient evil rises two years after War of the Ring. Legolas is cursed and is dying. The fellowship is regrouped to search for the cure before Legolas needs to choose between death and becoming the next Dark Lord.

Summary for last chapter: Gimli finally came to Legolas. Elrond, Mithrandir, and the hobbits were close to Mirkwood. Aragorn had a flashback about his friendship. Monsters appeared again in Mirkwood.


Chapter 6: The Second Attack (Part 1)

The sound of the horn could be heard in the Mirkwood. More elves went toward the southern bounder to prepare for whatever was threatening the kingdom.

An elf broke into his king’s room, “King Thranduil and Prince Tekrir, the monsters appear again in the southern bounder!”

Thranduil replied, “Alright, call all the elves that are capable fighting to help; those that aren’t, move them to the underground fortress for safety,” then he turned to his son, “Tell Rean to come, and don’t let Legolas know what is going on. Keep him in his room by all mean.” He rode to the southern bounder to lead his people against the monsters.

Tekrir was about to find Rean, but the older brother appeared and asked, “What is going on?”

“We are under attack by those unknown creatures on the southern bounder.”

A spark of anxiety lit across Rean’s grey eyes, “Let’s go. We are needed to protect our people.”

“Yes, but first I need to make sure Legolas stays in his room.”

Rean’s expression turned into anger and disgust, “I still don’t understand why all of you care such a bastard!”

The third prince was outraged by his brother’s words, but tried to calm himself down, “It isn’t the time to fight, Rean, and so don’t start one now! Go first. I will be right behind you.” He continued to Legolas’ room, ignoring the hiss from his brother.


Roltelo ordered his people to pull back, because it was too dark to see the attackers even they had torches. They needed to get to a place where there was more light to see.


He turned around and saw his crown prince came back with Aragorn and one other human. All the elves rejoiced to see their prince. “My prince! You are here! And King Elessar also!”

Aragorn asked, “What are those things in the dark? We encountered and killed some of them on our way, but there seem to be a large number of them. We are in a hurry, thus we didn’t examine them closely”

The guardian admitted, “We don’t know much about them also, but they are the same creatures that attacked Prince Legolas.”

Arail clutched his fist when he heard those were the cause of his brother’s pain. He couldn’t allow anymore people fell into the victim of those foul monsters. He commanded, “Everyone! Moves to the Northern Lake, there will be more space and light to fight.”
All the elves followed Arail and Aragorn. Then, they saw Thranduil and Rean leading another band of elves. Arail said, “Adar, we are going to Northern Lake.” The king had no time for formality. He simply nodded to Aragorn and Faramir.

“How is Legolas, King Thranduil?” Aragorn asked. Faramir wanted to know also.

Rean winced at the name and snorted. Thranduil disregarded his son’s behavior and answered, “He is not well. I told Tekrir to make sure he stays in his room. His dwarf friend will be able look after him, I hope.”

Aragorn wasn’t surprise to know Gimli was here. After all, he and Legolas’ friendship ran deep.


Legolas and Gimli heard the horn, they knew something was going. Legolas wanted to go outside, but only stopped by his friend.

“Gimli! That was our horn! Unless we are under attack, else we don’t use the horn to alarm the others,” Legolas stood up from his bed, and tried to walk toward the door without support.

The dwarf knew the elf had no condition to fight, let alone to walk. “Legolas, you need to stay here. It’s for your safety.”

“I am not a child, and this is my home! My people need me. As a prince, it is my responsibility to save my people.” Legolas countered.

Gimli was about to object when Tekrir came in. Legolas demanded answer immediately, “Tekrir, what is happening outside?”

Tekrir sounded casual as he picked up Legolas and put him back to bed, “Legolas, there is nothing to worry about. It’s only some orcs.” The younger elf struggled, but couldn’t fight off his brother’s strong hold in his weaken state.

“It’s more than that! The trees are frightened, just like in that night. Those monsters appear again, am I correct?”

