Something More – A Past Forgotten

by Feb 18, 2003Stories

A Vision

Anya Starlight leads a practically normal life. Except for one thing, she has amnesia. She only remembers the past six years, before that it’s a blank. But Anya believes that there is something more to her, and only her past can unlock that secret.

* * * * * *

Anya stepped out of the shower, steam coiled around her feet as she groped for a towel along the misty wall. She wrapped the towel around her and wiped away the condensation on the mirror. Anya stared at her reflection and sighed. She figured that she was aged in her late 30’s from how old and worn her hands looked. But her face…she touched it gingerly…her face showed no wrinkles, no sign of ageing what so ever. This confused her even more, was she as old as she thought she was?

“Anya hurry up! You’ll be late for work! And I need to get in there as well!”

Anya looked towards the clock on the wall, five past eight, Carmen was right; she was going to be late. Anya bolted through the bathroom door, shouting an apology as she went.

“Wait, wait! Please wait!”

Anya rushed up to the bus that slowed down, hearing her panicked screams. The bus driver opened the bus doors and gave Anya an exasperated look.

“Your late again.”

“Yeah I know, hey, if you knew I was going to be late, why didn’t you wait?”

The bus driver smiled and replied, “I stopped the bus didn’t I?”

Anya smiled back, she couldn’t stay mad at Bob, he was a sweetheart. She got on to the bus, she had no need to show him her bus pass, she was a regular. She sat on a seat next to a window and watched the scenery that rushed pass. Today was the day, last week they had found a dig site, some interesting artefacts were found. And today she had the chance to go and visit the site for herself. The bus stopped outside a large museum and Anya got off. She walked into the large building whilst saying hello to some of the staff.

“Anya your late…again.”

Anya turned around to see her boss, Eric. Eric had long silky black hair and deep grey eyes. Though Anya has known him for the last six years, it seemed as though she has known him for a lot longer.

“I…I know, I’m sorry.”

“Well, I’ll give you another chance considering you’re the best palaeontologist that this museum has had. Are you ready to go the site now?”

“Now? Well yea, ok then.”

They walked out of the museum to the staff parking lot and got into Eric’s Toyota Camry. Anya stared into space, thinking about all the finds she’ll dig up at the site. The car abruptly stopped.

“That was quick.”

“I told you that it wasn’t far from the museum.”

Anya looked around, the site was dusty and she noticed that there was evidence that a river had once run through the site. Anya got out of the car and a chill ran down her spine, she had the strangest feeling that she had been there before. She walked around the site and watched the other palaeontologists at work. Anya walked over to a table under a large tent; this was where the artefacts were placed when they were found, intact. Her eyes drifted towards a necklace. She recognised it though she has never set eyes on it ever. The chain was pure silver and it had an angel-like figure on it. She reached out and touched it the figure. Anya landed hard on the ground, she cried out in pain. Her eyes opened and she was sitting on grass. She looked around; she was in a forest clearing and could hear running water. Someone approached her; she couldn’t see who it was because the sun blinded her sight.

“Anyaelia, are you alright my love?”

The voice was soft and kind, she could see him clearly now, but all she noticed was his deep blue eyes.

“Yes, I am fine, Legolas.”

She smiled at him, she loved him dearly. Legolas bent down and picked her up onto her feet he held her close to him.

He whispered in her ear, “I will never let you go, I love you ti much to lose you.”

“Anya, Anya!”

Anya shook her head, the vision was over. She stared at the necklace in awe, was the vison real?


She turned and saw Eric with someone, a man who looked the one in her vision.

“Hello Anya my name is Luke, I am pleased to meet you.”

His voice was soft and she couldn’t help staring into his deep blue eyes.


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