Struggle To Live – Chapter 5: How the Friendship began

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Struggle to Live

Overall Summary: An ancient evil rises two years after War of the Ring. Legolas is cursed and is dying. The fellowship is regrouped to search for the cure before Legolas needs to choose between death and becoming the next Dark Lord.

Summary for last chapter: Gimli arrived Mirkwood; Aragorn and Faramir met Arail.

Author Notes: This is my first story! So please give me some advice on how I can improve my writing. And I want to mention that English isn’t my first language and I have only spoken English for four years. Please understand if the story contains *major* usage and grammar errors.

Many thanks to those who gave me comments for previous chapters!!! So here is chapter 5! You can also go to to read up to chapter 11 if you like.

**************************************************************************** **********

Chapter 5: How the friendship began

Gimli walked lightly into the room, tried to be quiet enough not to wake his friend. He saw Thranduil stood up and walked toward him. The king’s usual stern face softened a lot from the weariness. His golden hair wasn’t neatly braided as it used to be, Gimli figured the elf-king didn’t have much time to care for his attire while he took care his son.

The dwarf looked at his friend, and his heart sank when he saw the unnatural pale skin from the distance. His friend was deep in his sleep, his breathing sounds were fast and shallow. Gimli wanted to go to Legolas’ side, but was stopped by Tekrir when the prince placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Adar, I apologized that I haven’t informed you earlier. I asked Master Gimli to come here and stay with Legolas,” Tekrir spoke softly, “It will be good to have his friend to support him.”

Gimli thought the king would thunder at them, but Thranduil only nodded in understanding, “Yes, it is a good idea. I am sure he will be pleased.” He turned to Gimli, and smiled, “Thanks for coming here to see my son.”

Not believing in what he saw and heard, Gimli had an urge to pinch himself to see if it was real or not. Thranduil had never been nice to him, even though Legolas made it clear that they were friends. Gimli understood Legolas’ sickness must have a tremendous effect on the king. He bowed to Thranduil, said, “Legolas and I were great friends, your majesty. I swear to you that I will help and support him until the day I die!”

The king smiled warmly, and was happy to know such a closed friendship could happen between his son and a dwarf. He let Gimli to step closer to Legolas’ bed.

Gimli tried hard to hold back his tears; the once strong and cheery elf was gone, but he knew Legolas didn’t want or need people crying over him. He touched Legolas’ left hand, and saw strange markings. He lifted up the blanket to examine closely. Under the slender form, he could see the markings stretched all the way up to the shoulder and part of the left side of the chest.

Shaking, Gimli demanded for explanation, “What is wrong with Legolas? You told me Legolas was injured by some foul creatures, but what about those markings? Where did they come from?”

“Those markings appear on the wound where the monster bit him. We do not entirely understand what those markings are, for we have not seen such thing before, Master Gimli, but I assume the markings are the traces of poison in his veins. The areas that have markings on cause him pain, and his fever can’t be broken. He became weaker as the markings extend to the rest of his body.” The prince tried to explain, “Arail went to find Lord Elrond and Mithrandir’s help. They should arrive in few days.”

They all turned to the bed when they heard a deep moan. They saw the young elf’s eyes opened, stared at them with his grey eyes. Legolas didn’t feel as bad as before, though the left side of his body still pained him greatly. “Gimli!?” He was surprised to see Gimli’s presence and tried to sit up, but decided against it as crimson spread across the cheek when he realized he was naked under the blanket.

Thranduil smiled at his son’s embarrassment, “I am sorry, child. You just had a high fever, and I gave you a cold bath to lower the fever down. I was afraid to wake you up if I dressed you.”

“It’s alright, ada,” the young prince smiled, and then turned to Gimli, “What are you doing here, my friend? I certainly didn’t expect you to be here. Don’t tell me you miss me already after only separating for few months, dwarf.”

Gimli exclaimed after hearing his friend’s joke, “Well, if a certain crazy elf didn’t get himself hurt, this dwarf wouldn’t be here. It is very obvious that you can’t live without me looking after you.”

“I know dwarves are stupid. In case you forget, I had lived more than hundreds of years before you were born, and I was fine in all those years.”

Thranduil watched the two argued heatedly. He saw happiness on Legolas’ face even though the pain hadn’t left him. It was all they could offer now.

