Story of Luinnaur

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The mists loomed around the ship as it approached the wary island. The sailors and the passengers were all asleep. The storm from the night before had worn them out.

A young mortal girl, by the name of Mirien, woke to see the sun break clearly over the fog hiding the ocean. Her dark hair was matted onto her salt kissed her face. A fair young woman of sixteen summers. Freckles slpashed her face with the memory of her younger years of being in the sun too much. She wore a tattered, grey dress covered in holes and slash marks, she had nearly fallen over board the night before.

Mirien’s ice blue eyes scanned through the haze. People had always told her that her eyes where like those of the elves, however, she couldn’t see like one. She heard a gull cry in the distance and she smiled.

She turned to face the cabin leading to the deck below. She went down the steps, she would inform her father that they were getting closer to the island.


The mortal ship had crashed out onto the beach of the island that Mirien and her shipmates were searching for. Men, no, elves the inhabitants of the island, were approaching the ship either by curiousity or by orders.

They investigated the rubble and to their dismay found corpses of the sailors, women, and children. They were appalled by the sight. How did they die? Only a few of the bodies looked as though they had been destroyed by the crash, yet, the other had been killed mysteriously, no psyical injuries.

Mirien, emerging from what was left of the captain’s chamber, seemed off in another world. She stumbled over some broken wood and fell into the arms of one of the elves.

"Your eyes. . . ." He said in her language. He took her chin in his hand and lifted her face up so he could see her better. "Who are you?"

She struggled to get out of his grasp. "You can speak my language?"

The elf turned away from her and spoke to his commrades, who stopped looking around them and focused their attention on him. He spoke to them in elvish, a form that she wasn’t familiar with, then he turned back to her.

"I lived in your lands for a time, on a mission for my queen. . . . What is your name?" His voice was soothing, like his touch. His dark hair was perfectly straight, not a curle from the salty air was caressing his face.

She blushed and stuttered. "M-Mirien. . . . There is a kingdom here?" Mirien suddenly felt ashamed by how she had asked that question, but she was shocked that there was a kingdom astablished on this island. Her father, who had sail the seas all his life, said this island was a barren place, a deserted place.

Mirien didn’t seem to notice the corpses, and this disturbed the elf greatly, yet, he remained calm and continued to speak in a friendly manner. "We have kept ourselves hidden on this island. For the people who dwell here, it was necessary for us to keep ourselves a secret." He said. The bodies were still around them and she still hadn’t noticed; he decided not to reveal anything more information about his people.

Mirien felt her cheeks grow hot. "My father, Morhen of the sea, said this island was abandoned. We, everyone on the ship, were sent to colonize it."

The elf seemed untouched by her outburst of ignorense, yet, he still felt awkward by the fact that she still didn’t notice the corpses.

"I’ve told you my name, now, tell me yours." She demanded hotly.

"F?ndreth, head of the island’s guard. Mirien, what happened to these people?" He scanned her face to find out what kind of reaction she would have.

Mirien’s eyes widened with shock and horror as she gazed upon the bodies. She went pale, then green and her eyes swelled with tears. The girl felt as if she could no longer contain sick feeling brewing in her stomach. She screamed when she suddenly caught sight of her father’s face among the dead. Mirien ran to him and cradled him in her arms, her salty tears flooded her mouth.

"H-how did this h-happen?" She shrieked within the deep breaths that she took between sobs.

F?ndreth felt himself go hot with anger that he could not surpress. [i]’She doesn’t know?’ [/i] He regained his composure. He could not judge her, it was not his job.

"You don’t know?" he inquired, keeping his voice steady.

She choaked a little more, but she still cradled her father’s body. "All I remember was the storm the night before I saw this island. Everyone was so tired, so they went bellow the deck. I wanted to be the first to see the land, and I was. I went to tell my father. . . . I must have had a spell and another storm must have occured when I was out. . . . But how did I survive? Why am I the only one alive?!" She screamed, and it echoed through out the island. Her eyes had a deathly sort of glow.

The wind seemed to howl in F?ndreth’s ears. He forced himself to listen close to the screeching. It sounded like an angel from the Blessed Realms weeping. His gaze went back to the girl and he felt his heart shutter and thud. His anger towards her, dominished and he went to comfort her.

He took her by the shoulders and helped her to her feet. "My men have gone to fetch the nurses. They shall take the bodies and prepare them for creamation in you wish."

Mirien nodded. She dried the remaining tears off her face. "When will you do it?"

"Tomorrow," he replied. "Mirien, my Queen will most likely burn your ship. Is there anything that you wish to take?"

Mirien nodded again and ran around the remains. She stompped through a door and jumped through into it. She took a while and F?ndreth heard a few beams of wood collapse and her let out a scream. F?ndreth wondered what could have survived the wreck, and how she was able to find the objects that she had.

The girl returned after a while, holding a wet, dark red notebook, a leather captain’s log, her father’s; and a silver locket. The locket had anccient elvish knots twisted beautifully through the engravings. Inside the locket there was a piece of paper with elvish written on it.

F?ndreth looked at the paper. It was a form of elvish that he did not understand.

"It says [i]’Forever'[/i]. The locket is a family heirloom; it was originally my great grandmother’s. Her mother and father loved the elves and oftern visited them. But her parents were killed when they were captured during the war. Great grandmother was sent to live with the elves and they made this necklace for her. She passed is down to my grandmother, who passed it to my mother. Now, it is mine." She stated.

"Just before my mother passed away," she continued, "she scribbled this down and gave both the necklace and the paper to my father to give to me. I kept them in my father’s cabin so that no one would take them." She finished.

F?ndreth placed his hand on her back and led her to up to the beach. The men F?ndreth had with him earlier, appeared on the beach with nurses. Mirien turned to watch them, F?ndreth gave her a moment to herslf, then ushered her away. He led her through the woods to a great hall with stairs emerging from the ionic columns. Mirien sat on the steps while F?ndreth left to have a meeting with his queen.

Hope you liked, there will be more, and if you stick around, you will find out why Mirien acts the way she does and what happened to the people.


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