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Mordug an orc soldier of Morgul looked with lust upon the white city and its final downfall. For thousands of years the orcs had waited for this slaughter. The Númenoreans had been the match of Saurons forces and held him in check for as long as anyone could remember but no more. Sauron was well pleased that now he had the strength to conquer the rest of Middle-earth and the Valar would not interfere. However there was a race of men that Sauron did not even know about and even Morgoth in the first age had not taken any notice of them. They lived on an ancient Island far to northwest near the rim of the world. Only Ulmo and Osse out of all the valar knew a great deal about them. They had heard for many ages about the struggles of other men and elves and finally The Scotsmen as they were known took up their axes and began to sail south in their ships. they landed on the west coast of Gondor just north of the White Mountains. Being hardy red headed, green eyed, folk of the highlands they made their way into the white mountains passing with secrecy. Eventually they arrived at the mouth of the stonewain valley and with the help of the wild men made their way toward pelennor fields. Mordug and the other soldiers of Morder were so filled the lust and desire for plunder they could not know what was about to fall on them. The leader of the Scotsmen named Mucollugh who stood 6’5 and carried an ancient claymore sword shouted so the entire host, many thousands strong, could hear. Sons of Scotland! you have come hundreds of leagues to a foreign field you do not know. But do know this. If we make not war on Sauron here then eventually his war shall come to fair Scotland and there will be no hope. Yet here there is strength in numbers. March to Gondor and win great glory and let every one say that the men of Scotland did their part. At one league from the White Tower he bid his men to sound the ancient pipes. As soon as they appeared over the ridge with bagpipes blaring Mordug and the other Orcs of Morder quailed and the Men of Scotland fell on them with great axes and swords as long as four and half feet. The Men of Gondor were bewildered but had no time to wonder for soon they joined the battle and the rohirrim came and then Aragorn with the Dunedan from the North and South and Sauron rushed up reinforcements and the battle raged until sundown until at last no enemy lived upon the field of Gondor!


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