The dwarf wasn’t pleased to see how thin his friend was; he needed to make the elf eat. Just then, Tekrir brought some light oatmeal for Legolas. The youngest prince’s face turned green at the sight of food. The older brother smiled, “Don’t worry. It’s mostly milk in the oatmeal. Your body won’t disagree with it.”

Legolas tried to eat, but couldn’t finish half of it. Gimli wanted him to eat more, but was afraid to do more harm than good. He told Thranduil and Tekrir to rest while he stayed with Legolas. Thranduil knew Gimli would take good care of his son, and Legolas would love his company, so he retired to bed to sleep for the first time in eight days. Tekrir went to sleep also, but not before finishing some paper works first.

Drowsiness started to claim Legolas as Gimli told him the events happened in Lonely Mountain after their last visit. The elf fought hard to keep his eyes open; he slept a lot lately, but his tiredness didn’t leave him. Part of him was afraid that one time he would never open his eyes again, another part told him it would be good for everyone if he died.

“Legolas?” Gimli stopped his tale when he noticed the distress on his friend’s face. His friend shook his head, trying to tell him that nothing was wrong. However, he saw tears flowing down from Legolas’ eyes. Gimli thought his friend was in great pain. He stood up and wanted to call for Thranduil, but Legolas pulled his hand.

The prince murmured, “Stay, don’t leave, Gimli.”

The dwarf sat back down, holding his friend’s hand gently, “I am not going anywhere,” he continued, “After you heal, we will go to places together again.”

Legolas didn’t say anything. He wasn’t sure if he would live through this, but he nodded and smiled to Gimli anyway.

*************************************************************************** ***********

“Can we stop and eat something now?” Merry whined, rubbing his stomach to implied his hunger.

Pippin agreed, “Yes, it’s time for lunch.”

Sam pointed out the very obvious fact, “We haven’t ate second breakfast yet.”

Frodo looked at the wizard and the elf-lord expectedly.

Gandalf knew the hobbits wouldn’t stop complaining if they were hungry. He looked at Elrond for consent.

Elrond said aloud, “A heavy rain is approaching; it will be here by nightfall. We need to move on, Mirkwood isn’t far away and we can get there before dark.”

The hobbits sighed sadly when they realized they weren’t going to stop until they reached Mirkwood.

The wizard understood elves would never make mistake about the weather. But seeing the depressing looks on the hobbits, he had to think of something to make them willing to go on further. “Lord Elrond, I go to Mirkwood pretty often and I still think they have the best mushrooms. Do you think so?”

The elf lord didn’t connect the mushrooms and their journey, but when he saw the looks on the hobbits faces, he smiled and answered, “Yes, Mirkwood does have the best mushrooms.”

“Really?” Pippin and Merry asked in chaos.

Elrond nodded to confirm.

The hobbits looked at each other, and their excitement was written all over their faces. They motioned their ponies to continue and started to talk about what food was the best to go with mushrooms.

The raven hair elf smiled to Gandalf’s ingenious.

**************************************************************************** **********

Rean approached Mirkwood’s border quickly. He was surprised he didn’t see a single orc or giant spider along the way. Roltelo saw their prince riding toward them, and immediately sent an elf to carry the words to the king. He went forth to greet the grey-eyed prince. The prince didn’t come down from the horse, “What happens here? The security around the boundary has increased.”

The guardian answered, “Yes, my prince. Unknown creatures appeared few days ago.”

“Anyone injured?”

Roltelo lowered his head and nodded.

Rean didn’t waste any time and started to rush to the palace. Sad songs could be heard on his way. If the whole kingdom was grieving, it had to be someone important who was hurt.

His father was waiting for him. He mounted down quickly and hugged his father, “Adar, thank Valar you are alright! Tekrir wrote to me and so I come back as soon as I can. Roltelo told me someone was injured by foul creatures. I thought it was you.”

Judging by Rean’s anxiety, Thranduil concluded that his son didn’t know the whole incident. “It is Legolas. Legolas is hurt seriously and he is dying.”

The prince released his father immediately after hearing it. His face didn’t have any trace of concern, “Serves him right!”

Thranduil couldn’t believe what he heard. His anger rose, “Rean, I will not allow your ill-disposed behavior toward your brother!”

Rean snorted, “He should have died a long time ago. In fact, he shouldn’t be born in the first place. He is the reason why mother was dead. His birth was a mistake. He is a mistake!”

The elf-king slapped his son, he couldn’t listen anymore. “Legolas didn’t cause your mother’s death. I have been trying to explain it to you many times already. Who do you think is affected the most after she died? Not you! Not me! Not Arail or Tekrir! But Legolas. He has never had a chance to know her. He had grown up without any motherly love that every child was supposed to have.”

