Star-Dome’s Love #3 The Romance

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Elrond and Celebrian soon found that they had to part from each other.
“I must bid thee fare well for tonight Mela Nin.” Elrond held Celebrian close as he spoke.
“Goodnight Melrod Nin.” Celebrian said softly, “I look forward to the dawn.”
Celebrian arrived at her apartments quite late.
“Celebrian, where have you been?” Galadriel asked, “I hope not with lord Elrond, I would not wish him to be alone with you, you are very young!” Celebrian gathered that her love for Elrond must remain secret for now.
“Why do you fear him? He is gentle and noble, you know this,” Celebrian said to her mother.
“Yes my daughter but I do not wish you alone at night with any man, is this clear to you?” Galadriel asked firmly.
“Yes Atari.” Celebrian walked to her chambers, she was slightly sad to find that she could not tell her mother of her love.

Elrond went to his chambers and lay down to sleep. His dreams were filled of Celebrian, and he felt his love for her grow stronger. And he knew that there was no one ever, ever like her.

“Elrond, I must speak to you privately of a great and grave matter” Gil-Galad took Elrond into his study and shut the heavy doors behind them.
“What is it my lord?” questioned Elrond.
“Eregion” replied the high king, “it is under siege”
“Under siege!” Elrond exclaimed under his breath, “We knew it would come to this.”
“Yes, but Sauron is also rumored to send an army here to Lindon to besiege us here, the only way both cities may be protected is if you go to Eregion. I wish to go and lead there, but I must stand guard here. Will you go?”
“I will go” Elrond said little above a whisper, “My people need me.”
Relief showed on Gil-Galad’s face, “thank you Elrond.”
Elrond nodded and left the high king in sadness. He did not wish to leave Lindon, not while his love for Celebrian so young and fresh. It was with a heavy heart that he summoned his men together and told them of the mission they were soon to be sent on.

Earlier that morning a most unexpected visit was made to quarters of Celeborn and his family.
“For the Lady Celebrian” said a small boy handing four flawless white lilies to Galadriel.
“Thank you young master, she will receive them well!” she said to the young boy. She brought the lovely white flowers to Celebrian, who received them with joy.
“Oh, they are lovely indeed!”
“I do believe the high king sent them,” said Galadriel “For he has always expressed interest in you, has he not?”
Celebrian nodded, this was true, he had always sought to win Celebrian’s heart. But Celebrian knew the lilies were not from him, for the little shred of paper in with the flowers read ‘Mela Nin’. Celebrian smiled as her mother left, she knew the gift was from Elrond. She looked at the paper to see what else it said ‘My love, Eregion is under siege, I must go, and I leave tomorrow at daylight. I love you and I will return to you as soon as I can. With love and passion, Elrond’


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