Story of the Past – a little break from my other story

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Ok people, first of all, this story just popped into my head and I had to write it down before my story went away. I’m soooo sorry about my other story but I WILL get back to that as soon as I can… Another point is that this story may SEEM like “slash” which is male/male pairing or female/female pairing… ok. I don’t like slash beacause I think it is just pointless. So this story may seem like slash but trust me, it is purely rated “G” and is TOTALY not slash! So please just read this and enjoy it… please feel free to comment beacuse I feel my stories just plain SUCK! and this story is just one…. not a series… so like I said, I will go back to my story “the way home” so have fun!!!

Sam and Frodo have been walking in Mordor for a while now. Frodo is at his weakest point by now. So weak he can barely walk. He tries not to complain but Sam can see it. He can see the weight of the ring growing on poor Frodo. Every ten minutes or so of walking they must stop to give Frodo a rest. About a half hour before night fall, Sam turned around again to find Frodo lying still on the ground. Sam rushed over and picked up Frodo’s head and took the last of his water from his bottle, and splashed some on Frodo’s face, making him splutter and open his eyes.

“Thank you Sam.” he said weakly.

“Please Mr. Frodo. Don’t talk.” He picked Frodo up and carried him over to a rock and layed him down, then he sat near him and waited for him to regain some strength.

He sat in his own thoughts for a while and thought about the Shire and Hobbiton. He had lost track of the days for a long time now, but he figured it must be nearly spring.

“will me and Poor Mr. Frodo will ever see another springtime fair?” he asked himself sadly.

Just then he heard a weak voice saying, “No. I supose not.”

He turned to see Frodo sitting up and leaning against the rock. “Do you remember the fairs Mr. Frodo?” Sam asked hopefully.

Frodo put his head back and closed his eyes, obviously trying to dig up some memory. He opened his eyes and looked at Sam sadly. “No. I’m afraid not Sam.”

Tears came to Sam’s eyes. “Nothing Mr. Frodo?” he asked, tears running down the side of his face. “Nothing at all? No fairs, No mushroom hunting? No rain gently falling down the windows at Bag end?”

“No Sam.” Frodo replied. “I can remember nothing. No fond memory is left. All I remember is darkness and danger.”

Sam looked so depresed, Frodo crawled over to where he was sitting and hugged him. Sam hugged him back, and was filled with a deep longing. A longing to take the ring away, even though that will cause madness. A longing to make Frodo remember. A longing to hold Frodo to him and tell him everything was going to be alright. They broke the embrace and Frodo crawled next to him and put his head on Sam’s shoulder.

“Sam, tell me a story about the past. Make the darkness go away for a hour.” He whispered.

Sam looked at Frodo’s pleading eyes and tried to dig out a comical story from his memory. Eventualy he came up with one.

“Okay Mr. Frodo. Here goes. Here is a story you told me once. One time when you were just a little hobbit still living at Buckland, you went out with Merry and Pippin and Fatty Bolger. You were thirteen, Merry and Fatty were nine years old and little Pippin was only five. It was springtime and it was a warm day. I guess you were all very bored or something but the four of you found your way to Farmer Maggots fields. Now if you still know, hobbits have a passion for mushrooms.” ( he felt Frodo’s smile at that) “you broke into his feilds and tried to steal mushrooms. Between the four of you almost all of his mushrooms were gone. The dogs were very mad and started to run after you. Since Pippin was so small and slow, Merry picked him up and you all ran for your lives. Eventually, Merry, Pippin, and Fatty hid under a bridge, but you without much sense kept running untill you climbed up a tree. Merry ran for help while you were stuck in the tree until almost 9:00 at night, when Maggot came along and called off his dogs. After you climbed down he threatend to let his dogs eat you next time. You ran home to where your angry relatives were waiting. Since you were the oldest, you got blamed for everything. Merry and Pippin and Fatty got off scott free. You were such troublesome hobbits when you were younger….”

His voice trailed off as he finished his story. He noticed that Frodo didn’t say a word. He looked at Frodo to find that Frodo was fast asleep with a smile on his face, he layed Frodo back down on the ground, and he layed down next to him. He looked one more time at the smile on Frodo’s face before he fell asleep, and knew would be the last smile he would see on Frodo’s face for a long time.


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