The young prince turned around. He glanced back before he left, “No matter what you said adar, Legolas killed mother. That’s the fact! And I will be glad if he dies.”

The king watched his son went to his room. “What have I done wrong?” he asked, but received no answer.

**************************************************************************** **********

Raindrops started to fall down to Middle Earth, soon their number increased and thunder started to yell across the sky. Aragorn, Faramir, and Arail had to hide in the cave outside Mirkwood while waiting for the rain to stop.

“Curse it! I thought we could reach Mirkwood in time,” Arail fussed angrily, while Aragorn was making the fire and Faramir trying to calm the horses under the loud sound of thunderstorm, “This rain will last at least until next morning.”

Memories flowed back as Aragorn observed the cave. He remembered one time he and Legolas hid in a cave outside Riverdell during one thunderstorm, “Arail, do you remember the time when I was four and met you, Tekrir, and Legolas the first time?”

Arail raised his eyebrows, he recalled it. It was like yesterday when the grown man before him was a mere child whose height couldn’t even reach his waist. He smirked, “You were such a brat, Estel.”

Aragorn laughed, “It was all Elladan’s and Elrohir’s faults!” And let his mind drifted back into the time.


“Estel, it is bed time now.” Elrond spoke tenderly to his foster son, and then to other children who were played with him, “You all should be home in this hour.”

Other children bowed to Elrond and waved goodbye to Estel as they went separate ways to home. The elf-lord studied Estel carefully, and smiled at his dirtiness. Estel always ended up looking awful after playing, as if he had rolled himself in mud in every chance he got, “You need to take a bath, again.”

The human child whined while playing his fingers, “No I don’t need a bath, ada.”

Elrond knew his son would protest. He picked Estel up and caressed his back, “I will wash you. Do you like to play with bubbles today? What about a bubble bath?”

Estel smiled in delight at his father, “Okay, I don’t mind bubble bath. I like to blow the bubbles. Can you make me a huge bubble like last time ada?”

“Yes, anything you like.”


After the bath, Elrond put Estel to his bed. “Ada?” Estel called while his father pulled the blanket up to his chin, “I heard my friends said some elves from Mirkwood, the home of giant spiders, will come tomorrow when you are going to Lothlorien.”

Elrond chuckled when he heard his son referred Mirkwood as ‘the home of giant spiders.’ He didn’t want his son to know, because if he knew, then he might be too excited and stayed up all night. He answered anyway, “Yes. The elves who will come are the king and princes of Mirkwood. I will go to Lothlorien with the king and one of the princes. You need to be good with other princes while I am gone.”

“Why are they staying here? Is it because there are too many giant spiders? How can they live with all the spiders anyway? They have more than ten legs. . . no wait, maybe seven. . . ah, they have many legs, and many eyes also! And they are hairy and ugly! Wouldn’t the spiders love to eat elves?”

Elrond knew his son would ask million questions before he slept. He needed to end this now, or he would have to answer more, “Go to sleep now, or you will be too tired to play tomorrow.”

Estel reluctantly stopped bubbling, and started drifting off when he felt his father’s hand brushing his hair. Elrond stood up and moved toward the door. He smiled when he heard a faint sound saying, “Good night, ada.” Elrond looked at the child one last time before he stepped outside, “Good night, my son,” and closed the door gently behind him.

The twins slipped into their foster brother’s room after they saw their father left. Elladan poked the sleeping child to wake him up. He opened his eyes slowly and saw who it was. “What’s wrong? Elladan? I am sleepy,” he tried to push the elf off and nuzzled on his pillow.

“You know about the Mirkwood elves, right?” Elrohir aroused the child’s interest, and he popped out his head from the pillow, and listened carefully.

Elrohir cleared his throat and started to talk in a mysterious tone, “We are just trying to warn you, Estel. Beware of those elves, especially the prince who has grey eyes called Legolas.”


“Haven’t you heard? He loves to give candies to little kids and lure them to the giant spiders so they won’t eat Mirkwood elves.” Elrohir whispered slowly to increase the effect while Elladan tried hard not laugh.

Estel’s eyes grew to two large sausages, “Oh no! That’s why Mirkwood elves can live with the spiders! Will he use me to feed the spiders as well? What am I going to do?” He looked at Elladan and Elrohir with gooey pleading eyes.

