Stranger in a Strange Land

by Jan 10, 2008Stories

So, I got an idea for a story from a dream, and I know there are not plenty of stories out there about the Haradrim. So here’s one! If you liked it, please comment, so I will know if there is any use in continuing it…


Treachery runs deep in these southern lands.

I should know, I’ve lived here all my life. But somehow…I don’t entirely belong here. I can feel it. I’m not like these people. I never really was. They are a belligerent, fierce, and strong people. And me…well, I was trained to think cunningly, though I don’t see why. I am just a young woman anyway. My father, Lord Sûladan, would never let me fight. Although, I would, if given the chance. Just maybe not on his side, because somehow it seems wrong. Call me untrustworthy, but then again, so is he. It’s as the old proverb goes: like father, like daughter.

Everything is secrets here. Nobody can really know a person, because nobody lets each other in. They stand far enough in the doorway so that they can see in, but deep inside there are many corners and dark spaces that are shrouded in shadow. And it would take skill, courage, and wits to step further inside and see what’s hiding in the corner. Luckily, I have those.

Talks of wars in the north, dark ambassadors coming from Mordor, messengers riding on mûmak out of the jungle – these are the pieces of the puzzle I found that were lost in the corners of my father’s mind. Many a time I have seen him walk out of his tent in the dead of night, the stars watching his agile movements, striding across the shifting sands, and disappearing into a thick curtain of jungle. Quietly, I’ve followed him, but I always end up in the same place – behind a tree, veiled in the darkness, watching him talk in a language unknown to me with hooded, tall men of the southeastern desert. Why do we side with them? What is their business with my father? And what do they want from us?

Something big is going to happen. I can feel it.


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