Something More – A Past Forgotten Part 2

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Something More[B/]

Remembering Part 1

Anya couldn’t look away from Luke’s eyes they were friendly and caring. They were how she recognised him from the one in her vision. But that was not what held her gaze; it was the color of them. They were a swirling mass of blue, almost hypnotic. She heard his voice whispering to her, words that she could not recognise. Then she could hear and understand what he was saying Anyaelia…my love..I promised I’d never let you go…I did for a short while…but I’m back now…so we can be together again…I will tell you what happened…but you need to remember who you are…remember your past…

“Anya is you alright?”

The voice sounded distant to her, she recognised it, it was Eric’s. He sounded concerned but she did not care, she became light-headed and everything went black. Anya awoke to the laughter of children, warm light engulfed her and a cool breeze swept past her whispering of adventures from far off lands. She was standing in a garden bloomed with beauty and full of light.

“Anyaelia, Anyaelia!”

She was Anyaelia again, care free and loved by those who knew her. She was home, surrounded by beauty and family, she was back again in Rivendell. Anyaelia noticed her father, Cereduil, and her mother, Armaeliur, standing at the window of their bedroom that overlooked the garden. She was going to call out to them but they were deep in discussions, Anyaelia guessed that it was about the Lord Elrond. Her father was Lord Elrond’s advisor and Elrond had discussed with Cereduil the shadow that was growing in the East. Anyaelia’s two sisters bounded up to her, Feuriar and Duriae. They both had long golden hair that shone like the sun and fair skin, whilst Anyaelia had a fire red hair and skin that shone like a bright star in a clear night sky.

“Play with us, please Anyaelia!”

They both repeated this phrase until Anyaelia had to give in for they were drawing the attention of curious strangers that were passing by. She did not mind playing with them both though, for they had many grand adventures. Slaying the Red Dragon of Lonely Mountain or battling Spiders in the shadows of Mirkwood. They learned of these places and adventures from their newly arrived visitor of Rivendell. He was a strange being, one that they have not encountered before. Though they have never met any other races besides other elves, he was a lot smaller than any of them and had hairy feet that always made Duriae giggle. The little man called himself Bilbo Baggins of the Shire. Almost every day they visited him, wanting tales of adventure to expand their own imaginations. Feuriar enjoyed the tales of Gollum and of Riddles in the Dark the most, she begged for Bilbo to tell her the story every time she went to see him. But when he mentioned the Ring that he found, Gollum’s Preciouss, a pain stricken look was etched across his worn face. When asked if he was in pain the look upon his face faded and he changed back into the normal, happier Bilbo, setting everyone else’s minds at ease. Anyaelia noticed that Bilbo suffered, even without the mention of the Ring, but her parents only thought of it as folly. The time came when the nephew of Bilbo had arrived in Rivendell, on the brink of death. That day it was windless, clouds darkened the sky and the prospect of rain was near. Anyaelia was in the garden with her mother, they were discussing plans for the future ahead of them, aware of the future that may befall their people. Abruptly the air grew stale and a voice was heard in the distance and a great roar was heard coming from the borders of the city, then there was silence. The trumpets of the city rang out, breaking the silence and stirring many hearts, including Anyaelia’s. She saw Arwen ride into the city, hurrying towards her home, a great bundle was balanced in front of her. As Arwen rode past many other onlookers were also wondering why she was hurrying so. But the horns that were sounded meant danger was near.

“Mother, may I go to Lord Elrond’s and see if Arwen is well?”

Armaeliur turned to her daughter and smiled, she was interested in what was going on, not if she can do anything to help. She knew her daughter well, and Anyaelia knew.

“Yes you may, but be warned, do not get in Lord Elrond’s way or not even the Valar can you get you out of that trouble.”
“Yes, mother, I will be back soon.”

Anyaelia hurried off, wondering why the trumpets called and Arwen had been in such a rush. She guessed that the voice from afar had been Arwen’s, using her power to drive off some unseen foe. Anyaelia walked up to the large temple and walked in, she saw Arwen straight away, she was leaning against the wall outside a door leading to the healing room.


Arwen snapped her head up at the voice; she relaxed when she saw that it was just Anyaelia.

“Anyaelia, its good to see you.”
“You as well, Arwen, if you don’t mind my asking but is everything fine?”

Arwen looked up to her friend, tears welling in her eyes, she whispered a No and wept. Anyaelia rushed over to comfort her friend. Through her sobs Arwen told Anyaelia of Frodo, the wound and the Ringwraiths that were chasing her. Anyaelia comforted her friend but she did not understand why she wept.

“Are you weeping for Frodo or out of weariness? For I do not understand.”
“I will blame myself if Frodo dies, for I was slow riding back, and it could cost him his life!”
“Do not blame yourself, for you tried. Blame yourself if you gave up, but you did not, you had the strength to go on.”

Arwen looked up at Anyaelia, her eyes glistening, she smiled at her.

“She is right, do not blame yourself. There is no need too for Frodo will live.”

The two elves turned to see Arwen’s father, Lord Elrond. They both stood up from the floor and Arwen embraced her father. Elrond nodded at Anyaelia and she whispered a Thank you. Arwen and Anyaelia walked out into the garden and they discussed in more detail of Arwen’s chase. At the mention of Aragorn, Anyaelia turned away. She was jealous of the love that was blossoming between Arwen and Aragorn, and Arwen knew it. She saw that Anyaelia had turned away and she noted her mistake.

“Anyaelia I am sorry, I did not mean to bring up that subject again.”

Anyaelia turned to her, tears welling up in her eyes.

“No, there is no need for you to apologise, it should be me, you should not have to play with words so you do not upset me. Yes I am jealous of what you and Aragorn have but that cannot be helped unless I free myself from this selfishness. I just wish I could find my love, like you have done.”

“Anyaelia, do not discourage yourself, you shall find someone, I know this. I also know that you will not have to roam Middle-earth searching for him as well.”

A look of horror flashed onto Anyaelia’s face.

“Oh no, do not say that you will try and find someone suitable for me! You know that never works out! Remember what happened between me and Saeriule, that ended quite badly.”

The two girls ended up in a fit of laughter at the thought of Saeriule being tossed off his horse and landing face down in the mud. As the laughter ended, Anyaelia heard her mother’s call, it was time to leave. They embraced and went their separate ways, the Evenstar and the Sunfire departed.

The Third Part of Something More will be coming out soon, its Remembering Part 2 as well. Sorry if this sounds so confusing! I don’t mean to make it that way, promise


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