The older twin’s face remained as neutral as possible. He couldn’t speak because he was afraid he would crack and laughed hysterically if he did. He was still amazed at his brother’s ability to trick children even though they were twins and they had been together a long time. He almost felt sorry for Estel for being a victim of their joke; he would have, if the child didn’t look so cute when he was scared.

Elrohir said seriously, “Stay away from him. Don’t be trick by his kindness! He only pretends to be nice!”

Estel nodded, with tears threatened to come out as he covered his head with the blanket.

Looking at the poor child, Elladan’s guilt raised up. *Why do you have to play Estel this way? You are making him cry!*

*Hey! You agreed to the plan also!* The younger twin thought back, *Besides, have you forgotten what Legolas did to us?*

Elladan answered through his mind without hesitation, *No!*

*Alright then. Let’s follow the plan.* Elrohir spoke up, “Don’t worry Estel. We have a plan to scare the bad elf away!” The twins joined into the blanket and told Estel what ideas they had.

The child could help but exclaimed, “What if ada finds out?” He didn’t forget last time when they did ‘that’ to Glorfindel.

“Remember? He will be gone with King Thranduil to Lothlorien for three weeks.”

Estel smiled. They were going to make sure the ‘bad elf’ wouldn’t hurt anyone.


“Wake up, Estel.” Elrond shook the child slightly, trying to end whatever dream he was having. He rubbed his eyes and stretched, the he remembered the plan he and his brother had. He quickly got up from the bed and ran into the bathroom to brush his teeth and dress up.

The elf-lord’s instinct told him that something was wrong. Something was definitely wrong. After waking up seeing his two sons eating breakfast unnaturally early and seeing his foster son waking up without any problems or whining . . . He knew their sons were up to something, and it had to do with Thranduil’s sons, but what could they possibly do? Glorfindel would be watching after them while he and Thranduil were gone, so they couldn’t get into any trouble. He hoped they wouldn’t. He sighed and went to prepare for Thranduil’s arrival.

Elrond and Glorfindel smiled to see the elves with Mirkwood color clothing approached, although their intention to Riverdell wasn’t a positive one. “King Thranduil, it has been a long time.”

The golden hair king greeted after he dismounted his horse, “Yes, Lord Elrond and Lord Glorfindel.” The four princes did the same.

“So, Prince Rean will accompany us to Lothlorien while other princes stay here?” Elrond knew why Thranduil chose Rean to go with them. It wouldn’t be pretty if he were to stay with Legolas in Riverdell. Mirkwood’s situation had been quite good these past months, Thranduil felt it would be good for his sons to come outside for a while, and he believed it would be good to establish relationship between the young lords and princes also.

“Yes. It wouldn’t give Lord Glorfindel too much problems, would it? I remember last time when they stayed together. . .” Thranduil stopped when he saw the two young lords and a child came out. He thought he saw the twins grinned evilly toward his youngest son, while the child hid behind his foster father. The child had never met them before.

Elladan and Elrohir went to embrace the Mirkwood princes, and they told them what they had planned to do in the next two weeks.

“Thranduil, this is my son Estel who I mentioned to you before.” Elrond cooed his foster son to greet the Mirkwood king and princes, “Estel, this is King Thranduil of Mirkwood. The one with shorter hair is Prince Arail. Prince Rean is the one with a ring on his right hand. The elf who wears blue tunic is Prince Tekrir. And the one with long braid hair and smiling is Prince Legolas.”

Estel shrieked when he heard Legolas’ name. He tugged on Elrond’s leggings and refused to let go. “Ada! I don’t want you to go to Lothlorien! Stay here with me!”

“I will be gone for only two weeks.” The elf lord tried to stop the child crying.

Legolas went to the child. He spoke softly, “Come on, Estel. Elladan, Elrohir and Glorfindel are here with you. My brothers and I will play with you also. Do you want some candies? What flavor do you like?”

Instead of calming down, Estel cried harder. He let go of his foster father and ran away. The young prince was confused at the child’s reaction. He wondered if he said something wrong to upset the poor thing.

Elrond wanted to go after him, but Glorfindel told him to not to worry. He agreed and prepared to leave. The king said goodbye to his sons. Rean hugged his brothers before he left, except Legolas. He didn’t look at Legolas the whole time, as if he was disguist by his youngest brother.

The youngest prince looked at Glorfindel after the company left, “We should go see if Estel is alright.”