The older prince knew he couldn’t hide the truth from his brother. “Yes, but please stay inside, Legolas. We don’t want you to hurt yourself furthermore,” he observed his brother, and continued as if he could read the latter’s thought, “You are not inferior, my dear brother. We love you too much that we cannot bear to see you suffer. Please, this is not a command, this is a pleading. Promise me that you will stay here away from dangers outside.”

Legolas considered awhile, and reluctantly agreed, “I will stay.” Gimli and Tekrir were pleased at his submission.
He turned to his friend, “Gimli, I have a request.”

The dwarf walked closer to Legolas, and spoke softly, “Anything.”

“Can you go with Tekrir to make sure my people are safe? They will need your skill. I know this is a dangerous task, and you don’t need to agree to do it.”

Gimli replied without hesitation, “Of course I will help! Do not worry. I will make sure everyone is safe from whatever foul creatures! You have my word!”

Legolas lied back down to his bed, and smiled. “Be careful.”

“We will.” Tekrir said, as he covered his brother with blanket. He and Gimli looked at the youngest prince one last time, before they went to face the monsters.


“Stay in a distance from those monsters; do not make any contact with them. Only use bows and arrows as weapon; do not use close combat.” Aragorn advised.

The light shined over dozen monsters’ faces. The dark slimy monsters with flagella stared hungrily at their preys. The elves and humans got into positions and were ready to fight.

“There are more!” An elf exclaimed and pointed to the shadows that didn’t belong to any object. Everyone looked down carefully. Some of the shadows moved while every inch of their bodies were coherent to the ground, others had their transparent bodies lifted up. They didn’t have a constant form, but changed as the liquid.

Arail shouted, “Attack before they outnumber us!”

Arrows started to fly toward the monsters. They were able to hurt the dark slimy monsters, but the arrows fled pass the shadows’ bodies unharmed.

Thranduil commanded, “Do not aim at the shadows, for our weapons can’t hurt them!”

Most of the monsters were killed, but the shadows’ numbers had increased.

“Do you notice the shadows stay away from those who have the torches?” Faramir commented to his king, while shooting an arrow to kill another monster.

Aragorn looked closely, and discovered that his former steward was right. “They are afraid of the fires. Everyone uses the fires to burn the shadows,” he yelled.

The result was a success when the shadows screamed when they were lit with fire. However, something giant fled across the sky. It was a dragon-like creature.

“Great! Just what we need,” Arail said, as he aimed at the sky. His arrow hit the target, but it didn’t cause much damage as the flying creature fled toward them with great speed. “Look out for the flying creature!” He suddenly noticed an arrow flying toward him, but the arrow was not meant for him, it was for the monster next to him that he didn’t know previously.

He looked at the owner of that arrow, and saw Rean smirked, “It’s not like you to be such careless, Arail!”

The oldest brother smiled, and continued to kill the monsters.


“Maybe I was too optimistic when I was sure we could make it to Mirkwood in time,” Elrond sighed. “I hope Legolas can hold on until we reach him.”

Gandalf looked at the sleeping hobbits while smoking the weed, “Don’t blame yourself. The rain did come sooner than we thought it would. Besides, the hobbits are tired and they need their rest.”

The elf lord watched the movement of the trees, and expressed his concern, “What worries me the most is the situation of the wood elves. The trees are terrified by something. I am afraid evil has fallen upon Mirkwood.”

The wizard had this strange feeling also. “Let’s wake the little ones up.”

Elrond agreed. He didn’t want to fail his kin.


Once Legolas was sure Gimli and Tekrir left, he got off his bed and walked toward his bows. He felt his body was splitting apart from the pain, but he bit his lips to ignore it. The hall was empty. All the elves were either in the underground fortress or were fighting the monsters. He fought hard to stay conscious as he ran, following the sound of the trees.

“It is because of my love ones that I need to fight this battle, even if it means to die.”

End of Chapter 6


Information on the original characters that have appeared or mentioned in this chapter so far:

Arail: Legolas’ oldest brother and the crown prince of Mirkwood. He was a millennia year older than Leoglas.

Tekrir: Legolas’ third brother and was about 800 years older than Legolas.

Rean: Legolas’ second oldest brother.

Roltelo: Guardian of Mirkwood.

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