Strange Love-Chapter Three: Discoveries

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“And as we rode back to our homes,” said Gandalf, “we knew that our terrors were over.”

“Wow,” said Rayne, “that’s quite a tale. I can see that it will be passed down for many generations to come.”

“Indeed it will,” replied Legolas.

“Rayne,” said Frodo, “your name reminds me of the water that falls from the dark clouds. How did you get your name?”

“I was born on a stormy night by the beach,” answered the woman with a smile.

“Where are your parents, Lady Rayne?” asked Legolas.

Rayne didn’t answer, but looked down at the ground instead.

Frodo showed some concern. “Rayne?”

“They’re no longer with me. They died a long time ago.”

Legolas gasped. He hoped he’d not made her upset.

“I’m sorry, Rayne,” he said, taking her hand in his. “Forgive me for asking that.”

She looked in his eyes and smiled. “There’s nothing to forgive, Legolas.”
Legolas and Rayne were lying down on a hill, staring at the stars. Everyone else had gone to sleep.

“How long do you Elves live for, Legolas?” asked Rayne.

“We are ageless, forever young,” replied the Elf.

“What is your age?”

“I’m 2013 years of age. Most Elves, however, are millions of years older than I.”

“2013? And yet, you still look young.”

“Like I said, we Elves do not age. We are forever young.”

“Impressive,” she said, smiling. “You seem to like children. I’ve seen you and young Crystal playing together.”

“She’s an angel. Aragorn and Arwen raise her well. For someone so young, she truly has a kind heart.”

A moment of silence passed, then Legolas spotted a shooting star. He smiled and sighed.

“If I could wish for anything in the world. It would be peace. No evil, no fighting, and no destruction of nature and homes. What about you?”

She hesitated.

“Lady Rayne?” asked Legolas, looking over at her.

“Same thing as you, but if I could, I would wish my closest friend back to life, along with my parents. They died in a battle for our home in Isengard, but we failed to stop the attack and Isengard was overrun by Sarumon and his army of Orcs.”

Legolas’ eyes widened. “Wait a second. The battle for Isengard was at least a thousand years ago. How could you be alive?”

She hoped he wouldn’t ask that. Her secret was blown.

“You’re an Elf, aren’t you, Rayne?” he asked, turning over on his side to face her.

She sighed. “I just can’t hide a thing from you, can I, Legolas? I’m not an Elf, but my friend was. I was out by the mountains, trying to find shelter. My house was burned to the ground and my parents had been beaten to death by those foul Orcs. All of a sudden, I saw my friend, Arlinya, coming over to me. She was terribly wounded and blood streamed down all sides of her body. Before she took her last breath, she told me to run away. Before I could, she gave me her immortality neclace. Here it is.”

She showed him the immortality neclace that only the Elves wore. It looked simliar to Arwen’s, but it had a large, round diamond in the center of it.

“Did you love your friend?” asked Legolas, tears coming to his elven eyes.

“Yes,” responded Rayne as a tear rolled down her cheek. Legolas wiped it away.

“Then your friend loved you, too. She gave you that neclace because she wanted you to live to tell this tale…and remember her.”

“Legolas, not in a thousand years has a man ever showed me as much concern as you have. There’s something about you that just touches me.”

“I feel the same way for you, fair Rayne. From now on, you are staying with us until you find a home of your own. I cannot repair the damage that has been done to your delicate heart, but I can promise you one thing. I’ll always be here for you…until the end of time.”

“You are truly pure of heart, Prince Legolas Greenleaf. I’ll never forget you for this.”

Tears flowed from Legolas’ eyes and rolled down his cheeks. He knew not how to respond to that compliment. He could only remain silent. There was something about this fair lady he just couldn’t ignore. She felt the same way for him. What was it about her he couldn’t ignore? What was it about him that she couldn’t ignore?


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