Elladan said, “No, Legolas. You and your brothers should rest for tonight. Glorfindel, can you bring the princes to their room? I and Elrohir will go after Estel.”

While the Mirkwood princes followed Glorfindel to their rooms, Legolas still worried about the child. “Legolas? What’s wrong?” Arail asked, “Is it because of Estel?” knowing his brother especially loved children and couldn’t bear to watch them cry.

Legolas shrugged, “I feel that he cries because of me. . . I just don’t know why.”

The oldest prince laughed at his brother’s sentiment, “You make him cry? Come on Legolas! You are always good with children. Maybe he just afraid of strangers.”

“It is not usual for Estel to act this way. He usually doesn’t afraid of strangers,” Glorfindel replied.

Tekrir put a hand on Legolas shoulder, “Don’t worry. Elladan and Elrohir will take good care of him. Let’s rest first.”


Elladan knocked on his foster brother’s door, “Estel, it’s us. Open the door.”

The child opened a gap to see if they were truly his brothers. He let them come in quickly and closed the door. “The bad elf wants to feed me the spiders by giving candies to me!” Tears started to come out.

The older twin held the child while soothing him, “It’s okay. No one is going to hurt you.”

Elrohir patted his head, “Estel, let’s proceed to ‘Operation Bad Elf’.”


“It is a nice morning,” thought Legolas, as he changed out of his nightgown and looked at the closet full of clothes. Rivendell didn’t have any clothes with Mirkwood colors, but it was good to have a change. Legolas picked out some blue ones and tried them on. He looked at the mirror, feeling satisfy with his looks. He was about to step outside the hall to get some breakfast, but was greeted by a bucket of cold water when he opened the door. He tried hard not to scream. He knew this kind of trick; only the twins were capable of doing it. He went back his room and changed his clothes again.

As he walked down the hall, he tried to recall the other jokes the twins had used on him. However, he suddenly thought of Estel. He hoped the child would feel better this morning. He couldn’t shake off the feeling that he was the reason why Estel cried yesterday. The thought was interrupted when his feet kicked a string on the floor. *Oh no! I am too careless!*


Everyone was in the dining room to eat breakfast. Arail was concern at his youngest brother’s lateness. Legolas was never late in the morning. *Maybe I should go check on him,* Arail thought. Just then, Legolas came in. He was all wet and his left side of hair was slightly shorter. The twins and Estel tried not to laugh at their job.

“What happens, Legolas?” Glorfindel rose from his chair. Tekrir went to get a towel for Legolas.

Arail turned to the twins, “What did you do to my little brother this time!”

Tekrir came back and hanged Legolas the towel, “Peace Arail, we don’t know if it was Elladan and Elrohir’s doing.”


Elladan spoke defensively, “We were outside playing all morning, weren’t we Estel?”

Everyone turned to the child. The child nodded.

“So it couldn’t be us,” concluded the younger twin.

The oldest prince eyed him suspiciously, “He is your brother. Of course he will speak of your favor.”

Legolas spoke up, “If Estel said they didn’t do it, they didn’t.”

“What makes you so sure? Maybe that brat is helping them,” Arail glared at Estel, which made the child hid behind Glorfindel.

“Estel is only a mere child. Children don’t lie! I believe in him.”

Arail couldn’t figure out his brother’s mind. He always thought children were all innocent, but to Arail, children were nothing but troubles.

Many things happened to Legolas the following days. The heating water system in his bathroom was turned off; his shampoo was changed into pink dye, so his hair remained pink for a few days; his closet and bed were full of sand and bugs; his ratios of food were put with hot spice; his door and windows were full of water-bucket traps.

Arail tried to warn him of Elladan and Elrohir, but Legolas wouldn’t listen, because he believed Estel’s words. Tekrir felt it was what the twins planned; everyone knew Legolas’ tendency toward children.

Estel was playing outside in the garden, plotting the next act he and his brothers would use against the bad elf. But when he thought about Legolas, he didn’t think he was bad at all.

“Hello, Estel.” Estel turned around and saw Legolas smile brightly at him. He was afraid. They were all alone. If that Mirkwood elf wanted to capture him to the giant spiders, this would be a good time to do it.

He replied shakily, “What. . . what do you want?” He backed away to the tree.

Legolas smiled, “I just want to see how you are doing.” He reached out to the child, “You have a leaf on your hair.”

Estel thought Legolas was going to hurt him. He turned away and started to run. Legolas was alarmed and ran after him.

