Strangers till now – Prologue

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Enelynn struggled through the knee-deep snow as she carried the dampened twigs and sticks to start a fire in her shelter for warmth. Her hair began to unwind from her braid and flew in her face, her nose a bright pink and her hands frozen from the cold weather. Her stomach and lower parts of her body began to ache as the child in her belly’s head began to press down on her, and it was frightning for she now knew her child was to be born in a few days maybe sooner… maybe even tonight. Every step she took made the pain increase. As she finally reached the cave she threw her sticks in the fire and sparks flew in the wind. She began to sit down and feasted on her lamas bread and a rabbit she had caught earlier for her supper. She wrapped her cloak around her body but the bitterness of the weather still came through to her. Enelynn began to moan in pain and placed her hand on her belly and the baby continued to make its way through the birth canal and she now knew for sure her child was to be born tonight.
………………………..SIX HOURS LATER…………………………

Enelynn was drenched in her sweat and her hair tangeled she began to moan and scream in pain she loosened her garments hoping the baby would come quicker if she did so but it was no use she was very tired and frustrated and in pain and no one was around to aid her for miles then suddenly a baby began to come out of her and she whimpered and began to cry then the rest of the child came out.
” Oh my darling, you are so handsome I shall name thee Axsis” she told her newborn son and gave her last breath.
…………………………..THE NEXT MORNING…………………
Faramir rode quickly across the mountain pass and heard the cries and screams of a young child and rode toward the direction when he reached the cave he picked up the child and stared at its dead mother then drew his gaze back at the child ” My arent you a handsome young lad?” Faramir took the child and rode west to Rohan were him, his wife, and son would look upon there new family member who he named Caleam and rode off into the sunset.


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