Star-Dome’s Love#1 the tale of Elrond and Celebrian – Cold, So Very, Very Cold

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Disclaimer: most of the characters and all of the places in this story are Tolkien’s, I just added some twists. Please give me your opinion; this is one of my first works. Thanks a lot!

Star-Dome’s Love #1 The Tale of Elrond and Celebrian, cold, so very, very cold

Celebrian daughter of Celeborn rode into Lindon on a white palfrey. Her golden hair was braided and coiled and she was robed in silver. She was the most beautiful woman alive, though she knew it not. She and her family were going to stay in Lindon for a while following the loss of Celebrian’s brother. She looked about her at the fair city. Nearby there was a regiment of men preparing and training.
“Do you see that man there my daughter?” Celeborn asked motioning to a noticeable man standing with the soldiers.
“Yes Atar, he looks a great warrior.” Celebrian examined the man that her father had pointed out. Indeed he was the strongest warrior she had ever seen, tall, broad shouldered and deep chested. He long raven black hair that fell down his back, and those eyes! Celebrian had never seen such eyes; hard and grey as steel and sharp and cold as points of ice. Celebrian shivered as he looked at her. “Who is he?” she asked her father.
“The men call him Teleponar, silver flames on account of his eyes. His real name is Elrond. He is the first born of Earendil and the regent and commander of Eriador. What think you of him?”
“He is cold, so very, very cold.”

Elrond watched the company from Lothlorien ride through the city slowly. He did not think much of women but he saw that Celeborn’s daughter was fairest of any woman he had ever seen. He also saw that she was strong and probably could defend herself with the sword if she needed. His heart ached within him to see her, for she reminded him of his sister, Elerrina, who had died many centuries before.
Elrond fought constantly against his past, the past where his father had hurt him deeply, where his mother disappeared from him, where his sister had fallen into to the ocean, and where his brother had become and died. They were not memories he wanted to remember.

Galadriel met her husband and daughter in the quarters that lord Gil-galad had given them to say in while they were Lindon.
“Did your father point out the lord Elrond, Celebrian?” Galadriel asked her daughter.
“Yes, he did. I think that he is very cold. His eyes show that he is hardened to death, blood, slaughter. I fear him, yet I pity him, for there was a look of pain on his face.”
“He is a very driven man. He does not trust most of the armor smiths, so he forges a great deal of the army. He did not like trainer for the men, so he began training them himself. He practices his own battle skills and studies in books for anything he could desire to know. He studies everything but the sea.” Celeborn shook his head as he spoke.
“If he is the son of Earendil the mariner, why does he not study the sea?” this puzzled Celebrian greatly.
“He was and is none too fond of his father, that is no secret to anyone.” Galadriel looked at her daughter, “Earendil never thought much of his firstborn.” Celebrian shook her head as her mother spoke. She could not even comprehend the pain of the commander.
She thought quietly to herself that if he were not so cold and distant, if his were soft and kind, he might be a very handsome man.

Celebrian did not see the commander for many days. She wondered about him, she was beginning to feel a strange pity for the man. She wondered if she could ever help…


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