The elf was aware that they ran outside of Rivendell’s border. Dark clouds were forming on the sky, blocking the sunlight. He needed to stop the child before they. . . *Orcs* he heard the orcs footsteps. “Stop Estel!” Legolas saw an arrow was aiming toward the child; he jumped and knocked Estel down.

“Ah! Orcs!” Estel saw the orcs marching toward them. Legolas whispered, “Hide in the bushes.”

Estel listened, he didn’t know what else to do anyway. He watched as the elf aimed at the orcs from a distant. His shots were deadly. Before Estel could blink, Legolas took out a dagger and killed the rest of the orcs.

Legolas ran toward the child, he had a few cuts from the battle, “Are you alright?” Estel tried to stand up, but fell back down, holding his left knee. “I think I hurt my knee,” he said softly.

The elf looked up to the sky, “It’s going to rain soon.” Then, he picked the child up. He spotted a cave nearby, and decided it would be a good place to stay. Rains started to fall after they arrived to the cave.

The child asked, his voice was a little over inaudible level, “You are not going to take me to feed the giant spiders, are you?”

The prince laughed, “Feed you to the spiders? Why would I want to do that?”

“Elladan and Elrohir said you give children to the spiders so they won’t eat the Mirkwood elves.”

Realization hit Legolas. He understood why the child was afraid of him, and who were behind all those incidents. He laughed heartily, “They are just playing with you. We Mirkwood elves don’t feed children to the giant spiders.”

“They are?”

“Yes. Well, they are probably trying to get back on me, after I accidentally pushed them off to the river while we were fishing many years ago.”

“It isn’t nice to lie to me. They make me so scare that I had nightmares,” Estel said in a tiny voice.

Legolas noticed the child was shivering. He took off his outer clothes and wrapped it around him. “I will go look for some dry woods and herbs for your knee. Stay here.”

Estel didn’t want to be left alone, but he was too cold to protest. Legolas came back really soon. He made a fire and treated the child’s wound. He cried a little because of the sting he felt when Legolas applied the herbs. He remembered the way his foster father treated his wound when he was hurt, “I want my ada.”

Legolas knew he couldn’t replace Elrond, but he had to make the child feel better. “Do you want some candies?” he asked as he searched his pocket. Estel’s eyes went wide to see the numbers of candies he had. “They are very good. Here, try some.” Legolas took off the wrappers and held the candies to the child. Estel put the candies inside his mouth, and was amazed at how tasty they were.

“They taste good!” Estel smiled, while eating his candies.

The prince was glad to see Estel felt better. “You can have them all.” He put the candies in a bag and tied it on the child’s belt.

“No, I can’t. Then you won’t have any,” the child protested quietly, even though he would love to have the candies.

Legolas smiled, “It’s okay. I have a lot at home,” he continued, “You are always welcome at Mirkwood, Estel. When you come, I will give you more different kinds.”

“Really? You can have some of my toys also! Ada always makes me toys.” The archer laughed at the innocent of the child. He declined the offer smoothly, “I can’t keep your toys, but I will play with you every time I come.” He rocked the child gently, making him wanted to fall asleep.

“Legolas?” Estel asked in a sleepy voice.


“When I grow up, I want to be as good at fighting the orcs as you.”

Legolas looked at the sleeping child, “Of course you will, Estel.”

(End of Flashback)

Aragorn smiled when the rain finally stopped.

“Aragorn? Just what happened on that day when you and Legolas were gone? And why were you afraid of Legolas?” Arail asked, nobody had ever figured out how the two became close to each other.

Aragorn looked at Arail, twinkles formed in his eyes, “That was how the friendship began.” He mounted the horse and continued the journey.

Faramir and Arail looked at each other confusedly, but they didn’t ask anymore questions as they moved toward Mirkwood, where the dying prince was waiting.

**************************************************************************** **********

Roltelo saw something moving in the dark. His fear was confirmed when he saw the similar creatures appear across the border. “Everyone pull back! Get in fighting position!” he turned to one elf and ordered, “Alarm the king!”

End of Chapter 5

**************************************************************************** **********

Information on the original characters that have appeared or mentioned in this chapter so far:

Arail: Legolas’ oldest brother and the crown prince of Mirkwood. He was a millennia year older than Leoglas.

Tekrir: Legolas’ third brother and was about 800 years older than Legolas.

Rean: Legolas’ second oldest brother.

Roltelo: Guardian of Mirkwood.

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