Star Song – Part 1

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The Star was shining bright this night. Luthien gazed up at it…remembering…wishing…hoping. If Elrohir was looking at this star also, then he would be remembering her too.
A year ago, the night before Elrohir had left for Gondor, Luthien and her friend had made a pact: whenever they looked at this star, they would think of each other.

They had agreed to this a while ago, Luthien thought. Would he still remember her? She dragged her eyes away from The Star and looked out upon her home, Rivendell, the home of Arwen, her ancestor. She had lived here, in this large house of her father for her whole life. So too, Elrohir had always lived in Rivendell…until last year. He had gone to Gondor, to visit friends, he said. He had also promised that he would be back within 8 months. 12 months have past, Luthien thought sadly. Oh where is he?

She sighed and walked down from her small bedroom balcony to the stable. There she went right to her horse, Twilight Magic. She patted her big stallion and found a few brushes. She began to groom Twilight, speaking softly to him.

“He should be back,” she whispered to Twilight. “Back and with me. We should be playing together in the woods again…” Luthien stood up straighter. “What if he’s in danger? What if he…can’t get home? He trusted his friends, I’m sure. But what if?”

She shook her head. “He’ll come home soon,” she assured herself.

She finished with Twilight a gave the horse a final pat. “See you later.”

Luthien stepped out of the stall. She was greeted by one of the stable hands, Carwe.

“Hello, Luthien.”

“Hello.” Luthien kept her head down and looked way from him. He seemed to want her as a friend, but he was selfish and uncaring. Luthien didn’t like him; she knew he didn’t like Elrohir.

“How’s Twilight?” Carwe walked beside Luthien, keeping up with her quick pace.


“Do you want to go riding together, perhaps later?” He asked.

Luthien stopped. “No thank-you. I’d like to be on my own, please.”

Carwe looked into her eyes. Luthien tried to look away, she she couldn’t. “If you’re pining about Elrohir, you ought to know he’s not coming back. He’s been gone too long.”

“He will come back!” Luthien scowled. Carwe always tried to to discourage her from thinking or talking about Elrohir. She wonder why.

“I’m going back to the house,” she said. “And don’t try follow me; I want to be on my own.”

“As you wish…my lady.”

“Don’t call me that!” Luthien ran away from him, and his thoughts about Elrohir.

She stopped near the house. What if…what if he were right? What if Elrohir wasn’t coming back? And what if…no. Luthien shook the thought out of her head. She wouldn’t ran away and try to find him. Middle Earth was too big. Wasn’t it? But then again, Luthien reasoned, she how to get to Gondor. She knew his friend’s names. She knew were they lived. Elrohir had explained it all to her.
Maybe…maybe she could go find him. She would saddle Twilight and ride like the wind. She would bring food, and money, and…Luthien smiled. Elrohir, here I come, she thought.

A voice interruped her thoughts. “Luthien, come in for supper!”

“Coming,” Luthien called back. As she walk towards the door, she thought fondly of all her family. She would miss them…and she would also miss Rivendell. But Elrohir was important too. Luthien sighed. She was going to Gondor early the next morning, she decided. If I can get up enough courage.


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